Friday, February 23, 2007

Rum Jungle

It's about the end of 'going out' days as most of my friends are about to leave the holiday season and return to their university studies.. Accompanied my mom to the bank in the afternoon… went to 4 banks from 230pm till about 400pm… If it wasn't for Jason Ling came earlier, we would have left the house earlier.. Ahahha.. But it was great to see him again…

Ooh, and about 4 or so… yee hui, jill and I went to jin ann's house to visit her… Her front porch has been renovated.. It's quite nice.. And even the living room, there's this small little rolling table by the sofa to put food, books and controllers… haha.. Not to mention there are lots of delicious cookies in her house…. =)

At night, had to go to Rum Jungle to celebrate Kam Ling's birthday. If it wasn't to celebrate her birthday, I'd rather spend the day at home and do nothing… =) Tried so hard to find people to go there with me as I can foresee that it's gonna be quite sien there but to no avail, I went there alone. There wasn't that many ppl when I went there. And my companies are the Ipoh NTU ppl, Eng sue and her friend, yenlu, Laifai, chenchu, huantan, weng kit, jerry and his friend, and kam ling's smi friends.. Can't recognize any of the SMI ppl though… haha.. Proves that I don't really know my seniors… Was there, basically to just sit down and do nothing.. Haha.. Occasionally have a few talks with the ppl around me.. But hardly anything entertainment-worth. And ironically, I was there till about almost 3… cause chenchu was too drunk to drive.. Had to sober himself.. Haha… But all in all, it was kam ling's birthday and I suppose, it's fun in a way that get to see what it's like in Rum Jungle Ipoh.


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