Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eating Spree~!!

last night, i felt so ke-babi-ness...
in the evening, 2 hours before dinner... i ate 2 mooncakes. It was the "Overseas Brand Mooncake". in the first mooncake, the yolk was so big and the 2nd mooncake, it was the crunchy crust. My mom scolded me for eating so much at one go.

Had my dinner at 7pm, and went out with euwen, sinnyi and ian for yumcha-ing at 930pm.
First session, we went to Brown's Cafe for a nice cup of.. drink. I had vanilla milkshake and a quarter of chocolate mocha cause sinnyi couldn't finish hers.

Then, Ian said he was hungry and wanted a bite.. so, we had our second session.
We went opposite to Fong Seng for fried sotong.
Still feeling hungry after that, we wanted to go eat lou wong nga choi kai, or ngau lam min. But, i guess everyone thought that i was too far away..

Third Session : We went to Ipoh Garden for Ramly Burger so that they can watch me eat! I've no idea why they don't want to eat the delicious burger, but nevertheless, we went there, sat down and I ordered a "daging special"

While we were chit chatting at the ramly burger place, euwen said he didn't mind if we went to lou wong to eat. So, i was still kind of... feel like eating.. and voila!

Fourth Session : Too bad, lou wong was closed at that time. But we went opposite to Ong Kee to eat! hehe.. Only me and euwen ate. and euwen was kind enough to treat me for that meal!!

From 930pm, we ate all the way till 130pm. haha... Was great to be able to eat these kind of things back in ipoh.... Oh, how I missed Ipoh food.... =)


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Jill said...

oh my god gabriel sai! SUPER KEBABIAN!!!! yorr...