Sunday, August 19, 2007

busy busy life in NTU

The first few weeks of school was is dreadful and busy, especially if you're involved in ECAs. This academic year, it's been unusually busy for me. Firstly and also mainly, the recruitment for Rotaract Club. As I'm the Vice President for the club and my President and Treasurer is on IA and Secretary is always MIA, had to be in charge of the happenings in school; especially during the recruitment fair. I have no idea what Student Union is up to, but I think it's silly to put the recruitment fair on the 2nd week of school where tutorials and labs would have started to commence.

Anyway, for Monday and Tuesday of week 2, I had to man booth every minute of my free time. Wednesday, we had our welcome tea, Thursday, main comm interview and Friday, Main Comm Meeting. On Saturday, I went to help out for MSA Main Comm Recruitment in the afternoon and at night, had a practice for a performance for Merdeka Night.

For next week, had to go to a DG Meeting in Rotary Club of Tanglin. Had to be there (which is near Orchard) at 615pm, which means, have to leave NTU at about 5pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, my evening will be used for SubComm Recruitment for Rotaract Club. And on Saturday, will have a Retreat to Pulau Ubin where we have to be the organizers.

And in academic wise.. *sigh* my tutorials are all scattered on my table. Haven't went through last week's tutorial, haven't even seen next week's tutorial. And I have a project that I'm supposed to be 'researching' on… And the next session for the project is on Wednesday. Hopefully, will put the rest of my Sunday to good use….

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