Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pre-MSA FOC 2007

After one whole week of preparation, trials and errors, endless meetings and sleepless hours… tomorrow is the day when the freshies will start swarming into NTU. This year's freshies are expected to total up to more than 200 people; an increase of more than 50 people compared to the previous year.

We've been through senior camp where we tested all our games, the timings and the feasibility of each activity. As usual, much changes are needed after each day has ended and my dear ACP (Assistant Chief Programmer) has to stress herself out trying to make everything perfect for the freshies. As for me, being a senior whose been thru 4 FOCs altogether… I think I'm pretty much well experienced with all these stuffs… But this is my first time being a programmer and I tell you, it sure is taxing… We have to organize enjoyable games for them and we don't get to play them! If everything goes wrong, the blame goes all to us.. That's why, I've created a cheer for us programmers… =)

It goes like this (with the scouts/army kind of melody)

Who are the brains behind all these games?
Who give out ideas without shame.
When things go wrong, who are to blame?
Programmer x2 that's our name.
We never give up and we never rest,
Programmers x2, we are the best!

It's like telling the whole story of the life of a programmer…

But despite all these, as a subcommer, we sure enjoyed ourselves during senior camp. But I must admit that being a GL is way more enjoyable (as far as senior camp is concerned). Not too sure bout the actual camp though…

Will try to post some pictures later on for senior camp.. or if you're impatient enough, can always look at pictures from here


licia said...

OMG! u're so creative la babi! LOL.. damn funy lar ur cheer XD

Ãngelu§ said...

the cheer was okay... until the Programmer x2 part. quite lame actually :p

Maybe have to hear it in person :D