Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chor 5 - NTU Reunion

My parents, my two nieces and me went to Kuala Kangsar to meet my mother's side of the family for lunch. My mom's penang sister personally prepared lunch for us.. They're a very nice and simple family. Will personally go out of the way for my mother's convenience. Even plucked some durian from God knows where to bring it back to Ipoh for my mum.

Right after coming back from KK, went straight out to meet with my Ipoh NTU friends. They already gathered earlier at 1 for lunch at town's pizza hut. I only came out at about 230pm. Anyway, since there was a second round, we went to dai shue kiok to meet up with the 'senior senior' ppl like chong foo they all. Oh, there was me, laifai, engsue, chenchu, huantan and ngaiseng all in all. It was a particularly warm day.. So, we had cold drinks at the dai shue kiok place.

After that, we proceeded to Huan Tan's house in Buntong. Spend the rest of the evening there talking, eating and watching weird-language-tv… There was hokkien, Thai and dunno what languages they speak on Malaysian TV.

Went for dinner at Han City with family after my 2nd sister came back from her Malacca Trip. Right after dinner, they returned to KL and there goes the remaining sibling in Ipoh.

Towards later at night, it's supposed to be the "Sharing Session" where Von and I would share our stuffs in our hard disk. Particularly songs, movies and pictures. So, we went to Sinnyi's house to both 'yumcha' and the 'sharing' thingy…

At sinnyi's house, I was being assaulted by her dog!! The dog humps guys!! omg.. Nevertheless, her house is quite comfy with very nice sofas to sit on.. Haha…

Went to kopitiam with euwen and sinnyi after sending von and jill back. Just for the normal "supper" outing….


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