Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sleepless night..

When I said "holidays are much more tiring and cash outflow is like water down the drain" in my msn nick... i really do mean it... The night before was already bad.. (Friday night I mean).. THen on Saturday... woww.. that's worse... Morning towards evening was still okay.. I guess holiday plans are more likely to be applied at night... The plan for the evening was supposed to be Chocolate Buffet in Fullerton Hotel.. At first, there were supposed to be only 3 of us who wanted to go (me, eng sue and yen lu) but somehow, it managed to end up with 14 ppl altogether that night. So, all of us dressed up nicely for the buffet since it's held in quite a high class hotel. Bumped into Carmen at the bus stop and ended up going to the hotel with soo fan & jerry and andy & leler.. We went in, looking for the place... After we've found the Courtyard (where the buffet is supposed to be held), the lady in charge asked us "Did you all make any reservations?" and I was like "No." and she asked "and you are Mister..?" (while looking down at the reservation list). I said "I didn't make any reservations." And she responeded with "I'm sorry, you have to make reservations for this buffet".. @#!%~$?? They should have at least state it in the website..
There we were, 6 of us.. tired and hungry looking for food around Esplanade area.. Had to call the rest of the 8 ppl to cancel the buffet and have to plan to meet up with them. After what seems like hours, we decided to go to Clark Quay for dinner instead.. Walked all the way there from Fullerton through Boat Quay.. Met up with them in CQ, and ended up eating in a place called "Hot Stones".. I think that was one of the most regrettable decisions in our lives.. (From the fact that we're merely just students).. I ate Mixed Grill which costs almost $30, and a Long Island Tea that costs $14.. after tax and everything.. it totalled up to $51.15... Think that's one of the most expensive meal i ever had (if not the most)... But i guess it's just once in a 'year' thing... haha.. At least, i tried eating my dinner steak, frying myself from a hot stone and eat it right up from there... And the alcohol was good...
Oh well, after that, the rest of the 13 ppl went back to hall, and I decided to meet up with eng sue they all... (9 of them).. The 13 didn't want to follow cause they didn't want to spend more money that night cause eng sue they all will be drinking in CQ as well.. But anyway, guess I shouldn't be too troubled over the cost of the meal. There's ppl whose worse than me.. Eng sue left her clothes that she newly bought in Fullerton HOtel and lost it (which costs more than $50) and she also lost her telephone card ($18 i think).. Should pity her.. Anyway, back to the main story... We settled down at a place called Merrakesh (some Moroccan bar & lounge) place.. And of course, i dind't order anything... Only shared for the shisha.. Guess during that period, it was quite fun.. Chatting with them and all...
We went back hall at 1 plus but the night didn't just end there.. Almost all of us (part of the eng sue group and another part of kuan jan they all) gathered in Chit Eng's air-conditioned room.. Spent the night there chit-chatting, while watching movies, cooked maggi mee, and played cards.. Towards later of the night, only a few of us left; chit eng, ah bee, kj, ys, laifai,pei ing, eng sue, yenlu, louis and myself. Then came the 'sharing' talk.. haha... The girls became the main target as usual.. After a few hours of talk and me falling asleep, we called it a day at 7 plus in the morning.. Is holidays fun or wat? *sigh*

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