Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day @ KL Tower

This year's Father's Day was a special one. My 2nd sister booked a table for a private Father's Day function on top of KL Tower for high tea!

View from the top

The view's spectacular! But the food was lousy.. In fact, the service is lousy.. Waiters act like typical part timers. They should maintain their standard for such a place.

There's also performance by Datuk Shake, apparently, some guy who went to France and aims to assimilate malay and french songs together. But he's quite a good singer nevertheless. Rather old though; my father's time...
Me and my family

Anyhow, experience was great... To have a high tea buffet on top of KL Tower... haha... Only wish I could be back for National Day to see the fireworks in the same place

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