Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family Trip~!

School semester has just started and studies, activities and commitments are all rushing back into my life... Things has been getting pretty busy lately, although it has just only been 2 weeks of school. However, nothing is more important than one thing ; - "Family".. This is one of the weekends that everyone in the family (well, almost) can make it for the trip, including Annie and Ashley. The last time we had a trip something like this, it was the Sabah Trip, but koko wasn't there at that time.

Anyway, back to the genting trip. I flew back to kl on friday. Had to skip 3/4 of my lessons on tht day.. The flight lasted for 45min. Only about 1/5 of my entire travelling time. Friday was more of a shop n rest day. Grace was supposed to follow me back via plane, but she last minute had to go for an interview, and can only come back via bus at night.

We left for Genting at about 9 something in the morning after they had to wait for me to get up. haha.. We went in 2 cars; Christie's car and Papa's X-trail.

I followed Christie's car and we arrived there first cause James had to pick Jessie up. Anyway, we waited at the Awana Lobby for around 1 hour and yet, they still haven't arrived. Apparently, the X-trail over-heated.. LoL.. But anyway, after all of us had finally arrived, we checked into the room, and the room was….. Well, how to put it into words… "superb".. We booked 3 rooms, 2 attached rooms and one more 'specially' for koko and jessie. But because the x-trail broke down, koko and jessie had to take the car back to KL and come back up with the Kembara. Kind of pity them though, supposedly to come for holidays, but ended up baby sitting the car. Plus, they missed all the fun that we had in the room.. We cooked lunch together; we took turns to be the 'bartender', preparing food and drinks. Grace was good with her "milo"... Haha.. There were so much food… My mum prepared like food for the entire month… haha… there was ham yuk chung, muffins, cheese cake, putu mayam, rojak, etc. etc. Then the 2 kids were happily playing with themselves, even marielle was sleeping soundly… It was a perfect weekend.

Later in the evening, we went to the theme park… Only sat a few rides though, and yi che sponsored me to ride the 'superman ride'… haha… it wasn't as scary as it looks… But it sure is fun~! Then my sisters were all so afraid to sit on the rides… Rosemary almost chickened out sitting the rolling thunder mine thingy… hahaha… and grace screamed so much in the 'cyclone' ride… so farnee… But what's worse, yi che was even afraid riding the dragon ride, that just oversees the entire Genting… hahaha…

We went back for dinner and tried to finish up all the food. Koko and jessie were already back by then… And this time, the entire family were together; cooking and eating happily together. There were more food this time, I've no idea where it came from. Then koko showed his expertise in cooking (he's always good at cooking, creative so I would say) when he prepared delicious sandwiches out of plain ingredients. He even had garnishing from seaweeds that we were feeding off for fun… haha… At night, we went to the casino… Unfortunately for me, I'm still underaged… lol… Luckily koko had to go online to do his work, so I joined him with my lappie at starbucks where they had free wireless… At a cost of a starbucks coffee… =/ By the end of the night, came out that my sisters won money from the casino… And grace was like a noob in gambling… lol…

The next morning was just alright though… Went for the complimentary breakfast together with a variety of western, Chinese and Muslim food. We went back to sleep after breakfast and checked out in the afternoon… lol… It's always like that isn't it? Sleeping till late in the afternoon when there's holidays… hahaha… but all in all, it was fun… Too bad I had to return to Singapore on that night. Otherwise, could join them longer. Spending time with the entire family is always fun… =)


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