Monday, May 28, 2007

Johor Trip (26 May 07)

While staying on in school during the intersem period, most of the people still staying In school really wanted to have a break, to get out for a holiday. If it's not because of the compulsory Design and Innovation Project (DIP), most of us will be back home, watching tv and day-dreaming the entire day. However, with people like eng sue around, someone who is not able to sit down and sit put quietly, he/she will bound to organize trips to satisfy his/her boredom.

And voila~! We ended up in Johor for a day trip. The group of "Johor Day Trippers" was being separated into 2 groups. A group of 10 who wants to sing karaoke and left NTU at 830am and another group of 10 who only wants to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and left at 12noon. I was in the former group. We went to Tebrau City and the journey there was 2 hours plus. We bought the tickets for the 530pm show and went to Red Box for a Karaoke cum Lunch session. The session is from 11am to 2pm and all in all, it totaled up to RM15 per person. It was rather a short session since it's only 3 hours and we normally sing from 2pm – 7pm in Jurong East, K-Box.

After singing, we were left with three and a half hours of nothing to do. We loitered around, eating Baskin Robins, going to some bookstore and make a havoc inside there, and at finally, settled down at Starbucks. That was where we met up with the 2nd group. It became our rendezvous point. Had a couple of cakes and some frappucino while watching a few people play some lawak game of chess..

The movie was great. It was almost 3 hours long and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 sure did a great job. Movies these days are getting longer and longer. Think it all started from LOTR (or was it Titanic?). Then, Harry Potter followed them. And now, spiderman and pirates became 'players' of the Positional Arms Race (some economics term, I think) We met up with Zhifa after the movie where he agreed to bring us around for dinner since he lives in the vicinity. Went to some hawker centre place called "Hong Kong Boy" and had a good variety of 'lap lap chap chap' food. Ate ikan bakar, popiah, satay, a few plates of noodles, a plate of sotong, vege, etc. The quality of the food is just so-so but I guess eating with a bunch of friends would be the fun part.

Only reached NTU past midnight. Worst thing is, it's not the end of the night. Andy and Kah Weng they all wanted to drink liquor. And well, I kind of tagged along since it's so near my hall anyways. But it wasn't as bad as how I had my days with gary and Kelvin though. As in, wasn't as drunk as I could be. LOL But it's a good thing since I had to attend a DIP Meeting tomorrow afternoon. They bought 3 bottles of liquor; 2 bottles of whisky and a bottle of tequila. The girls were horrible, they couldn't control themselves from drinking. Surprisingly, it's the guys that managed to control themselves and had to take care of the ladies; not letting them drink more. Even had to bluff them that the cup contains whisky and sprite when it's just lukewarm water. I left relatively early at 5am whereas the rest left at 7 plus. Surprisingly, soo fan managed to wake up and came for the DIP meeting an hour late while eng sue only woke up at 5pm…

Saturday, May 05, 2007

MSA Main Comm Outing @ East Coast Park

Today is the awaited for outing of the MSA main commers to East Coast Park. We were supposed to meet at 7am at Boon Lay MRT Station but there were alot of late comers. Attendance wasn't that great: out of so many, only 14 came. We only started moving out at 8am to wait for our 'beloved' President who always talks about ICP where P stands for punctuality.

Anyways, our journey there was about 90 minutes. Started off playing some light games on the beach. Some volleyball, frisbee and a game of monkey... After having a semi-lunch meal of tuna sandwiches and lots of tid-bits, all of us went for cycling with the exception of How Run and Lee Hong to guard our belongings..
The cycling ride was fun! WIth only $4 for 2 hours, we cycled from one end of east coast, to another end... (places accessible by bicycles).. didn't know the beach was so long... It ranges from somewhere around Kallang right up to Bedok, or at least, that's where we cycled. Took considerably alot of pictures. But I suppose for me, the most 'fun' part is to sing songs while cycling with Ariel and Teng Seng... haha.. People may think that we are crazy, but who cares!? It was fun!.. =)

After that, we had our 'proper' lunch. A few of us went to the ocean to play frisbee inside while the rest stayed on land to play cards. But before long, we decided to call it a day since the plan was only to be in ECP up till afternoon.

So, we went hunting for 'dinner' at 3-4 something in the afternoon.. The journey was quite long though as teng seng led the way to the Katong area for good food snce he's quite familiar with the area. We ended up having 3 different meals altogether!

Our first meal was to eat Katong Laksa where 2 people would share one bowl. It was a very nice meal. But after the first meal, a few are tired and went back to NTU; Ariel, Lee Hong and Wy Leong while May Yann and King (her bf), decided to look for the location of May Yann's company. Hence, it's only down to 9 of us.
Had our 'tea' at some place opposite Katong Mall where they serve desserts. We had a very delicious and satisfying meal of Milk Ice and Yoghurt Ice. The way they blended the ice is so fine that it melts with just a touch of a finger. It was superb. It's only like $2.80 - $4.00. After sitting there, chit chatting, played cards, etc. It was almost 630pm and it's time to hunt for dinner! (The earlier two were just appetizers and err.. dessert)

Went to some restaurant where we ordered dishes to eat. We had 3 different plates of noodles, one meat and one vege. The waiting was very long but the food wasn't that bad though.. Think it's considered quite good for Singapore food standard.. hahaha... We ate so fast, that when a dish came, we timed that within a minute, the fully-filled noodles were all gone after grabs! It was madness.. We were like piranhas feasting on anything that comes to sight. But by the time we finished our dinner, it's almost 8 pm and we therefore, called it a day after a sumptuous meal..


Thursday, May 03, 2007


By the end of the final paper, it was already quite an eventful day for me. Right after my paper (in which i left 15min early), went to Yancy's room to collect some Rotaract stuff, then went to JP for lunch at KFC. Was out with my fellow EEE and MAE friends. Went to Jurong East for Karaoke right after that and sang until 7pm.
But the 'fun' part was to meet up with my childhood friends who are currently studying in NUS. Although it was just a short meet up; only met up for dinner where we went to Lau Pasar to eat. It was really great to see back your old friends and even tnough we may have different social circles when we're in Singapore, but we still share the same roots. Although the initial plan was to stay out at West Coast Park after dinner, we went back after that since most of us were tired from the already wearisome day.
All in all, it was good. Time for a new chapter for life in NTU.