Thursday, August 30, 2007

Melancholies of a 3rd year student

I don't know what changed, but studying in my 3rd year tertiary education, I feel more and more slacked and laid back compared to my first 2 years. Before this, I'm already somewhat the happy-go-lucky guy whom if possible, try not to think about worries and enjoy life; to a certain extent that is, since we still need to plan for our future.

But sometimes, life itself has already lots of problems. We should be more grateful and contented with what we have today, to overlook problems in life. Well, that's what I normally tell myself. But sometimes, reality just kicks in and well, i'm kind of surrounded by.. problems

Anyway, this semester, I keep on skipping lectures. It's either I'm lazier, or there's just no longer any motivations for me to attend lectures. Last time, I used to look forward to see my friends in lectures, or the lunch times with them, or the yumcha sessions after that. But now, all these are gone and I can just watch my lecture recordings in the room. Only difference is that, the quality is not as good as 'live' recordings. It's like going to a movie to watch a show and downloading a movie to watch it in the computer.

Ironically, I used to not like this kind of people. I would think that they have no life and they would just stay in the room 24/7. They sleep there, eat there, and now, even watch lecture recordings there. Now, I'm turning into one myself. Will take the effort to socialize more. Somehow, it's just hard to make friends... After several, heart-throbbing situations concerning friends. After so much effort put into a friendship, it just go 'kapoof'.

Oh well, like what Dory would say "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It has been several years since I last saw Chun Heng and Chee Lim. Both of them left form 5 to studu A Levels in Taylor's and then, to UK to pursue on Architecture in Bath and in some financial course in Manchester respectively. Normally, we would meet up back in Ipoh during Christmas or CNY. This time, it was slightly different, they came all the way down to Singapore to visit us!

They reached Singapore on Saturday morning where I received them with warm arms and a sore eye (got infected with conjunctivitis the previous day). I was supposed to attend a bonding trip under Rotaract Club to Pulau Ubin but my one eye was swollen and another eye was red. So, had to forego the Pulau Ubin one. Or maybe it's a good thing cause I get to spend time with them. We had breakfast, chilled in our room while trying hard to not wake my room mate out. I went to medical centre for medication for my eyes while the 2 of them stayed in my room to search for accommodation in town.

We met up with Yee Weng, Boon Jin and Jit Vern in Boon Lay. Went to Boon Lay Market for lunch (2nd lunch, 1st one was in Canteen 13). Thought they would buy their tickets from there, but they wanted to stay in town on Sunday night, so we just proceeded to Suntec straight after that cause Chee Lim's mom says it's a must-place to go. I've no idea what's so special bout suntec, but we went there nevertheless. The shopping there ain't that great and the food ain't cheap. Probably, the majestic building and exhibition halls make Suntec special.

Chun Heng, Chee Lim and me, somewhere front of Suntec

We went to the Fountain of Wealth but mainly, to explore around.

The Fountain of Wealth

Chun Heng's camera was only used to take building designs and occasionally, with a human or two in it. And chee lim couldn't cam whore all by herself. She was waiting patiently for pinkie's arrival from her baptism ceremony.

From Suntec, we went to Esplanade and walked to Lau Pa Sat for dinner. Jit vern have to leave somewhere in the middle cause he had things to do… He's the new President for Eusoff Hall, so, he's kinda super busy. But said he'll meet us up for supper later. There were lots of walking and for chun heng and chee lim, it wasn't really that easy for them.

Some monument near Esplanade

From Lau Pa Sat, we went to Chinatown for Tong Yuen and straight to Holland Village for 'supper' with jit-vern and ian.

Chun Heng and Chee Lim in Chinatown

We went to Eski Bar for a drink cause chee lim finds the 'freezer room' intriguing. So, there we were… spending an average of $15 each for a drink.

~We were literally freezing~

This is all Ian's fault....

We took a cab back to NTU as we were just too tired to walk and it was near midnight anyway.

Pinkie and Chee Lim stayed over with me while chun heng slept with boon jin. At first, we thought of staying late up at night but chee lim was too tired and 'kong-ed' out the moment she took her bath.. lol

Group picture in Esplanade

The next day, had to send pinkie off after breakfast cause she's gonna have an exam on Monday.

While waiting to send pinkie off at Hall 13 bus stop

The rest of the us; we went to VivoCity after checking in to Hotel Supreme near Dhoby Gaught Station. Did some minor shopping there, ate quite a bit. Chee Lim didn't like Carl's Jr cause the burger was too big for her mouth. For me, I had the chance to use the $2 voucher per person for 5 of us.

Went to Sentosa after that. I could basically memorize the routes in Sentosa by now after being there so many times during FOC. We went to Imbiah Terrace and for the first time in my life, I took a ride in Sentosa; The Luge. It was fun! Definitely worth the $6. Yee Weng and I kind of raced each other although it's illegal to do so. Wish the route could be longer though. We walked to the other end of Siloso after taking a quick ride down to Siloso Beach from Imbiah Terrace. Chee Lim tried the flying trapeze while the 4 of us stood there and watch. Boon Jin and Chun Heng were still like last time. Both of them would always be together and talk for hours. Last time in secondary school, both of them would sit behind in class and talk non stop while the rest of our class would be somewhere else creating nuisance.

Took them to Geylang for Frog Porridge and a scene of Singapore's Red Light District. The prost this time were more abundant than the last time I could recall. They were more aggressive too, as few of them actually came up to us and offered 'company'. We NTU Students took off early as we still have school the following day. Chee Lim and Chun Heng continued with their journey to Clarke Quay where they blasted $50 for drinks at a new place called "The Clinic"

On Monday, I met up with them in Bugis after decided to skip my business finance lecture. Jit Vern was already with them at that time. However, we didn't do much on that though. Just more walking. We walked from Bugis Street, to Sim Lim Square to somewhere near SMU where we had our dinner at Kopitiam. We even walked back to their hotel to pick up their luggage. This time, we did more talking than walking. Talked for a few hours at Kopitiam. They could even stone for almost an hour at bugis after sending jit-vern off in a cab. I guess they were too tired to walk anymore. Anyway, after grabbing their luggages, we took a cab to Golden Mile Complex to get their bus tickets. Was fortunate for them to buy tickets at 945pm at 730pm. Then, the 3 of us went into golden mile to pass time. The place was infested with Thais. Everything was in Thai. The shops, the people, the food... We sat down at some coffee shop and talked there. Had some good views of Thai girls (we presumed that they were prostitutes, but they were really hoott.. *swtz*) Anyhow, was great to catch back old times with childhood friends. Makes me feel more at home and could even forget about stressors and worries of life….

Monday, August 27, 2007

I hate it when this happens. When I'm feeling dead tired and I can't sleep!! It's the most dreadful thing that can ever happen. I've contracted sore eyes on Friday, and it's on the verge of recovering.. So, my eyes feels tired and dry. I've been out the entire day for the past 2 days (chun heng, chee lim and pinkie was in singapore; shall blog bout it some other time), so basically, i'm very tired now.. but why can't I just sleep soundly like i used to whenever i feel tired??

Must make a mental note to train to empty my mind. Probably, it's due to depression? And i thought i already got over that stage..

hypnotizes self.. "you are going to sleep.... you are going to sleep..."


Sunday, August 19, 2007

busy busy life in NTU

The first few weeks of school was is dreadful and busy, especially if you're involved in ECAs. This academic year, it's been unusually busy for me. Firstly and also mainly, the recruitment for Rotaract Club. As I'm the Vice President for the club and my President and Treasurer is on IA and Secretary is always MIA, had to be in charge of the happenings in school; especially during the recruitment fair. I have no idea what Student Union is up to, but I think it's silly to put the recruitment fair on the 2nd week of school where tutorials and labs would have started to commence.

Anyway, for Monday and Tuesday of week 2, I had to man booth every minute of my free time. Wednesday, we had our welcome tea, Thursday, main comm interview and Friday, Main Comm Meeting. On Saturday, I went to help out for MSA Main Comm Recruitment in the afternoon and at night, had a practice for a performance for Merdeka Night.

For next week, had to go to a DG Meeting in Rotary Club of Tanglin. Had to be there (which is near Orchard) at 615pm, which means, have to leave NTU at about 5pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday, my evening will be used for SubComm Recruitment for Rotaract Club. And on Saturday, will have a Retreat to Pulau Ubin where we have to be the organizers.

And in academic wise.. *sigh* my tutorials are all scattered on my table. Haven't went through last week's tutorial, haven't even seen next week's tutorial. And I have a project that I'm supposed to be 'researching' on… And the next session for the project is on Wednesday. Hopefully, will put the rest of my Sunday to good use….

Friday, August 10, 2007

Singapore National Day Outing

It's the start of 3rd academic year and before I could adapt back to studying life, there are public holidays around the corner such as this. The night before, we celebrated Sin Ling's and Kuan Jan's Brithday and we had supper till 3 am in the morning. All those while, we were trying to plan what to be done for singapore's national day to take advantage of a public holiday.

We had lunch at Canteen 13 before heading out to meet up with Sein Chyi and Sin Ling. It took us 3 hours to reach there cause most of the time, we had to wait for people to get ready and also to reach the MRT Station. We met up in VivoCity as we couldn't think of anywhere else to go.

Figuring out hard where to go in Vivo

Although there we fireworks display and the NDP (National Day Parade), we didn't want to pack in with the rest of the people all crammed up in a small area. We just walked around, shopped around and camwhored around. We actually spent an hour also in Toys' R Us goofing around… It was fun; been a while since I last did that.

Didn't have spiderman's suit big enough for us

At Vivo's Entrance

Went to Chinatown for dinner. The usual hawker place in Chinatown was under renovation!! We ended up eating in a hainanese chicken rice stall which was not that very hainanese style (doesn't taste as good as what I'm used to).

Our sumptuous dinner in Chinatown

Peanut Tong Yuen!

Then again, it's the togetherness and eating together is what's important right? Instead of the quality of food.. haha.. But of course, if can have both, it's all the better. =) We even went to eat tong yuen for dessert when we hear cackling and booming sounds from behind us indicating that the fireworks display was going on.

Later after that, we walked to Clark Quay from Chinatown for a… 'to digest' our food. I really can't believe what we did. We could actually spend about an hour, sitting in one place, doing nothing. We just chilled at the bridge by River Point and (again) camwhoring and doing silly things.

Cam-whoring around..

We even walked around Clark Quay, and I mean literally around. We walked in one big circle only to find ourselves ended up in the exact same place from where we started.

That's where we bump into the day 3-ers and took a group photo together.

And that's the end of it! Struggling to record the event as I'm feeling rather sleepy and tired now… Luckily, my class only starts at 230pm tmr… =)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family Gathering in KL

It's normally during festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Christmas where most of my family members get to be together in these years of busy lifestyle. This time round, you can say that it's accordance to my father's and alice's birthday celebration. Just so happen that Grace had things to do back in KL and I was at my final week of holidays. Since 3 of my other siblings are already in KL and Grace will be going there, my parents and I decided to join them all for the weekend of 3rd August 2007. Albeit it was only a short one for me, (reached there on fri evening and left on sun morning), it was certainly satisfying just to be with your family. It could mean sitting and laze around the house listening to their conversation, or walking along in shopping malls and to having dinners and lunches together. And of course, Marielle is getting bigger now!

This is baby Marielle

Marielle was able to talk now.! She's only 14 months old!! She can say grandpa, grandma and calling every other kid in a carriage "baby". When she saw Annie's leg injured, she knows how to say "Annie pain". I think it's incredible for a 14 month old to be able to comprehend the world around. We went to Ikea on Saturday and ate at the Curve, at a place that specializes in pancakes.

The burger pancake that I ordered

The food was great without a doubt, but the service is lousy. They didn't even wanted to serve us initially cause there wasn't any place for us. In the end, we just went in, joined a few tables up OURSELVES and settled down…. Afraid that they will destroy the interior if they would move the furniture around.

Apart from that, it was just mere and plain meals altogether. Oh, and I finally got my hands on the final Harry Potter book which Grace has bought. Just finished reading it a few minutes ago… *grins*

Thursday, August 02, 2007

MSA FOC (23rd – 27th July 2007)

The actual FOC passed by with just a blink of an eye. By the end of senior camp, the actual one seems to be long and dreadful… Somehow, it turned out otherwise.

Day 1

Day 1 was rather relaxing… My job was to station myself in Hall 13 (my own hall) and just guide the freshies to check in their room and send them off to hall 8 to start off with their admin stuff. Having a stationary post wasn't that bad after all if you have the right company. There was Ah Bee, Muh Tyng, Jia Ning and a few AMCISA people to accompany me. There was a total of approx 26 freshies in hall 13.. All staying in Block 61,62 and 63. None of any MSA members got Block 64.. =/

Human Mobile Signboard

At night was ice breaking games. That's when all freshies were separated to their 8 different groups, namely Famiglia, Tarquinius, Genos, Lanza, Sulale, Kazoku, Porodica and Philia. All these names means "family" in different languages, and hence our theme "Ohana" which means, Nobody Gets Left Behind.

Day 2

The handling of admin stuff continues. This time, programmers have their own 'break' and skipped them to prepare for our day programmes. We only joined the Professor Talk, and Lai Fai's Indoor Games at night. We had Pass the Precious, Human Pinball, Thou Shalt Not Pass and some cup retrieving game.. ^-^ Oh, they also had banner drawing before that…

Day 3

This is where the "actual" programme start in my opinion. The previous 2 days were just to warm them up. In the morning, we had the AMCISA Combined Games. We played water games, built human walls, burst balloons, and walking chairs. The I think the main item is to hand paint the Malaysia map banner and take a 'family' picture at the SRC Grand Stand.

After the combined games, we had SP (secret pal) talk where it's time for seniors to have their fun. We would blindfold the freshies, and pair them up with their SP and the seniors will disturb them.. lol.. we would take branches, twigs or bare fingers to roll their skin. Make the couples hold each other hands. But as there were uneven ratio of boys and girls, there were a few boy-boy couple. Those were really funny… haha

Poor Girl... *grins*

Jealous boyfriend...

Then, we had a short session of photohunt. The amount of time was cut down so much that I only managed to lead the group to complete 4 out of 8 places. After that, there's where the 'fun part' comes in… "SP WALK" aka "GHOST WALK"

My role was to guide and blindfold the freshies from the holding area to the "SP Room" where 3 ghosts will linger there. It was a tiring, yet fun job.. to see how freshies would feel the eeriness from all the screaming in the vicinity.

Did they realize that there's a ghost next to them???

Day 4 – Lost Day

It's similar to my year's Amazing Race where groups will have to travel around Singapore solving clues. This year, they made it in such a case that there was a missing main commer and groups have to collect clues along the way to identify who that person is. The 3 main places for this game are Orchard, City Hall and Fort Canning Park. Unfortunately, it rained halfway but all groups were in FCP by then. So, all of them gathered under a huge tent and do their own stuff. This would imply singing (no wonder the rain never stopped), cheering, playing lame games, plain chit chatting and the such. We even had a cheer fight in the small area.

Us programmers wearing all blue

At night, there was a 'dinner buffet' in NTU. Actually, it's just like an ordinary meal to me. The only diff is that, we have to scoop our own food, extra a few dishes, and the dishes are warmer.. that's all.. ooh.. and the freshies get to replenish their food.. but not the seniors though.. cause we knew that there wasn't enough for everyone…

Day 5 – Sentosa and SP Games

The final day and the "most important" day… Under the leadership of Miss Elaine Tam, the day5-ers (me included) managed to make it into a success! Despite many unwanted circumstances. We had 4 different beach games under light rain, namely Bomber Run (Galah Panjang), Musical Splash, Water Captain Ball and Entangled. We even allocated free time for everyone to dunk people into the ocean. Although there were a case where a member of the programmers had hypothermia, he managed to recover quickly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the beach.

Posing in front of "MSA '07" Sand Sculpture

At night, we had SP Games and Finale. We played Tele Match and Flame of Love for the games. To reveal each other's SP, we had a rule where the guy had to make the girl smile to 'reveal' whether she's his SP or not. Although there were a little of chaos, all's well end's well.

Finale was great. With sketches (commercials), award giving ceremony and closing ceremony… like every other year, we had a mini clubbing session. This time, the venue was different compared to the past few years as it is now held in LT2. All in all, it was a great camp. Though we did not have enough sleep and rest, it was all worth it to see so many happy faces among the freshmen.