Friday, August 10, 2007

Singapore National Day Outing

It's the start of 3rd academic year and before I could adapt back to studying life, there are public holidays around the corner such as this. The night before, we celebrated Sin Ling's and Kuan Jan's Brithday and we had supper till 3 am in the morning. All those while, we were trying to plan what to be done for singapore's national day to take advantage of a public holiday.

We had lunch at Canteen 13 before heading out to meet up with Sein Chyi and Sin Ling. It took us 3 hours to reach there cause most of the time, we had to wait for people to get ready and also to reach the MRT Station. We met up in VivoCity as we couldn't think of anywhere else to go.

Figuring out hard where to go in Vivo

Although there we fireworks display and the NDP (National Day Parade), we didn't want to pack in with the rest of the people all crammed up in a small area. We just walked around, shopped around and camwhored around. We actually spent an hour also in Toys' R Us goofing around… It was fun; been a while since I last did that.

Didn't have spiderman's suit big enough for us

At Vivo's Entrance

Went to Chinatown for dinner. The usual hawker place in Chinatown was under renovation!! We ended up eating in a hainanese chicken rice stall which was not that very hainanese style (doesn't taste as good as what I'm used to).

Our sumptuous dinner in Chinatown

Peanut Tong Yuen!

Then again, it's the togetherness and eating together is what's important right? Instead of the quality of food.. haha.. But of course, if can have both, it's all the better. =) We even went to eat tong yuen for dessert when we hear cackling and booming sounds from behind us indicating that the fireworks display was going on.

Later after that, we walked to Clark Quay from Chinatown for a… 'to digest' our food. I really can't believe what we did. We could actually spend about an hour, sitting in one place, doing nothing. We just chilled at the bridge by River Point and (again) camwhoring and doing silly things.

Cam-whoring around..

We even walked around Clark Quay, and I mean literally around. We walked in one big circle only to find ourselves ended up in the exact same place from where we started.

That's where we bump into the day 3-ers and took a group photo together.

And that's the end of it! Struggling to record the event as I'm feeling rather sleepy and tired now… Luckily, my class only starts at 230pm tmr… =)

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