Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here I am, lying on my bed on a lazy Saturday evening, reminiscing about the past, present and future. Trying to run away from all my workload, worries, sadness and troubles… The moment I've to go back to Singapore, it's gonna be a hell of a hectic and loads of stuff to do… For the moment, I just want to cherish my time alone at home, probably to spend time with childhood friends as well…

Past few days was rather crazy as I've been out of the house most of the time… spending time with friends, without worries or without care to what's going on with the world around me… But now, it's about time to face reality again. Studies, CCAs, and myself…

Oh well, will slack for another half of the Saturday. Will see what happens tomorrow.. =)


Friday, February 23, 2007

Rum Jungle

It's about the end of 'going out' days as most of my friends are about to leave the holiday season and return to their university studies.. Accompanied my mom to the bank in the afternoon… went to 4 banks from 230pm till about 400pm… If it wasn't for Jason Ling came earlier, we would have left the house earlier.. Ahahha.. But it was great to see him again…

Ooh, and about 4 or so… yee hui, jill and I went to jin ann's house to visit her… Her front porch has been renovated.. It's quite nice.. And even the living room, there's this small little rolling table by the sofa to put food, books and controllers… haha.. Not to mention there are lots of delicious cookies in her house…. =)

At night, had to go to Rum Jungle to celebrate Kam Ling's birthday. If it wasn't to celebrate her birthday, I'd rather spend the day at home and do nothing… =) Tried so hard to find people to go there with me as I can foresee that it's gonna be quite sien there but to no avail, I went there alone. There wasn't that many ppl when I went there. And my companies are the Ipoh NTU ppl, Eng sue and her friend, yenlu, Laifai, chenchu, huantan, weng kit, jerry and his friend, and kam ling's smi friends.. Can't recognize any of the SMI ppl though… haha.. Proves that I don't really know my seniors… Was there, basically to just sit down and do nothing.. Haha.. Occasionally have a few talks with the ppl around me.. But hardly anything entertainment-worth. And ironically, I was there till about almost 3… cause chenchu was too drunk to drive.. Had to sober himself.. Haha… But all in all, it was kam ling's birthday and I suppose, it's fun in a way that get to see what it's like in Rum Jungle Ipoh.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chor 5 - NTU Reunion

My parents, my two nieces and me went to Kuala Kangsar to meet my mother's side of the family for lunch. My mom's penang sister personally prepared lunch for us.. They're a very nice and simple family. Will personally go out of the way for my mother's convenience. Even plucked some durian from God knows where to bring it back to Ipoh for my mum.

Right after coming back from KK, went straight out to meet with my Ipoh NTU friends. They already gathered earlier at 1 for lunch at town's pizza hut. I only came out at about 230pm. Anyway, since there was a second round, we went to dai shue kiok to meet up with the 'senior senior' ppl like chong foo they all. Oh, there was me, laifai, engsue, chenchu, huantan and ngaiseng all in all. It was a particularly warm day.. So, we had cold drinks at the dai shue kiok place.

After that, we proceeded to Huan Tan's house in Buntong. Spend the rest of the evening there talking, eating and watching weird-language-tv… There was hokkien, Thai and dunno what languages they speak on Malaysian TV.

Went for dinner at Han City with family after my 2nd sister came back from her Malacca Trip. Right after dinner, they returned to KL and there goes the remaining sibling in Ipoh.

Towards later at night, it's supposed to be the "Sharing Session" where Von and I would share our stuffs in our hard disk. Particularly songs, movies and pictures. So, we went to Sinnyi's house to both 'yumcha' and the 'sharing' thingy…

At sinnyi's house, I was being assaulted by her dog!! The dog humps guys!! omg.. Nevertheless, her house is quite comfy with very nice sofas to sit on.. Haha…

Went to kopitiam with euwen and sinnyi after sending von and jill back. Just for the normal "supper" outing….


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chor 4 - Jill's House

Back to what we would normally do for the past CNYs; gather people go to someone's house to play card/board games. This time round, we played Monopoly, courtesy of Yee Hui. Oh, there were me, yee hui, jit vern, jill and rebecca. Pinkie came late and didn't want to play monopoly..

After about an hour or so, we got tired from monopoly and sat down, chit chatted and played some 'dynodash?' game. At that time, choon may came, adding people to generate more heat in the already warm house..

We just chilled there and by the time we realised, it's dinner time! It was Ash Wednesday and I didn't really have much time eating dinner with them as I've to rush for mass at 8pm. However, we went to this Ramen Shop at East for dinner. It was okay, the price was rather expensive though. When the bill came, the prices was being striked off from for instance, RM4.50 to RM5.00!!

Sigh, CNY and its price hike…

Later after mass, went to pinkie's house again to give her the heroes series. At that time, brandon called me and looked for us. Since it was getting quite late and there wasn't much left to do at her house, we decided to crash ppl's house. (yes, at about 11pm)

Our 'victim' was Mr. Cheah Sek Hee. Fortunately/unfortunately, he had to leave for kl at 12 midnight to fetch his sister to KLIA. So, we were there for up till almost 12 midnight.

Oh, and sek hee's house was great… The moment I stepped into the house, his table was filled with cny cookies, like awaiting for us to feast on them.. Haha..

Anyhow, it was great to catch up with old times with brandon and sek hee…


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chor Sam!

I think this is by far one of my most embarrassing days of my life. Before I go into there, this also my first day to actually hang out with friends; to meet back with my 'teenage hood' friends.. Firstly, was invited by Michelle for a cny buffet lunch in her house. Yvonne came and pick me up, along with delicia. And so, I thought there would be a lot of people… turns out, that's just it! THREE of us, plus Michelle herself.. Haha.. I wonder what happened to everyone else.. Nevertheless, had a great time, the food was great and we were only there for about er… an hour or so?

Reason to that was because there's this MC Girls Gathering at greentown in the late afternoon and yvonne they all were supposed to go. So, I requested yvonne to drop me back home since my house is on the way to that gathering place. She picked jill up and we were talking, jokingly said that I should go and safe her the trouble of sending me home since I am was their so called "ji muiz" last time. Anyway, that dear Yvonne Hui had to miss the turning back to my house!! Omg… that's where the embarrassment is coming in… And they say that I'm destined to be there after all… *sighz*

And hence…. I was at the entrance of the old town kopitiam in greentown. I was just hoping that there isn't a lot of them there.. Or like, most of them have left since we were late…

They started walking upstairs, with me, following behind… And once I got a glimpsed of the crowd of girls up there, I quickly ran back down.. Ahahaha… There was this HUGE bunch of girls sitting there, shouting and screaming of the arrival of their friends… Later, michelle and delicia dragged me up there and *sigh*… was it bad…

Fortunately, I know most of the people at one of the long stretched tables cause they were from Form6 in my school. And there are also few other tables who came back from overseas or outstation colleges. So, sat there, trying to bury my face behind some of my closer friends. But eventually, more of em' keep coming in…. More of people that I do not know… after about 15 min or so… couldn't take it and went down to the nearest cybercafe to wait for yvonne they all to be done with their 'gathering'… Wasn't it embarrassing!! One single guy with countless women at that place… *sighz* and von was like telling me, "isn't this supposed to be what every guy wants? To be in the midst of a bunch of beautiful girls?" haha… Yeah, right…

Anyway, on the plus side, at least, I get to see lots of my ex-schoolmates over there… People that I haven't seen for a very long time… At least a year and some, haven't seen them since after we left form 6!

At night, went to cp's house to help her fix her wireless connection. Then, went out with euwen, jill and von to sunway city for supper. That von wants to go rum jungle but all of us didn't want to.. Haha.. So, as to satisfy her, we went there just to let her take a look… hahaha…

Ended up having supper at some mamak stall nearby…