Monday, June 05, 2006

Wrong time zone...

*sigh*.. not able to sleep... actually, feel kinda tired.. but not sleepy.. damn, my night has turn into day and day into night... Think it's all because of 'the night before', i slept at 6am.. lol... had bbq on sat night.. and stayed awake in hy's room till early in the morning with a whole big bunch of ppl... (imagine 12 ppl sleeping/sitting on 2 single beds) To make things worse, i woke up in the afternoon, ate lunch.. and slept back.. till dinner time... lol

I guess sundays are not really productive... and it's gonna be a start of a new week... exams nearing... (but doesn't feel like it at all).. Things to do are running out... hmm..must really find some productive stuffs to do.. like er... maybe ... reading some books? lol..wish i was back homet though... can celebrate bday with loopy and jin ann... But i think things are quite different back home.. And here in sg, things aren't really that swell.. Sometimes, I don't know where do i really belong to... *grins*

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