Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family Gathering in KL

It's normally during festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Christmas where most of my family members get to be together in these years of busy lifestyle. This time round, you can say that it's accordance to my father's and alice's birthday celebration. Just so happen that Grace had things to do back in KL and I was at my final week of holidays. Since 3 of my other siblings are already in KL and Grace will be going there, my parents and I decided to join them all for the weekend of 3rd August 2007. Albeit it was only a short one for me, (reached there on fri evening and left on sun morning), it was certainly satisfying just to be with your family. It could mean sitting and laze around the house listening to their conversation, or walking along in shopping malls and to having dinners and lunches together. And of course, Marielle is getting bigger now!

This is baby Marielle

Marielle was able to talk now.! She's only 14 months old!! She can say grandpa, grandma and calling every other kid in a carriage "baby". When she saw Annie's leg injured, she knows how to say "Annie pain". I think it's incredible for a 14 month old to be able to comprehend the world around. We went to Ikea on Saturday and ate at the Curve, at a place that specializes in pancakes.

The burger pancake that I ordered

The food was great without a doubt, but the service is lousy. They didn't even wanted to serve us initially cause there wasn't any place for us. In the end, we just went in, joined a few tables up OURSELVES and settled down…. Afraid that they will destroy the interior if they would move the furniture around.

Apart from that, it was just mere and plain meals altogether. Oh, and I finally got my hands on the final Harry Potter book which Grace has bought. Just finished reading it a few minutes ago… *grins*

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