Sunday, June 18, 2006

KL/Genting Trip

After my intersem examination (in which I left early), I hurriedly to finish packing my room; emptying my side of the room.. Took me quite a while to finish packing everything.. Have to move from my floor to may yann's floor to put my things in her room.. But anyway, was kinda in a rush cause laifai wanted to reach early to KL.. So did I.. We left NTU at about 230-300 and took a cab to woodlands.. Our journey to Larkin wasn't very long. It was quite a smooth ride..

I reached KL at about late 8 something.. In the car was euwen, navigated by Kean Fatt while Jill and Chin Ping were already at the back seat.. We took a snack (or our dinner) somewhere nearby.. Jln Chow Kit or smtg like that… We stayed over at Kean Fatts' since Euwen's place couldn't fit that much of ppl…

The next morning, we had our breakfast, went to UTAR for a quick visit and then drove off to genting at reached there at about 12-1 smtg.. We stayed at First World Hotel.. 4 of us shared.. Kean fatt didn't stay with us though.. Apparently, he wanted to go back to Setapak to watch World Cup.. Oh well, anyway, we proceeded to the theme park… Spent a few hours there before it started raining.. We grabbed our so called lunch while it rained at Burger King.. After 'lunch', euwen wanted to rest, kean fatt left, while the girls wanted to play more.. Haha.. Well, I accompanied euwen back to the room and we slept throughout the whole evening… The girls?, well, they played in the indoor theme park and once it stopped raining, they continued to play at the outdoor theme park.. I only joined them at 7 smtg, after I woke up. I left euwen in the room, didn't want to disturb him cause I think he was too tired driving and entertained us and all.. Euwen only joined us for dinner, at almost 9 actually..

Oh, and I bumped into soo fan, andy and leler.. What a coincidence eh? They stayed for 2 nights, and kah weng was to join them the day after.. By the time we had our dinner and all, we walked abit before headed back to our room to rest.. It was quite late already at that time.. Almost midnight.. Euwen and I then walked outside, wanted to enjoy the cold weather, the icy breeze and all.. The girls were too tired, after playing the whole day..

Anyway, there goes euwen and I, strolling around genting… walking aimlessly and all… We were supposed to make it a quick walk cause we wanted to watch "Shutter".. But unfortunately, when we came back.. They were abit tired and wanted to sleep.. Haha.. Then euwen and I went to starbucks, with my lappie to online… We just MSNed there before heading back for a night's sleep at 3 am..

Next day, I had to deliberately wake myself and euwen up for our 'free' breakfast buffet at 830.. The breakfast was.. ermm.. Quite awful.. It wasn't really nice.. But oh well, what the heck.. It was breakfast anyway.. We didn’t finish our food though. Haaha… and I made a smiley on the plate made of noodles, sausages, eggs and ham.. =) We headed back to dreamland after our breakfast and only woke up when it was about time to check out… We drove back down to kl not long after for our lunch.. After resting for a while back at kean fatt's place (I went to euwen's), we headed off to One Utama for shopping after dropping kean fatt off at Puchong.. Our beloved driver, mr ong euwen.. Had to attempt 3 times before reaching our destination after countless U-turns.. Anyway, we split up into 2 grps.. Euwen and I, then jill and cp.. The girls had to shop for yee lyn's present while we, the guys… just walked aimlessly… We grabbed a bit of food, 'steal' food from the girl handing our free samples and euwen complained that he was too tired to walk and wanted to sit down..

We were late for her birthday celebration by the time we reached there.. It was well, unfamiliar for me.. But I just blended in anyway, kept myself occupied with the big screen in front of me showing World Cup.. Jill and Chin Ping left early, they had their own plans.. While left me and euwen there.. At least, euwen has his friends there; david kok and david teh..

David Teh, euwen and I went to play dota at some cc nearby while waiting for midnight for to cut the bday cake.. Hahaha… But we went back just in time for the 'cutting cake ceremony'.. LoL.. Anyhow, the entire night was just like that… All of us slept at kean fatt's place after dropping of david teh at Sri Hartamas..

On our final day in KL, we err.. Woke up quite late.. Went to Giant to shop a bit and to eat our lunch before heading to pudu for our bus ride home..

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