Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taiwan Family Trip

There has been a lot of family trips this month and I'm still lovin' it.
As this is a very very long trip (19 - 25 Dec), I'll try to make it short... hehez.
My trip is part of a tour group (gourmet grp) that comprises of 30 ppl including my mom, dad, alice, james, annie and ashley. Rosemary will be in sg to see his husband's family and Grace will be in Germany to visit the bf for xmas.

The flight to taipei was a long one for we transitted in 2 different airports; bangkok and HK. We left KL at 1pm and reached taipei at 1030pm!! We had 3 meals in the plane within that few hours. ugh! Sick of plane food after that... At least, there's free flow of booze... heheh...The night ended with a light supper at some nearby stall and slept in our rooms. Weather was quite cold outside at tht time.. =))

Hotel that we stayed in the first night

Next day, we went to ChuiFen, an old fashioned way of life place where we get to shop and eat. Apparently, that place is famous for Taro and Sweet Potato Balls.
Chiu Fen

There were lots of things to see from decoratives to clothes to gigantic meat balls. Bought a couple of souvenirs from here and some sight seeing

Giant-sized meatballs

Decoratives... look what those baby pigs are watching.. keke

View at Chiu Fen

We went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall after that and that's where my 5 year old Nike Shoes decided to fail me. The soles came out and was torn.. boo hoo..

Found some guai lou doing exercise there

Luckily, after this place, it was a long ride to Tai Chung were we'll go to Fong Jia Night Market and I can get new shoes there! Or so I thought... Before that, we were to go to Nei One Old Street to see more shops.. Supposed to experience some Hakka old life style there and some Hakka dishes. Oh well, I managed to get a fake crocs over there for RM20. That place ain't tht bad... Can see a lot of old styled living and a bald sakura tree.

Dad sitting under 2 bald sakura trees while waiting for mom and sis to come back from toilet

There are a couple of nicely designed shops as well

Finally, we reached the Fong Jia Night Market. I guess the night markets in Taiwan is really popular. Almost every city has at least one night market.

Had our dinner here of some weird paste noodle and did some shopping.

And I bought a new Nike shoe!! The trend and fashion here is always somehow faster than Malaysia. So, a nike shoe on cheap sale (cause it's out of fashion) will be some newly released shoe in Malaysia! And I bought something even better. It just reached Taiwan the night before. It's a New Limited Edition Nike Zoom Lebron V!! The shoe was just released in December itself and I now own the shoe for a mere RM466 (after conversion).
ps: Actually, didn't really want to buy it as it's rather expensive, but my mom believed in quality and what you pay for is directly proportional to quality in terms of shoes. Old stocks will have wear and tear and the such..

Spent the night in Taichung and nothing special to sight see there.

Following morning, we went to the Earthquake Museum to commemorate the 21st September 1999 major earthquake incident. They have transformed a badly hit earthquake school into a museum.
One of the classrooms

It was like an educational field trip. How, why, what and where about earthquakes. They even have a simulation room to what have happened the night of the earthquake.
Simulation room

There were a lot of loss and casualties from this earthquake, and even I suffered a loss... This is where I dropped my digital camera and the zoom and shutter button came off... =( Hence, I wasn't able to take any pictures with that camera for the rest of the trip. Only took a couple of them with my brother's camera and I have not in possession of them. Therefore, less pictures from here onwards.

Rest of the day, we went to the Sun Moon Lake (largest lake in Taiwan), a peacock farm, a temple (Wen Wu Temple) and of course, another night market in Kao Hsiung. We travelled from Tai Chung to Kao Hsiung for tht day. Kao Hsiung is a much nicer city. Very organized and brightly lit up, unlike Tai Chung.

The next day, we went to another Buddhist Temple called the Fo Guang Shan. Did I mention that it was blardy hot over there?! We were sweating all over while exploring this temple. Then, we went to Shie Lake where they take us to see a beach. Nothing special there apart from the darker fine sand at the beach. We went on a ferry ride at that lake where I did not understand a single word the tour guide said as it was in Chinese. (everything IS in chinese over there actually)

Then, we went to Tainan where they tried to sell us Lin Zhi. Ended up back in Taichung for the night where we went to Yi Zhong Jia Night Market. Night market here wasn't very appealing as most of the things are ladies stuff.

For the fifth day, it was a journey back to Taipei from Tai Chung. We went to a Maoli Fruit Rance where we can pluck our own strawberries. Oh, and the strawberries were delicious!!! It's very sweeett... My family bought 3 boxes altogether. haha...
Then, we went to our shortest museum tour ever! The museum itself is very big (National Palace Museum) where they explained the history of Taiwan from the Paleolitic Age to the Modern Era. And the tour guide, rushed us throughout in just an hour or so!! What can we see?!?! Before we could finish reading a description, the tour leader was already out of our line of sight.

Apparently, they wanted to rush for the Changing of Guards in Martyr's Shrine. It's those stationary guards like those in the famous Buckingham Palace. They are really like statues; they don't move and they don't even blink an eye!! We witnessed how they changed the guards and it was quite impressive. I think even the guards at the Buckingham Palace is no longer existing. (probably got abused too much.. lolz)

Towards the end of the day, we went to Taipei 101, the current tallest building in the world. It's all branded and designer's stores inside.

At night, we went to Shih Lin Night Market. This is THE night market to be. The cheapest clothes by far. They can sell long sleeve t-shirts for RM19.90 and it's a buy one free one! Winter clothing are also only for RM19.90. Too bad we didn't really have time to complete the place as we were only given about an hour or so. But, we came back the day after as it was a free and easy day =) However, we went to Xi Men Ding Night Market that night itself as the night was still young after we settled down in our hotel rooms.

The final day, we were able to explore Taipei on our own. We went to the Wu Fen (lui yan kai) to shop for very cheap ladies clothes. We took the train and MRT there. However, as it was raining, it wasn't really convenient for us to be there. Then, we went to Sogo where we stopped a station earlier. Hence, we had to walk from one station to another. That walk made my parents tired but we were able to see more shops from there. It wasn't much of a sight for me. Nothing special, really...

Then, my parents, my sister and the 2 kids went back to the hotel to rest while me, my brother, 2 girls from our tour group (Angela and Wendy) and our Malaysia tour lady (Crystal) decided to venture on and explore Taipei. We headed to New York New York, a shopping mall in near Taipei 101. We watched National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets at Vieshow Cinemas. The Cinema is veryyy huge!~ Seats were very comfortable also and it's about RM35 for a ticket! We had dinner at McDonald's where we wanted to try the Pork Burger, went to Taipei 101 again and decided to call it a day as it was quite tiring. We went back to the hotel room for a while and came back out again to Shih Lin Night Market! hehe...

Managed to explore the night market more over there. Turns out, deeper in the night market, the clothes gets cheaper and cheaper! From 199 yuan, to 188 yuan to 95 yuan!! I even bought a backpack for only 95yuan. Bought most of my souvenirs there too... And sadly to say, it was xmas eve at tht time and it wasn't much of a countdown. "Celebrated" Christmas unknowingly while shopping in one of the stalls in Shih Lin Night Market with my brother, Angela and Wendy.

It's now Christmas day and we had to wake up at 5am the next morning for the bus will be leaving at 6! Sounds so glamorous to spend Christmas in 3 different countries. In the morning, we were in Taipei. In the afternoon towards evening, we were at Bangkok and at night, we were in KL. However, we just spent Christmas like that in the aeroplane and most of the time in Bangkok airport. We had to wait for a 4 hour transit in Bangkok. Was really boring...

Oh well, so much for xmas 2007. That's the end of my trip! (A lot of gossips and human relationships throughout the trip, but decided not to write it here) Cheers!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Malacca Family Trip

Have been staying in Singapore for a week to do my Christmas Shopping and of course, to also wait for the weekend to meet up with my family straight in Malacca. And since I'll be leaving from Singapore, I wouldn't want to travel alone and found some company to teman me back instead; Elaine.

I left Singapore on Friday with Elaine and Zhi Sin to meet up with ZS's parents in JB cause will be staying the night with him. His parents treat us for dinner in some chinese restaurant and we stayed up till 4am playing monopoly and fairy godmother tycoon.

The following morning, we woke up at 8 plus for breakfast and our trip to Malacca. We didn't sleep the entire journey. Instead, we played alphabet games, situational games and story-making games where 3 of us will think of a beginning, a middle story and an ending, and we're supposed to join the phrases up to make a story. =)

Anyway, we reached Malacca at about noon where I waited for my family to pick me up from Jongker Street. After Elaine had her lunch with ZS's family, I reunited with my family at the chicken ball rice shop. Then, my sisters wanted to shop around for clothes and food.

We reached the A Famosa Resort in the evening and found myself in a bungalow with our own personal swimming pool!!! It's a honeymoon suite and our pool is walled up. =)
We played in the swimming pool not long after we're there where my 3 nieces are enjoying the time of their life there splashing around.

At night, we went for the Cowboy Town Show where it costs us RM30 per person. The show comprises if animal parades, some red indian performance and a fireworks display. It wasn't that bad but it's still damn pricey for RM30. Not only that, we still have to pay for other individual rides after we paid the RM30 to enter the place. Anyhow, I rode on the "rodeo" and played the trampoline. I slept relatively early that night cause I didn't sleep much the night before.

The next morning, we went for the in house breakfast. It was by far the worst in-house breakfast i ever had. Firstly, we HAVE to pay for the parking fee to get there. Then, the breakfast wasn't buffet style and each of us have a coupon which entitles us to one main dish, ONE drink and ONE dessert. So, if after we finished our cup of coffee, we can't refill them. Heck, even the dessert, there's only ONE miserable choice for us, which was watermelon. Luckily, the watermelon was nice. And for our main dish, we have 3 choices of porridge, nasi lemak and western. Western only had one egg, one sausage, red beans and toast bread. *sweatz* But the nasi lemak ain't too bad. Quite a big portion. Oh, and all of us have to queue up to collect our food. It's like those "beggars" lining up in a very long line for "free food". =/

After we returned, we wanted to play the paintball but it was booked till 2pm and we had to checkout by 1pm. Instead, we spent the rest of the morning in the pool outside the house. It was insanely fun. Me, my brother, Jessie and my 2 sisters played water cannonball. We even had cat fights where me and my brother would carry a person on our shoulder and see who would fall first. It was damn fun.

Unfortunately, it all had to end. We went back to Malacca town for lunch and the traffic in Malacca was terrible. Everything is moving like a snail. We did some shopping there again and left in mid afternoon. On the way back to KL, we out of the blue decided to detour to Port Dickson. Albeit a short tour, it was quite fun as the kids were playing at the beach and we get to enjoy the beauty of sunset there. Took our dinner in PD and went back to KL right after that.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

RYLA 2007

Day 1

We were to meet at Kranji MRT station at 10am. Upon reaching there, there were a lot of people standing around. Later, I realized one thing…. They are all kids! There's one bunch from River Valley High School and another from ITE. Some from NJC and the only other Rotaractor was Liz, which was the first person I talked to. She's from Raffles City and she's 25! And the photographer, who is from Raffles City as well.
Anyway, we left Sg at 1030 and reached Tanjung Sutera Resort at about 1pm. The place is quite ulu, deep within the perkampungan of Kota Tinggi. However, the place is great! Facing the South China Sea, the breeze was ever lasting and there's a pool for us to use too!
We started off with Lunch, then registration aka opening ceremony. We were separated into 10 different groups. I'm in Group 5, and we called ourselves the Blue Bananas (cause we had a blue cloth as our identity), our slogan is "We are delicious" and we used the "banana cheer" as our cheer.

Our first activity was a team building game called "communications". Each group given packets of straws and are divided into 2 sub groups. Each subgroup is to build one half of a bridge and by the end of the session, we will combine the 2 bridges together. We are not allowed to communicate among each other as to how our bridge will look like. However for every 5 minute interval, we can send one representative from each group to try to discuss what we are going to build and tried to come with a design. It wasn't easy cause while we are discussing, the other facilitators will be disturbing and making a lot of noise. So, in the end.. there were lots of different designs.. But there's a lesson learnt from all these, that while each representatives were discussing with one another.. both will be talking at the same time and nobody will be listening.

Lights out at 11pm

Day 2

The day started off with a morning exercise under the lead of our qigong master, edwin's dad! All the moves were so funny and slow… Some of us almost couldn't take it. Imagine, we were to have our knees bent and our hands straight out while positioning our fingers as if holding a ball for 20 minutes~!
It wasn't easy. Then, we had our breakfast and the itinerary of the day commences; TALKS for the entire day@!!! It's all classroom lectures from morning till night. Actually, it ain't that bad… Some are quite interesting… But I just wish that we could go out and have some activities together instead of just sitting down.

Unfortunately, halfway through the session at about 3pm, the electricity went dead. Literally dead. The entire kampung's electricity was cut off. Apparently, there was a problem with the transformer or something. So, we tried to have talks without the help of the microphone and projector. It wasn't too bad, actually. We still went to the beach to clean it up, some games, etc.

Cleaning the beach

But once the night hits in…. We had 'candlelight' dinner. Or more like, 'torchlight' dinner. We learned how to eat in the dark. And as it was pitch black, there weren't even any streetlights, all of us played in the dark. So, it was lepaking and bonding time for us. We played cards with the help of torch lights, planned our sketch for tomorrow night's talentime and laid down to see the stars! I haven't seen such nice carpet of sky anywhere before. Because the surrounding was pitched black, the shimmering of the stars was more evident; while lying down, gazing upon the moon and the stars, blown by the breeze from the sea and the sound of the waves… It was almost perfect. Too bad, I didn't spot any shooting stars. We couldn't even bathe! The showers were all pumped up by an electronic pump and there's no hot water.. So… I guess almost everyone ended their day with an unwashed body

Day 3

Electricity resumed at about 4 in the morning. The morning started off with another round of morning exercise led by a few Rotaractors who reached the previous night during the blackout. There were 4 of them from Rotaract E-club district 3310. Anyway, the programmes from last night were pushed to this morning and again, there were lots of talks again on the 3rd day. There was a movie screening of "Secret" (not the Jay Chou one). By this time, most of us were quite bonded.. For my group, we started playing those 'lame games' that I used to play for NTU's MSA FOC. It was quite funny to see them guess and be dumb-strucked by it.

I guess, the highlight for the day is "Talent Night" and our "BBQ Buffet Dinner". Our dinner was sumptuous with crabs, prawns, fishes, lambs, chicken, etc. All BBQ-ed for us. It was very filling for me… in fact because I took a lot of food, I had to become the 'dustbin' for gobbled up all the leftovers. And talent night was funny. We're supposed to make a sketch/skid on what we've learned throughout the camp. Some did a very great job and had sketches on anger management, crime prevention and a topic on love. After the sketch, we have this Mr. RYLA competition where a male from each group is to compete against each other. They were told to strip off their shirt and to pose for us so that we can decide who the winner is. The thing that they didn't know is that we're to choose the winner based on the amount of armpit hair a contestant have! It was so funny and some really posed like some macho man. Only that, he doesn't have any armpit hair… hahah

Everyone refused to sleep that night. We even played in the pool after everything ended. The night actually started at 1230 am. We had the friendship dance in the pool, played some games which includes polar bear (a variation to the Mafia game). I was hanging around and chatting with the younger generations. I spent a couple of hours talking to three 12 year olds. It was so funny. There's this girl who has a special ability. She can fart anytime she wants, at her own free will! And it became a hobby for her. The night ended for me at 4am. Now that I come to think of it, I should have stayed up till the max, i.e. 630am.

Day 4

The final day of our camp. As per request, we had Qi Gong for our morning exercise again since everyone "liked" it so much until they could re-act on it again during last night's talent night. Then, we had our breakfast followed by vocational talks. Last item was sharing of experiences and feedback from us, or in short "reflection time". We commented on the good and the bad throughout the camp. Then, it was certificate giving time, souvenirs giving, our final friendship dance and photo sessions. It wasn't easy to say goodbye since we shared so much for the past 3 days. On the bright side, we still kept in touch in msn and they started their own blog on RYLA 2007.

Blue Bananas!

Monday, November 05, 2007

An evening with Rockapella

About a month ago, I was surfing the web and saw this event, where Rockapella is coming to Singapore! Since i always wanted to go for such events and I never really got the chance to go previously (as it normally clashes with exams or school holidays), I took this opportunity and purchased 2 tickets for the show (with my gf)

And hence, for the first time, I was in Esplande Concert Hall, to see right in front of my face, stars of the music world. The performance was splendid! They're very entertaining, good show skills. They danced, they sing, they tell jokes... lolz.

The entire show was 2 and a half hours long! (including approx 15min interval time) By right, it should be less than 2 hours... but there were so many encores... and they even performed 2 christmas carols!!! Silver Bells (personal favourite) and Santa Claus is coming to town (another fav of mine).

Jeff Thacher, the vocal percussionist was really impressive. I could hear him from the 4th floor loud and clear without him using his mic~! The 'bass' sounds from his vocal chords. They even grabbed a girl from the crowd, and 'sang' for her.... They even tried to 'fight against each other' to have her through singing! Lucky girl... getting all the attention. She even got a free CD because of that.

Nevertheless, I certainly enjoyed myself. After the concert, I was actually crazy enough to buy their CD at $28 a piece! There were 4-5 Cds for me to choose from, and I chose "Comfort and Joy", a Christmas compilation!!! How could I resist a Christmas compilation?? And best of all, I have not heard most the songs inside the CD! Later, I got the Rockapella singers to autograph the CD.

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And the following shows my girlfriend getting their autographs for me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another picture of them.....

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Monday, October 29, 2007

22nd Birthday part III

After an exhaustive night the previous day, woke up relatively later to meet up with jit vern, ian, yee weng, ferdi and yen kheng for a cathing up session cum my birthday + ferdi's bday celebration!
We met up in Jurong Point for lunch and ate in Bento Box. It's a Japanese Restaurant but our main purpose was to have a relatively decent meal and a place to update each other with our lifes. Turns out, there are a couple of news from ian, myself, ferdi and yen kheng.. haha.. but it was all fun and crappy.. haha..

Then, we just loitered around JP, did some shopping.. walked about and actually sat in McD and talked there for about an hour without ordering anything!! We wanted to order Ice Cream but the ice-cream machine broke down.... Didn't had fate with the ice-cream. Went back in the evening just in time to do my laundry before a pizza ssesion with my programmer friends.


Went to Wai Seng and Yi Wang's room at 7pm to wait for the pizza man to come. We ordered 4 large pizzas from 2 different suppliers; Oishi Pizza and Pizza de France. There was De Zien, Yi Wang, Wai Seng, Elaine Lee, Joe, Shaun and myself!

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Pizza de France came on time but Oishi Pizza came relatively later.. like about 30-60min late. Anyway, they were so sweeet! When the Oishi Pizza came, they put 22 small candles around both pizzas! (11 candles each). Sang me the birthday song and asked me to blow out all the candles in one breath.. haha.. i was left with 3 candles... does it mean i'm forever 19? haha..

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The meal was S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R! Never doubt Elaine when it comes to food! All of us ate till we can't eat anymore... I myself, I think I ate 7 slices. And all of us were very full after that. Anyway, something nice about being with these 2 group of friends is that... we just 'hang out' and 'chill'..... Can just generate crappy and nonsensical statements out of nowhere. Well, probably the only difference is that... I'm not that crappy when I'm with the 2nd group (wai seng, de zien they all). Don't know why, but prolly not as close yet? Nevertheless, really enjoyed myself with them.

After food, we decided to play a game of 'mafia'. But erm, it wasn't just ONE game.. We played lots of rounds with different number of people and different people. Was basically short of people and decided to call laifai. Then, yiwang left for a while, and shaun left a while, but was substituted by zhi sin who came in later. At first, I didn't really enjoy the mafia game cause I was only exposed to that game in previous year's FOC and it was.. well, kinda boring... Prolly the group was too large and the "kind" of ppl who are playing it. But... this was even more fun than bridge~! haha... Guess who you're playing with really counts eh? Had so much fun...

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The guys sitting around playing "mafia"

We played till like after 1am and decided to call it a day when we realized it was getting kinda late.. So much for being in an exam mood.. The past 2 days was really relaxing and entertaining... The better days of my university life.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

22nd Birthday (contd..)

Despite being a person who dislike studying, I actually spent 2 of my birthdays in the library!! Once was last year, where i spent the entire afternoon in library 2 after class... This year, I went to the library after lunch and was there till early evening.! Talk about spending your birthday productively...

Anyway, as I didn't have any celebrations planned out for me, decided to entertain myself by taking my gf out for dinner! She surveyed some restaurants to eat and stumbled into this place called "The Tea Party" in Bukit Timah. It's actually a hang out place where there's sofas and couches for people to play board games in, or you can enjoy a main course meal of pasta and high-grade tea leaves! I never really sit down and enjoy tea (real chinese hot tea) with anyone before.. so, decided to try this place out! The place is very cosy and makes you feel at home. We ordered spaghetti, scones and tea! The scones are FABULOUS! It was hot from the oven and it's crispy, soft, moist and you can feel the butter taste in your mouth! It comes with spreads of jam, butter or cream cheese.

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My share of scone and white tea!

Oh, and for my tea.. i ordered this drink called "white tea"... I've heard of oolong tea, green tea and now, white tea! I wondered whether the tea is white in colour... So, i ordered it.

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So... it's not that "white" after all.. I guess, it's supposed to be colourless... But the tea was good~! My gf ordered this jasmine vanilla tea (or smtg like tat) which is a flavoured tea. (tastes like some fruity flavoured drink)

Later, it's the main course! Nothing special bout the pasta, except that the spaghetti isn't really made out of spaghetti.

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Chilled out a bit... and since there weren't a lot of ppl there, we decided to camwhore a bit...

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After that, we went to Clark Quay as she haven't been there before. So, took her for a walk and to our amazement, the place was crowded with people! Later, we saw a few groups of people dressed up in their Halloween costumes, some wore horrific masks and played random percussion in the middle of the street. I suppose there was some halloween party going on somewhere there.

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Did I mention that Clark Quay changed alot?! There are more shops and more things to see now. It has become more happening and entertaining for sight-seeing people.

When I reached hall, Hon Yoong they all were waiting for me to celebrate my brithday. It's kinda like an MSA tradition and Hon Yoong only realized that it was my birthday when I was with him in the library. But anyhow, appreciate his efforts to 'organize' a celebration in such a short notice. Would like to thank all for those who came down to wish me despite being in an exam season now. All in all, it was a great and enjoyable day! Contained both studying and entertaining elements in it. =)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

22nd Birthday~!

On the first few (or negative) minutes of my birthday. Well, Yvonne first wished me at 11pm (+0800hrs) cause it was 1am in her timezone.. lol.. so, there's my early birthday wish.

Then, right when it was going to be midnight, my gf so funny... asked me to go meet her without telling me where we're going.. So, i went down my block, and found her in the tv lounge... sitting in the dark. Curious to what she was up to, i went inside.. only to find out that she's trying to make the lighter work to light up a candle attached to a small cake. hahaha... Then she was so paiseh cause she didn't know how to use the lighter (the flame from the lighter was too small)
Anyhow, celebrated my birthday with just the both of us... with her singing a birthday song to me all by herself.. haha...

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And to some other silly things that she did was.... I called her earlier to ask her where she was going, and told me that she's going to Canteen A (walking distance), at first, i bought it until i heard the EZ Link tapping sound and the door of the SBS bus closing. I told her that i heard them and she insisted that i was just imagining stuff... lolz..

Second silly thing was... she bought an ice cream cake from Jurong Point at 830pm, but she had a Buddhist Society Exam Supper at Canteen A right after that. So, the ice cream lasted without the fridge for more than 3 hours and by the time it reached me... the inside was a bit liquidy and the crust kind of cracked abit... lol...

Despite all these, it's the thought that counts... Sometimes, when silly things happen, it's quite funny also.. haha... Funny and sweet... =)

Still didn't have plans for my actual birthday. Think prolly will just study half day and go out with gf the other half.. lolz.. Guess there's no big bday celebration this year.. ^-^


Friday, October 26, 2007

My self-made meal

When people cook their own meals, it may be pasta (spaghetti), rice with dishes and noodles.
Well, I'm more of a lazy person and all i do is make my own sandwhich toast!

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My 'kitchen'

I shall call it the Ham Sandwich Toast with cheese, ketchup and mayo (additional cheese topping may be included)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sometimes, I'll have yoghurt drink and some fruits to go along with it. Oh, btw, the cheese topping would be adding a slice of cheese at the top (in addition to the cheese inside it). lolz

This is so fattening and unhealthy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exam Welfare Package~!

Towards the end of each semester, it'll be the time for mugging, people camping in libraries, people eating too much cause they are stressed out from studying..

But one thing that i actually enjoy is the EXAM WELFARE PACKAGE~!!
Let me give you a look at how NTU takes care of their student's welfare.

For my school of EEE, they are giving away free McSpicy during lunch time~!!

Originally uploaded by gabsch

Also, my hall, Hall 13's welfare and bizmag actually did a very great job with this year's Exam Welfare Package~!
They gave out free KFCs which consists of a piece chicken and a burger, and a goodie bag filled with good stuff~!!

Contents in the Goodie Bag!!

Hall 13 Exam Welfare Goodie Bag
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The package~!
Hall 13 Exam Welfare
Originally uploaded by gabsch

Guess, there's another list as to why it's great to be a university student~! hehz..

ps: I now have a flickr pro account~!!! Thanks to yahoo, i've migrated my Yahoo! Photos to Flickr and they are giving me a pro account until 24th Jan 2008. But still, it's a pro account~! haha.. a bit psyched up now.. lolz Guess there's not gonna be any studying tonight

Sunday, October 21, 2007


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now we know why kiwi birds are extinct~!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things that I'll miss as a university student

When we've reached a certain age, we tend to reminisce on our past. Things that we took for granted, things that we miss doing. Like when we're studying abroad, we'll miss our high school and primary school days. Stuff like that.

Hence, to better appreciate and to remind myself that being a student is FUN!, I decided to blog this as to why being a student is the greatest! (As compared to working life).

List of things that I'll miss having as a university student

1. to be able to sleep till whenever you like
2. to be able to download movies at LAN speed and the latest episodes right on your harddisk within few hours
3. to be able to skip lectures
4. to be able to watch lecture recordings (can pause it when you're bored, rewind when you've missed a point or fast forward when it's useless)
5. to be able to wake up only to realize that you're late for class, and you can just skip it
6. no need to worry so much about financial issues like car loans, house loans, etc.
7. cheap canteen food at just $2 a meal
8. can wake up at 800 for a 830 class and still able to reach there early
9. free shuttle bus service
10. your friend's room is just a few minutes away
11. can online 24/7 without to worry about utility bills
12. canteen is just 1-2 minutes walk away
13. able to play LAN games!
14. can copy and paste (smartly) sample lab reports from senior
15. can still join ECAs and learn certain skills at a minimal fee. (dance, yoga, taekwando, etc)
16. free gym, free swimming pool, free usage of sports facilities (fine... it's actually part of the tuition fee)
17. free acess to online library catalogues, research papers.
18. can borrow novels for free from library!
19. washing machine is free of charge
20. hot water in the pantry, hot shower
21. can go to the library with your friends to study from morning till midnight, and have breakfast, lunch, coffee break, dinner, supper in between
22. student privileges (movie tickets, computer deals, student mobile plans, concession cards)
23. chatting on msn with delicia!! [posted by delicia]
24. If your gf/bf is also staying in the hostels, they're so close you can visit them (almost) anytime you want!! [posted by sek hee]
25. f ur roommate happens to be hot... y'know, time to experiment with yourselves and all that... XD [posted by sek hee]
26. To have someone like me who will always nag + complaint about the tidiness of ur room and ur laziness. Hoho~ Luckily i still got one sem to do so...Blek =p [posted by su ping]

Lazy to think of anything else. Feel free to add more in 'comments'


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sourcing for Industrial Attachment

(Industrial Attachment) IA is just basically internship for the engineering course in NTU. It lasts for 22 weeks and has pay ranges from SGD$500 to SGD$1600 with an average of $800

We're supposed to source out companies via our university where they provide us a list of companies that are interested in us, and we pick and choose which companies we would want to work in. There are interviewing companies and non-interviewing companies. However, you can only choose one interviewing company and the rest will be non-interviewing ones

As for me, my choice of company is Agilent Technologies. It wasn't really my first choice as my initial choice was Motorola but somehow, somewhere... over the last minute, i've changed it to Agilent Technologies and it was to my personal satisfaction; I think it is good.

Hence, I went for my first interview on 2nd Oct. It was an informal kind of interview where the members of the project came to interview me. It was as if, they didn't really know what to do with me. So, I thought, IA interviews are more relaxed and less stressful.

However, over the next few days, they contacted me again to go for a 2nd interview on the following Monday! This time, I'll be interviewed by the manager of the project.. By the way, did I mention that the company is in Yishun? It's about 75minutes traveling time. Anyhow, was kind of nervous for the 2nd interview. It turns out, it wasn't that bad at all! I got to understand the jobscope better! After the interview, I decided to skip my classes and went to look for siah for lunch over at her office. Didn't want to purposely come out to town just for the interview!

Then on Thursday, they called me up again. This time, they told me that I got the internship! Asked me whether I have 2nd thoughts to work in their company anot. haha...
Oh well, in short.... it was good news. Managed to get my internship and will be starting work beginning of January!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tagged by Elaynne

I was "happily" watching my online lecture recording when Miss Elaine Lee Xiao Yin msg-ed me in msn and told me that I was tagged!
At first, i thought it was the "facebook" kind of tag where you appear in other ppl's photo and someone else recognize your face and decides to tag you. But no! It's a "blog" kind of tag and it's my first time encountering this (yeah, i'm not so much of a blog enthusiast) So, decided to play along! I like to answer mind-boggling and life-questions, by the way.

So, here goes...

Elaine's Q: You feel that you have finally found someone that you would actually consider having a future with, this is your chance!! But your afraid that you might be wrong about it. What would you do?

So, if I really start a relationship with that person and in the worst case scenario, I break her heart, or she breaks mine. Especially if we're currently best friends and doing so may end up losing the best friend you will ever have! If I start a relationship, I will risk of losing her if everything turns bad. If i don't, she'll be my friend FOREVER! But trust me, even friends don't last forever... Well, I think problem with guys is that they tend to think of all the negative outcomes first..

What's life without risk! My answer: I'd go for it! Even if it may end badly, I'll make the journey to be as memorable as possible. After all, it's better to love and lost than to never love at all. In addition, if I didn't try, I may end up thinking "if only I started with that girl, how would my life go?" and my life will have more of the "what ifs" and probably more regrets.

So, that's the end of it.
Oh, and there's a rule to tis game:
The instruction was :
*quote* I'll tag you a question which you'll answer on your blog, and then you create your own uestion and tag it on to someone else. *unquote*

But what the heck, rules are meant to be broken. I don't even know who reads my blog for a start. I'll probably leave it to some other time, when I really need a question answered.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eating Spree~!!

last night, i felt so ke-babi-ness...
in the evening, 2 hours before dinner... i ate 2 mooncakes. It was the "Overseas Brand Mooncake". in the first mooncake, the yolk was so big and the 2nd mooncake, it was the crunchy crust. My mom scolded me for eating so much at one go.

Had my dinner at 7pm, and went out with euwen, sinnyi and ian for yumcha-ing at 930pm.
First session, we went to Brown's Cafe for a nice cup of.. drink. I had vanilla milkshake and a quarter of chocolate mocha cause sinnyi couldn't finish hers.

Then, Ian said he was hungry and wanted a bite.. so, we had our second session.
We went opposite to Fong Seng for fried sotong.
Still feeling hungry after that, we wanted to go eat lou wong nga choi kai, or ngau lam min. But, i guess everyone thought that i was too far away..

Third Session : We went to Ipoh Garden for Ramly Burger so that they can watch me eat! I've no idea why they don't want to eat the delicious burger, but nevertheless, we went there, sat down and I ordered a "daging special"

While we were chit chatting at the ramly burger place, euwen said he didn't mind if we went to lou wong to eat. So, i was still kind of... feel like eating.. and voila!

Fourth Session : Too bad, lou wong was closed at that time. But we went opposite to Ong Kee to eat! hehe.. Only me and euwen ate. and euwen was kind enough to treat me for that meal!!

From 930pm, we ate all the way till 130pm. haha... Was great to be able to eat these kind of things back in ipoh.... Oh, how I missed Ipoh food.... =)


Monday, September 24, 2007

Mid Autumn Festival cum ONE WEEK BREAK!!

woo hoo~! it's the time of the semester again where we'll find every opportunity to go back home and to stay there for as long as possible. In conjunction with our one week semester break, we also have a mid autumn celebration inside that week! NTU's Chinese Society organized a Mid Autumn Festival in Yunnan Garden on the last day of the final week of the first half of the semester!! The Hall 8 Accapella (myself included) performed 3 songs for the event, namely "Feng Yang Ge", "Singapore Medley" and "Ye Lai Xiang".

After the performance, I had to rush back for my hall's night cycling event. We cycled to West Coast Park to celebrate our Hall's Mid Autumn Festival as well! We had all sorts of food there! Ranges from Old Chung Kee's curry puffs, sotong sticks to Mooncakes with chocolate and rum filling! We only returned to our hall at 4am. By the time i took my bath and packed my things, it's already 530am and my bus leaves Singapore at 9am.

I slept throughout the entire bus journey since i only slept for about 1 and a half hours earlier that 'morning'. The moment I reached home... I didn't expect to see so many people there.
EVERYONE was home!! [except for Grace though :( ]. From my eldest sister, Lisa to James and his gf, Jessie, Bryan and Jessie's Mom (Bryan's Nanny)
It was so yit lau at home. Reminds me of the usual festive seasons during Christmas and CNY where everyone would be back home. It was great to see everyone though, and they brought back a lot of moon cakes with them. haha.

The kids played tanglung and candles at night. Similar to what I used to play with my siblings years ago. A few will light up the candles on the floor, while one person will be frantically blowing off candles. The goal was simple, to get at least candle to remain lighted for as long as possible. Of course, it wasn't as fun as how WE used to play it. haha

But now, everyone has gone back to KL and the house was back to it's serene and quiet surrounding. It's fun to be like that in its own kind of way..


Monday, September 10, 2007

State of my table

When my friends come to my room, they will normally give comments like
"woah, your table so messy!!"
"eh, you never clean your table wan ar?"
"aiyor, this gabriel ar... always so messy wan"

Anyway, here are some pictures of the current state of my table

And my friend's table (su ping), one of the people who will constantly complain bout my room... took a picture of her own version of her "messiness", and this is her masterpiece...

Su Ping's Messy Table

Can you imagine?! haha.. that's even no where to being messy...

This is what you call messy! lolz