Sunday, June 25, 2006

3rd and Final Day of Touring around Northern Malaysia

It was a rather short day though… By the time I'm up and ready, it's already noon… The girls' side just woke up themselves but the guys already had breakfast and all… They had to fetch ronie back to the bus station and kuan jan to his dad's. Had lunch back at Kong Heng again cause yong ren wanted to eat the kai si hor fun again… Then, it was to Little Genting for a quick cup of coffee before everyone departed back to their respective hometown… Short day eh?

At night, I was out with yee weng to play DoTa with Lit Ting, Chen Chu, Jerry and Wei Wah... But the cybercafe was quite deserted... Desperately, we grabbed seats in Inferno and had a 3v3 game... Since it's a 3v3, we played -sh (same hero) mode... haha... was quite funny though. The first game, all of us were KoTL.. and the second game, all of us got Lich...

I think after today, it's back to a lazy life in Ipoh... Sleep and eat most of the time...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

2nd day of Ipoh Visit

The crazy eaters wanted to go for dim sum at 730am.. Well, 4 of them (wei zhen's side) managed to wake up early for dim sum at tht time.. Followed by the other 3 (kian hwat's side) later at 8 smtg.. And I, reached around 10 min after them.. By the time I reached Foh San, they were about to finish eating.. The entire dim sum costs them RM102.. Divided by 7 ppl of course (excluding myself).. After that, we went to Nam Heong Coffee Shop for white coffee and for my breakfast.. Soon after that, we decided to visit our schools, namely, St Michael and Sam Tet.. I took them for a tour in SMI, I guess they were impressed with the beauty of the architecture of my school… and that was the first time I went into the new toilet.. (finally).. Haha.. Took them almost around the entire school.. (except for the locked places).. Primary school's building this St. Paul Block or smtg like that at the back field.. Now I wonder where all our troop camps will be held next time.. There goes another field that used to be our playing ground..

After visiting SMI, we went for a short tour in Sam Tet.. Too bad lai fai wasn't around.. Otherwise, he could bring us to ACS as well.. Haha.. Only went to Sam tet's library and the outskirts of it.. Then all of them decided to go back to rest before proceeding to the waterfall..

Unfortunately for them, it's the raining season and it's been raining since last night till today.. It rained the whole afternoon.. But anyway, we had lunch at pasir pinji @ tai shue kiok (foot of a big tree).. The place there is famous for the fried things… But since I already ate at home, I didn't really eat much there… After that, we went to Koh Heng, and then to the shop opposite koh heng for fried ice cream and curry puff… Eng sue they all had to fetch pei ing to the bus station cause her bus was at 3pm..

After eating and all, we decided to go to a cave; Perak Cave at KK Road.. I can't remember the last time I was there.. In fact, initially, I thought it was my first time there.. But the place looked familiar anyhow.. We climbed the cave, up to the hill, and onwards to the highest point of the hill… The route was quite steep.. Very steep actually.. One small part of it can actually compete with the route back in Kledang Hill… hahah.. All of us climbed till we had sweat all over… and foo wei zhen, as usual… looked like he just took a bath.. Once we were back down to where we parked our cars, we feasted on coconut water… haha… what a nice time to drink coconut water… Eng Sue drove the few of us to kmpg tawas, where her grandma stayed and we bought the coconut water opposite her grandma's house for only RM1… It was not bad though… refreshing… I guess after that, it's half day… We went back to our home for a quick rest and a bath before going on to Menglembu for dinner…

Went to pick eng sue up at her brother's place at first garden at 8pm.. And this time, I'll be like the rest of the non-ipohians… That is, I'm very new to the place there now.. We went to 'wai sek kai' (greedy street) in Menglembu.. I think it's my first time there too… haha… we had this very nice honey chicken and the not very nice wan tan mee… After that, we went to the Menglembu pasar malam… It's quite small actually… We managed to cover the whole pasar malam in about 10-15min… Then I abit paiseh… cause don't really know the roads there… then eng sue had to guide me around… lol…

Our next stop will be back at the 'tong sui kai' behind Sam Tet school.. Had that sago thingy… It was then about time for the Germany vs Sweden match and all of them wanted to watch it… Unfortunately, we couldn't find any place to sit at the Man U Restaurant nearby… In the end, we decided to go to the MP Steamboat place at Greentown… The match was, well… quite nice to watch… haha… Germany's a very good team and it's more or less a one-sided match… After the game, we joined Eng Sue and her sam tet friends in greentown where they went there earlier to watch the game there… Was only there for a few minutes or so before all of them decided to end the day… However, I was quite hungry at tht time and since I had to fetch the girls back, I decided to eat Ramly Burger where they had to accompany me… lol… That's it. Fetched them back to first garden and by the time I'm back home, it's already 2 smtg… There goes another day…


Friday, June 23, 2006

Trip to Penang

After a two-day rest in Ipoh, it's time to venture out to penang for an eating-spree! We took a morning bus from Ipoh on Wednesday and reached butterworth in less than 2 hours where pei yin picked us up back to her house. We had chicken rice for lunch and to another place for cendol and ice kacang before picking up kuan jan and the rest from the bus station. But almost the entire time, we were at pei yin's house. And that was where I finished my OG identity. Haha… I bought the strings and beads the day before and brought it to penang to complete it. Hehe..

Anyway, we basically just ate and ate the entire day.. I think we had 7 meals altogether from lunch till we call it a day off… Half of us slept at yong ren's house, the girls' at ying sin's house while ronie and kj slept at hon yoong's house..

The next morning, we departed to Penang Island where we met up with the year 2 seniors… There were 16 of and and 11 of them.. Haha.. And we combined together… lol.. But eventually, the 7 of them (excluding me, ck and the girls) parted on their own way, wanting to go on their own cause they just wanted to eat and eat.. While the rest of us, with the seniors went by ourselves for a bit of walking, sight seeing and to eat of course.. We ate curry mee at one place, some fried stuff (fried banana, fried yam, fried lin kou), had the penang chee cheong fun where they used rojak together with peanut paste as their sauce, tau fu fah, soya bean before we went to prangi mall for a bit of a walk… I bought my remaining 4 voodoo dolls there that costed RM15.. Then, we had our dinner at Gurney Drive and headed off the Batu Ferringhi for a walk at the night market there..

So, that was it.. Another day… the walk was quite long actually.. Walked quite far away.. And the drivers had to take cab back to their car to pick us up from where we left off.. Lol.. Ooh, while waiting for them, ys and I went to this very nice hotel to see the surroundings for a bit.. It was spectacular inside… too bad couldn't spend a longer time inside there, cause the drivers already arrived not long after…

One day in BM, one day in Penang, and that was it.. Next stop: Ipoh! But still had our breakfast in BM, went to St Anne's Church for a quick visit before headed off to Ipoh in the afternoon… We reached Ipoh at about 6pm.. Hon Yoong drove to ipoh while the rest followed bus.. We had our dinner at Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken, then a light snack at Gomes Square where I brought Chin Ping there to meet up with them… After that, I separated with them for a while where I went to Side Walk Ice Cream Parlour with cp, jill, anand and yee hui before joining them back at Fook Sing.. They were at Old Town Kopitiam behind jusco for the toast bread and all.. Oh, It was there where phooi wan and gang came to join us… We took a quick walk in Imax and Inferno before heading off to "tong sui kai" behind sam tet to eat dunno what sagu… Unfortunately for us, the store was closed and it was raining at tht time.. So, the places to go are quite limited by then (not like Ipoh has a lot of places to go anyway).. We called it a day after that.. It was quite early at tht time though.. Not even midnight yet.. Haha.. But they planned to go to Foh San the next morning at 730.. Crazy ppl…


Sunday, June 18, 2006

KL/Genting Trip

After my intersem examination (in which I left early), I hurriedly to finish packing my room; emptying my side of the room.. Took me quite a while to finish packing everything.. Have to move from my floor to may yann's floor to put my things in her room.. But anyway, was kinda in a rush cause laifai wanted to reach early to KL.. So did I.. We left NTU at about 230-300 and took a cab to woodlands.. Our journey to Larkin wasn't very long. It was quite a smooth ride..

I reached KL at about late 8 something.. In the car was euwen, navigated by Kean Fatt while Jill and Chin Ping were already at the back seat.. We took a snack (or our dinner) somewhere nearby.. Jln Chow Kit or smtg like that… We stayed over at Kean Fatts' since Euwen's place couldn't fit that much of ppl…

The next morning, we had our breakfast, went to UTAR for a quick visit and then drove off to genting at reached there at about 12-1 smtg.. We stayed at First World Hotel.. 4 of us shared.. Kean fatt didn't stay with us though.. Apparently, he wanted to go back to Setapak to watch World Cup.. Oh well, anyway, we proceeded to the theme park… Spent a few hours there before it started raining.. We grabbed our so called lunch while it rained at Burger King.. After 'lunch', euwen wanted to rest, kean fatt left, while the girls wanted to play more.. Haha.. Well, I accompanied euwen back to the room and we slept throughout the whole evening… The girls?, well, they played in the indoor theme park and once it stopped raining, they continued to play at the outdoor theme park.. I only joined them at 7 smtg, after I woke up. I left euwen in the room, didn't want to disturb him cause I think he was too tired driving and entertained us and all.. Euwen only joined us for dinner, at almost 9 actually..

Oh, and I bumped into soo fan, andy and leler.. What a coincidence eh? They stayed for 2 nights, and kah weng was to join them the day after.. By the time we had our dinner and all, we walked abit before headed back to our room to rest.. It was quite late already at that time.. Almost midnight.. Euwen and I then walked outside, wanted to enjoy the cold weather, the icy breeze and all.. The girls were too tired, after playing the whole day..

Anyway, there goes euwen and I, strolling around genting… walking aimlessly and all… We were supposed to make it a quick walk cause we wanted to watch "Shutter".. But unfortunately, when we came back.. They were abit tired and wanted to sleep.. Haha.. Then euwen and I went to starbucks, with my lappie to online… We just MSNed there before heading back for a night's sleep at 3 am..

Next day, I had to deliberately wake myself and euwen up for our 'free' breakfast buffet at 830.. The breakfast was.. ermm.. Quite awful.. It wasn't really nice.. But oh well, what the heck.. It was breakfast anyway.. We didn’t finish our food though. Haaha… and I made a smiley on the plate made of noodles, sausages, eggs and ham.. =) We headed back to dreamland after our breakfast and only woke up when it was about time to check out… We drove back down to kl not long after for our lunch.. After resting for a while back at kean fatt's place (I went to euwen's), we headed off to One Utama for shopping after dropping kean fatt off at Puchong.. Our beloved driver, mr ong euwen.. Had to attempt 3 times before reaching our destination after countless U-turns.. Anyway, we split up into 2 grps.. Euwen and I, then jill and cp.. The girls had to shop for yee lyn's present while we, the guys… just walked aimlessly… We grabbed a bit of food, 'steal' food from the girl handing our free samples and euwen complained that he was too tired to walk and wanted to sit down..

We were late for her birthday celebration by the time we reached there.. It was well, unfamiliar for me.. But I just blended in anyway, kept myself occupied with the big screen in front of me showing World Cup.. Jill and Chin Ping left early, they had their own plans.. While left me and euwen there.. At least, euwen has his friends there; david kok and david teh..

David Teh, euwen and I went to play dota at some cc nearby while waiting for midnight for to cut the bday cake.. Hahaha… But we went back just in time for the 'cutting cake ceremony'.. LoL.. Anyhow, the entire night was just like that… All of us slept at kean fatt's place after dropping of david teh at Sri Hartamas..

On our final day in KL, we err.. Woke up quite late.. Went to Giant to shop a bit and to eat our lunch before heading to pudu for our bus ride home..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Strange things guys do in the bathroom

Something I found over the Internet. Think it's quite true though... haha..

1. The urinal buffer zone - Guys will often stand one urinal away from the next guy when going in a public bathroom. Is it because we are scared we may look over at another guy's johnson or do we not want to get the urine of others splashed all over our pants? Nobody knows.

2. The race - Sometimes I will flush the toilet right as I start to pee. I try to race the toilet to see if I can finish peeing before the water completely flushes.

3. The porcelain mute - While peeing, if you aim for the porcelain inside the toilet instead of the water, it makes a lot less noise. Does everyone do this or am I just weird?

4. The soap puck - When peeing in a urinal that has one of those pink soap bars at the bottom, it is fun to pee on the edge of it to make it move. I don't know why.

5. The little kids ass - Usually little kids don't know how to use the zipper or the little hole through underwear, so they'll pull their pants all the way down to their ankles when using a urinal. So often times, you'll walk into the bathroom and get an eye full of some little kid's ass.

6. Watering the plants - When peeing outside near a plant, I don't usually pee just around the plant or at the base of it. For some reason I feel a strange urge to cover the entire plant in urine... no idea why.

7. The melt - When peeing in a urinal that has ice in it, it is (for some reason) fun to see how much ice you can melt before you're finished. (Why is the ice there, I have no idea.)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wrong time zone...

*sigh*.. not able to sleep... actually, feel kinda tired.. but not sleepy.. damn, my night has turn into day and day into night... Think it's all because of 'the night before', i slept at 6am.. lol... had bbq on sat night.. and stayed awake in hy's room till early in the morning with a whole big bunch of ppl... (imagine 12 ppl sleeping/sitting on 2 single beds) To make things worse, i woke up in the afternoon, ate lunch.. and slept back.. till dinner time... lol

I guess sundays are not really productive... and it's gonna be a start of a new week... exams nearing... (but doesn't feel like it at all).. Things to do are running out... hmm..must really find some productive stuffs to do.. like er... maybe ... reading some books? lol..wish i was back homet though... can celebrate bday with loopy and jin ann... But i think things are quite different back home.. And here in sg, things aren't really that swell.. Sometimes, I don't know where do i really belong to... *grins*