Friday, June 23, 2006

Trip to Penang

After a two-day rest in Ipoh, it's time to venture out to penang for an eating-spree! We took a morning bus from Ipoh on Wednesday and reached butterworth in less than 2 hours where pei yin picked us up back to her house. We had chicken rice for lunch and to another place for cendol and ice kacang before picking up kuan jan and the rest from the bus station. But almost the entire time, we were at pei yin's house. And that was where I finished my OG identity. Haha… I bought the strings and beads the day before and brought it to penang to complete it. Hehe..

Anyway, we basically just ate and ate the entire day.. I think we had 7 meals altogether from lunch till we call it a day off… Half of us slept at yong ren's house, the girls' at ying sin's house while ronie and kj slept at hon yoong's house..

The next morning, we departed to Penang Island where we met up with the year 2 seniors… There were 16 of and and 11 of them.. Haha.. And we combined together… lol.. But eventually, the 7 of them (excluding me, ck and the girls) parted on their own way, wanting to go on their own cause they just wanted to eat and eat.. While the rest of us, with the seniors went by ourselves for a bit of walking, sight seeing and to eat of course.. We ate curry mee at one place, some fried stuff (fried banana, fried yam, fried lin kou), had the penang chee cheong fun where they used rojak together with peanut paste as their sauce, tau fu fah, soya bean before we went to prangi mall for a bit of a walk… I bought my remaining 4 voodoo dolls there that costed RM15.. Then, we had our dinner at Gurney Drive and headed off the Batu Ferringhi for a walk at the night market there..

So, that was it.. Another day… the walk was quite long actually.. Walked quite far away.. And the drivers had to take cab back to their car to pick us up from where we left off.. Lol.. Ooh, while waiting for them, ys and I went to this very nice hotel to see the surroundings for a bit.. It was spectacular inside… too bad couldn't spend a longer time inside there, cause the drivers already arrived not long after…

One day in BM, one day in Penang, and that was it.. Next stop: Ipoh! But still had our breakfast in BM, went to St Anne's Church for a quick visit before headed off to Ipoh in the afternoon… We reached Ipoh at about 6pm.. Hon Yoong drove to ipoh while the rest followed bus.. We had our dinner at Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken, then a light snack at Gomes Square where I brought Chin Ping there to meet up with them… After that, I separated with them for a while where I went to Side Walk Ice Cream Parlour with cp, jill, anand and yee hui before joining them back at Fook Sing.. They were at Old Town Kopitiam behind jusco for the toast bread and all.. Oh, It was there where phooi wan and gang came to join us… We took a quick walk in Imax and Inferno before heading off to "tong sui kai" behind sam tet to eat dunno what sagu… Unfortunately for us, the store was closed and it was raining at tht time.. So, the places to go are quite limited by then (not like Ipoh has a lot of places to go anyway).. We called it a day after that.. It was quite early at tht time though.. Not even midnight yet.. Haha.. But they planned to go to Foh San the next morning at 730.. Crazy ppl…


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