Sunday, June 25, 2006

3rd and Final Day of Touring around Northern Malaysia

It was a rather short day though… By the time I'm up and ready, it's already noon… The girls' side just woke up themselves but the guys already had breakfast and all… They had to fetch ronie back to the bus station and kuan jan to his dad's. Had lunch back at Kong Heng again cause yong ren wanted to eat the kai si hor fun again… Then, it was to Little Genting for a quick cup of coffee before everyone departed back to their respective hometown… Short day eh?

At night, I was out with yee weng to play DoTa with Lit Ting, Chen Chu, Jerry and Wei Wah... But the cybercafe was quite deserted... Desperately, we grabbed seats in Inferno and had a 3v3 game... Since it's a 3v3, we played -sh (same hero) mode... haha... was quite funny though. The first game, all of us were KoTL.. and the second game, all of us got Lich...

I think after today, it's back to a lazy life in Ipoh... Sleep and eat most of the time...


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