Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday was first day of work.. and Tuesday was the last day of work.. hahaha... nothing much happened though.. The only thing that was extraordinary was when it was lunch time, I decided to roam around since i had one hour to spare...I walked and walked, then settled down at "Lucky Lucky Restaurant" for lunch.. reminds me of ipoh.... those coffee houses.. ate fried rice and kopi O ice.. the coffee was good.. freshly brewed.. and the fried rice not too bad... really reminds me of home..After lunch, decided to roam more..Walked a bit more.. and then i saw "people's park centre".. wow, i walked all the way to chinatown from raffles...haha..

Work wasn't too bad though, cause was really occupied... as long as there's something for me to do, i'm happy dee.. ahhaha.. Managed to finish up everything and there goes my 2 days of work... By the time i want to go back, it was raining heavily outside,.. thankfully i brought my windbreaker along in my bag...

Attended MSA Meeting at 830pm.. didn't really rest at all.. Came back at 730, straight had dinner at Can 16, bumped into my sis... went back room, bathed, help sis install her webcam and went for meeting.. Meeting was surprisingly fast... Not even one and a half hours.. Went for supper after that in Ah Fang..only the juniors though... Haha.. what a short day... Hve to attend class tmr morning.. *sigh*

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