Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006!

Another year, another Christmas.. It's always been an occasion worth waiting for.. This year's Christmas was rather a special one. Like always, there are a few new faces for this year's Christmas, that is, Jessie, my brother's gf & Wellna, my sister's maid. But there was less Mr George Goh as he had to tend to his duty back in kl.

Everyone came back on the 23rd. Grace flew from Jakarta to yi che's house, then everyone came back filling up the house with a Christmas atmosphere. Annie and Ashley were with us in the house along with wellna. Wellna is a Kadazan and is only 16 years old! She didn't have the privilege to attend school and has 10/11 siblings… But I think she's quite lucky to be under the care of Alice.

We had 2 open-house for Christmas this year. Once, on the 23rd where all my mother's friend came for pot luck and the second one is on the 25th itself. In a way, it is a good idea to reduce the congestion of people on christmas day itself. This year, there were a few "opened and is-currently-use" presents; my father's dvd video camera and grace's panasonic lumix digicam. We took a video on x'mas day! Quite fun to play with actually.

Anyway, on to the Christmas party!! For food, koko and jessie made the pork potato balls, yi che fried the wanton and nuggets with the new induction cooker.! Sache made some fried beehoon and chicken/beef spaghetti. Then, there was the turkey, the kunyit rice with chicken curry. All the food was good and delicious!! Fortunately, there's Wellna to take care of all the washing.. =)

Not many of my friends came compared to last year. The earliest was jit-vern, who came at 2. Then, euwen came with jill and sinnyi at about 3, together with omega and chong chyn. Shake and von was supposed to come! But they had a lunch appointment with the MC ppl and von had to rush back to go back to kl on the night itself. Yee hui didn't manage to come though, Ian decided not to come to teman kean fatt and suk mun play bowling and the rest are either not around Ipoh or I never call them.. Haha..

Went to yumcha and met up with Ian, kean fatt and eugene (euwen's bro) at kopitiam at about 4-5pm. Had a short session there and went home for a rest. There's some slight changes to the opening of presents cause Christie has to go to Taiping to visit his sister. Hence, the opening of presents was delayed till they return from Taiping which was about 11pm.. Not too late though.. I had lots of nice presents for xmas!! Firstly, a casio watch from rosemary and alice, then, ginseng powder from my mom, wallet from my dad, a nice white shirt from grace. a USD50 polo shirt from James and a yellow Nike shoulder bag worth RM229 (in which, I tipped off RM50 cause yiche said it's too expensive).. Haha.. Then, my mom had her camera phone. Rosemary bought my parents a 2D 1N stay at the Cyberview Spa and Resort in Cyberjaya where they are entitled to a session of massage and spa! All in courtesy of Rosemary and Christie. Oh, then there were a duplicate present this year.. LOL.. Two "All about Mercedez" book for my dad. One bought by James and Jessie (J&J) while the other bought by Alice. In the end, Jessie took back to exchange an Oxford Thesaurus for my dad and a book on ways to longetivity for my mom 2-3 days later. After opening of presents, it's just about time for James, Jessie and Grace to return to KL. J&J had work on the 26th while Grace has a morning flight to Jakarta from KLIA cause has to work on the 26th as well.

While for the rest of us, we went to kl after lunch on the 26th. Went there to help yiche to unpack her house, and for my parents to use their "massage and spa" gift. I enjoyed myself too! Eating lots of nice and expensive food in kl… =) And I bought myself a new 120GB 2.5" External Hard Disk that costs RM315 + RM45 from Cycom.. No more worries bout hard disk space now!