Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chor 4 - Jill's House

Back to what we would normally do for the past CNYs; gather people go to someone's house to play card/board games. This time round, we played Monopoly, courtesy of Yee Hui. Oh, there were me, yee hui, jit vern, jill and rebecca. Pinkie came late and didn't want to play monopoly..

After about an hour or so, we got tired from monopoly and sat down, chit chatted and played some 'dynodash?' game. At that time, choon may came, adding people to generate more heat in the already warm house..

We just chilled there and by the time we realised, it's dinner time! It was Ash Wednesday and I didn't really have much time eating dinner with them as I've to rush for mass at 8pm. However, we went to this Ramen Shop at East for dinner. It was okay, the price was rather expensive though. When the bill came, the prices was being striked off from for instance, RM4.50 to RM5.00!!

Sigh, CNY and its price hike…

Later after mass, went to pinkie's house again to give her the heroes series. At that time, brandon called me and looked for us. Since it was getting quite late and there wasn't much left to do at her house, we decided to crash ppl's house. (yes, at about 11pm)

Our 'victim' was Mr. Cheah Sek Hee. Fortunately/unfortunately, he had to leave for kl at 12 midnight to fetch his sister to KLIA. So, we were there for up till almost 12 midnight.

Oh, and sek hee's house was great… The moment I stepped into the house, his table was filled with cny cookies, like awaiting for us to feast on them.. Haha..

Anyhow, it was great to catch up with old times with brandon and sek hee…



loopy said...

can u remove my fullname from this point pls?

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Gabriel said...

hahaha.. isn't that good?
oh well, since you requested it...
*full name removed*