Saturday, May 06, 2006

The last day of examinations...

Well well, what do u know... Holidays are here again!! *woot* Had a paper on friday morning at 930am.. until 12pm.. FREEDOM~!!
What's planned ahead?? For a start, had lunch at can 14, where I saw eng sue's friend, yen lu, for the first time since she came yesterday... After that, thought of having a good afternoon's nap but ended up playing some Xmen Legend 2 (some RPG game) until dinner.. ahah.. Totally lost track of time...Almost forgot bout the outing at night..
Night outing was quite erm.. fun i guess..Met up with ppl at JP, had dinner in Clementi where there was me, lai fai, louis, ngai seng, ying sin, xin fern and pei ing.. But the main plan for the night is clubbing @ Zouk.. Went there for the first time with MRT and bus... haha.. Met up with eng sue and her friend at Tiong Bahru MRT Station... Well, got lost abit after alighting from the 123 SBS Bus in front of the copthorne hotel... But after getting some directions, managed to reach there 'safely' at about 1045..
Zouk was almost deserted when we first went in.. It was so dead.. We ended up talking at the drinking table.. But as soon as it was about after midnight, the crowd start coming in... By around 1am, you can hardly move around in there...
Later, more NTU ppl came; namely wei zhen, hy, ei lene, zhi shan, rui yang, weng kit, andy, leler, xian ching,ming wei, soo fan and jerry... It was like some NTU field trip... Overall, it was quite enjoyable.. stayed till 4 plus... Don't know how I'm going to survive tmr... Have to wake up early to attend a meeting at 9am... *sigh*

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