Thursday, May 03, 2007


By the end of the final paper, it was already quite an eventful day for me. Right after my paper (in which i left 15min early), went to Yancy's room to collect some Rotaract stuff, then went to JP for lunch at KFC. Was out with my fellow EEE and MAE friends. Went to Jurong East for Karaoke right after that and sang until 7pm.
But the 'fun' part was to meet up with my childhood friends who are currently studying in NUS. Although it was just a short meet up; only met up for dinner where we went to Lau Pasar to eat. It was really great to see back your old friends and even tnough we may have different social circles when we're in Singapore, but we still share the same roots. Although the initial plan was to stay out at West Coast Park after dinner, we went back after that since most of us were tired from the already wearisome day.
All in all, it was good. Time for a new chapter for life in NTU.


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