Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last final hours..

After a veeerrryy draggy exam period, it's finally coming to an end.. Well, actually, most of my friends have finished their papers already. Some are already back home, enjoying their hols.. But for me, there's still another one and a half hours left of studying before my 1st year of uni ends.. AFter that, it's FREEDOM!!
But come to think of it, i really don't know what to do after exams are over.. Usually, when I wake up, i'll know that "It's time to go to the library, and then breakfast" or "Shit! I overslept! Maybe I'll just join them for lunch and study after that". But i guess during normal holiday season, my lfiestyle will end up to be very unhealthy..sleeping late in the middle of the night.. (or some nightless sleep) and wake up near afternoon or maybe after lunch.. haha..
Wonder what would happen for this coming holidays..I sure am looking forward to it... =)

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