Monday, May 08, 2006

Steamboat cum Midnight Movie

After lingering in the room for the whole day, and played comp game the whole afternoon *grins*, eng sue called to go steamboat in bugis...
So, there we were, the 4 of us; eng sue, yenlu, pei ing and I.. Think ying sin went dinner with her sis and stayed over at her sis's place.. That place is supposedly famous for their spicy sauce steamboat..Ate happily there... though it's just 3 girls and a guy... and we only had 3 rounds.. and all of us were stuffed... lol... but each round really had lots of things.. lol... (3rd round was just desserts though). It costs $19.50.. not too bad though... the food i mean...
Then, just when we thought we'll call it a day.. Suddenly we decided to watch 'Shutter", the thailand ghost movie..The 3 of us (me, eng sue and yenlu) watched it in my room since bj stayed over at her sis's place... Wanted to call weizhen, but he ask us to go to their hall tv lounge to watch... then we didn't want to.. soemhow, dind't call the rest of the hall 3 ppl.. So, there we were.. with the speakers on full blast and the room near to total darkness, the 2 girls sitting on the bed and i sat on the chair.. (how unfair.. they get to be in such a comfortable position..)
Anyway, when the show screened for less than 5 min.. eng sue decided not to watch and slept on the bed... (scardy catt... but she watched it b4 lar)... then yenlu.. haha.. she watched the whole show with the pillow half covering her face... And with that, we survived that almost 2 hours of show.. Talked a bit after the show to 'remove' ghostly thoughts and called it a day... (and i had to wake up early to work the next morning).. Ironically, the hall 3 ppl watched shutter also.. at 3smtg.. haha.. think weizhen suggested it.. Can imagine all of them screaming.. haha..

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