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MSA FOC (23rd – 27th July 2007)

The actual FOC passed by with just a blink of an eye. By the end of senior camp, the actual one seems to be long and dreadful… Somehow, it turned out otherwise.

Day 1

Day 1 was rather relaxing… My job was to station myself in Hall 13 (my own hall) and just guide the freshies to check in their room and send them off to hall 8 to start off with their admin stuff. Having a stationary post wasn't that bad after all if you have the right company. There was Ah Bee, Muh Tyng, Jia Ning and a few AMCISA people to accompany me. There was a total of approx 26 freshies in hall 13.. All staying in Block 61,62 and 63. None of any MSA members got Block 64.. =/

Human Mobile Signboard

At night was ice breaking games. That's when all freshies were separated to their 8 different groups, namely Famiglia, Tarquinius, Genos, Lanza, Sulale, Kazoku, Porodica and Philia. All these names means "family" in different languages, and hence our theme "Ohana" which means, Nobody Gets Left Behind.

Day 2

The handling of admin stuff continues. This time, programmers have their own 'break' and skipped them to prepare for our day programmes. We only joined the Professor Talk, and Lai Fai's Indoor Games at night. We had Pass the Precious, Human Pinball, Thou Shalt Not Pass and some cup retrieving game.. ^-^ Oh, they also had banner drawing before that…

Day 3

This is where the "actual" programme start in my opinion. The previous 2 days were just to warm them up. In the morning, we had the AMCISA Combined Games. We played water games, built human walls, burst balloons, and walking chairs. The I think the main item is to hand paint the Malaysia map banner and take a 'family' picture at the SRC Grand Stand.

After the combined games, we had SP (secret pal) talk where it's time for seniors to have their fun. We would blindfold the freshies, and pair them up with their SP and the seniors will disturb them.. lol.. we would take branches, twigs or bare fingers to roll their skin. Make the couples hold each other hands. But as there were uneven ratio of boys and girls, there were a few boy-boy couple. Those were really funny… haha

Poor Girl... *grins*

Jealous boyfriend...

Then, we had a short session of photohunt. The amount of time was cut down so much that I only managed to lead the group to complete 4 out of 8 places. After that, there's where the 'fun part' comes in… "SP WALK" aka "GHOST WALK"

My role was to guide and blindfold the freshies from the holding area to the "SP Room" where 3 ghosts will linger there. It was a tiring, yet fun job.. to see how freshies would feel the eeriness from all the screaming in the vicinity.

Did they realize that there's a ghost next to them???

Day 4 – Lost Day

It's similar to my year's Amazing Race where groups will have to travel around Singapore solving clues. This year, they made it in such a case that there was a missing main commer and groups have to collect clues along the way to identify who that person is. The 3 main places for this game are Orchard, City Hall and Fort Canning Park. Unfortunately, it rained halfway but all groups were in FCP by then. So, all of them gathered under a huge tent and do their own stuff. This would imply singing (no wonder the rain never stopped), cheering, playing lame games, plain chit chatting and the such. We even had a cheer fight in the small area.

Us programmers wearing all blue

At night, there was a 'dinner buffet' in NTU. Actually, it's just like an ordinary meal to me. The only diff is that, we have to scoop our own food, extra a few dishes, and the dishes are warmer.. that's all.. ooh.. and the freshies get to replenish their food.. but not the seniors though.. cause we knew that there wasn't enough for everyone…

Day 5 – Sentosa and SP Games

The final day and the "most important" day… Under the leadership of Miss Elaine Tam, the day5-ers (me included) managed to make it into a success! Despite many unwanted circumstances. We had 4 different beach games under light rain, namely Bomber Run (Galah Panjang), Musical Splash, Water Captain Ball and Entangled. We even allocated free time for everyone to dunk people into the ocean. Although there were a case where a member of the programmers had hypothermia, he managed to recover quickly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the beach.

Posing in front of "MSA '07" Sand Sculpture

At night, we had SP Games and Finale. We played Tele Match and Flame of Love for the games. To reveal each other's SP, we had a rule where the guy had to make the girl smile to 'reveal' whether she's his SP or not. Although there were a little of chaos, all's well end's well.

Finale was great. With sketches (commercials), award giving ceremony and closing ceremony… like every other year, we had a mini clubbing session. This time, the venue was different compared to the past few years as it is now held in LT2. All in all, it was a great camp. Though we did not have enough sleep and rest, it was all worth it to see so many happy faces among the freshmen.

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