Thursday, April 19, 2007

Studying habits throughout NTU years

It's rather funny how our studying habits kinda changed for each and every semester.

During my first year, first semester.. as i was still socially inept, therefore, i studied in my room... For the second semester, started to mix more with the Malaysians in my course.. and started studying in the library. We would wake up super early in the morning, and start to wait outside the library at 820am for the library to open at 830am. After that, we would all rush inside, flinging our notes and bags all over the table to book the place, and off for breakfast. Will have lunch, tea break, dinner and supper. Would stay in the library until the library closes at 1130pm.

That was first year. In my second year, first sem.. It wasn't so much of a library anymore. Started off studying at CITS (computer room) near my school and in SAC. This time off, we were more of a die-hard-studying students.. We would go to the benches along the academic spines after midnight to study until like 2-3am. And because the tutorial rooms will be available 24/7, we sometimes would study there as there will be airconditioned but smaller tables to study. Not to mention in Canteen A as it is more spacious and available 24/7 too..

And now, 2nd year 2nd sem... It's back to library. BUt, it's not like how we studied a year ago. We would be slacking off, playing games, watching video clips in the computer and just talk. Somehow, to energy to study seemed to have fade away. We would return to our beloved rooms much earlier, and will start going to the library at a later time.

I wonder what would happen next year.. But i think i can have a glimpse of it. As most of my friends will be going for exchange, I suppose I would study alone in my room if I decided not to make new friends... haha... and the following sem, will be internship!!
As for now, really do not have the desire and commitment to study. Just died off... Just waiting for time to pass...