Thursday, August 30, 2007

Melancholies of a 3rd year student

I don't know what changed, but studying in my 3rd year tertiary education, I feel more and more slacked and laid back compared to my first 2 years. Before this, I'm already somewhat the happy-go-lucky guy whom if possible, try not to think about worries and enjoy life; to a certain extent that is, since we still need to plan for our future.

But sometimes, life itself has already lots of problems. We should be more grateful and contented with what we have today, to overlook problems in life. Well, that's what I normally tell myself. But sometimes, reality just kicks in and well, i'm kind of surrounded by.. problems

Anyway, this semester, I keep on skipping lectures. It's either I'm lazier, or there's just no longer any motivations for me to attend lectures. Last time, I used to look forward to see my friends in lectures, or the lunch times with them, or the yumcha sessions after that. But now, all these are gone and I can just watch my lecture recordings in the room. Only difference is that, the quality is not as good as 'live' recordings. It's like going to a movie to watch a show and downloading a movie to watch it in the computer.

Ironically, I used to not like this kind of people. I would think that they have no life and they would just stay in the room 24/7. They sleep there, eat there, and now, even watch lecture recordings there. Now, I'm turning into one myself. Will take the effort to socialize more. Somehow, it's just hard to make friends... After several, heart-throbbing situations concerning friends. After so much effort put into a friendship, it just go 'kapoof'.

Oh well, like what Dory would say "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"...


Licia said...

there's MSN ;)
hehehe.. can talk to me also ma! =D

Anonymous said...

Ganbatte Gabriel Sai..our spirit will always be there with in sweden is more cham, lecture recording pun tak ada, lecture notes cannot make it, lecturers expect us to read the whole textbook i guess..erm...just Ga Yao!!!! work hard hard together~~ haha..i give u GANBATTE kiss la...MUAKSSSSS..