Sunday, May 28, 2006

East Coast Park: Revisited

Another term break, another visit to East Coast Park.. The last time i went was just about half a year ago.. Still quite remember the details of what I did at that time... It was quite memorable/fun.. Well, for this trip, it's another idea of fun... Firstly, it involves a much larger group of ppl; 17 of us if i'm not mistaken.. Secondly, it's technically more organised (prolly because there's more ppl).. It didn't start off that well, cause they had to wait for a late comer whose supposed to be there at 9am but was almost an hour late (actually just 45 min), namely me~! =) haha.. I was just 5 min later than the rest of the hall 3 ppl.. but the bus just somehow delayed for quite some time (almost another 15 min of waiting) before arriving at Hall 13's bus stop.. But at least, this time.. we more or less had an idea on how to travel to ECP.. Just had to rely on my memory and my 'reliable' sense of direction.. haha.. (hey! it's actually quite good. I didn't bring them on any wild goose chase)

Followed back the same old route that i've taken b4... Stopped at paya lebar, take a 135 SBS bus to Parkway Parade, took the Underpass behind NTUC and voila! We're there..! By the time we got there, it's only 11 plus am.. But weird though, the first thing that came to their mind was "beach!, water!", And so, within a few minutes, everyone was in the water.. sabotaging each other and stuff.. Oh, this time, they had a prop to entertain them in the ocean; a football.. Basically, we just loitered around,until we started a game of monkey... Stayed there till 1 plus before we decided to have our packed-DIY-tuna-sandwhich for lunch... We had 10 cans of tuna, 4 loaves of those "jumbo size" bread, ruffles, lays & various tid bits.. and as usual, those bunch of ppl took some pics along the way... Burying weizhen in the sand, posing next to the coconut tree..u know.. weird things that ppl would do.. haha..

Anyway, after they're all satisfied.. we moved on to our next activity... Originally, our plan was either bicycle or roller blading and then canoeing.. So, we went to a rental shop... They said we're too 'wet' to play them... and the buy 1 hour free 1 hour is not applicable on weekends and public holidays..So, it's just $6 per hour... and most of us don't know how to roller blade... haha... What's worse? weather was getting very nice (cloudy & windy).. and we were afraid that it'll rain soon.. Therefore, there was this moment of dilemma either to skate or canoe first.. After much 'discussion' with them... finally decided to go canoeing first.. And the walk to the rental place was like FOREVER! It's like from jetty to another jetty... And everyone was walking so slowllyy.. that it really seems like forever... To make matters worse, they took photographs on the way, kicked/passed the football the whole trip.. Fortunately for us, we had ample of time and can afford to waste that kind of time.. Since after all, our main purpose was to relax and enjoy ourselves.. But the thought of "Oh shit, it's gonna rain soon" kinda made me had the urge to reach there faster.

On the way, we passed through this 'wakeboarding lake' right before the canoe renting place.. Must make a mental note to try that out the next time I'm there.. Seems kinda fun.. And the surroundings seemed to be quite promising. Finally, reached our destination and we rented one double boat (cause there's only one left) and 12 single boats. It was real relaxing albeit rather tiring. It's odd that not many ppl kayak cause the weather was so cloudy and windy.. Well, very fortunately for us, it didn't rain at all.. Guess God was looking after us the entire time.. Breeze was great,the sun was just right..We kayak-ed around, bumping into each other's boat, racing each other, sleeping/taking a nap and attaching each others boat together to chat.. It was rather enjoyable despite mild sea sick due to the increase of the wave's frequency and amplitude.. After an hour or so, we rowed our way back to the beach and all of them called it a day (as far as beach events are concerned).. They were too tired for skating and cycling.. haha... Then again, everyone was quite hungry and it wasn't early anymore.. Almost near to 5pm.. We took a short tea-break and helped ourselves with what was left over from lunch; tuna, bread and crackers. Then, while the rest was cleaning up and bathed, me, pei yin, yingsin, hui chian, pei ing and louis ate coconut~! The coconut was HUGE, and it costs $2.. Most of them shared.. But pei yin and I had a whole coconut each for ourselves.. haha..

After that, it's time to plan for dinner. Initially, they wanted to try out the Hawaian BBQ Buffet that I had the previous time, but was afraid that the promotion was not available. So, they came up with a backup plan of going to Bugis for Steamboat. Anyway, we walked all the way back from where we came from, found the place, but just as feared, the promotion wasn't available on tht day. It's only available on Friday and Sunday nights and supposedly must make reservations.

Slightly dissapointed, we searched for the nearest bus stop (which was not very near) and took a bus that would reach City Hall MRT Station. On the way, we passed by Katong and there were lots of food stall around.. With a quick thought, ying sin, chiew hsiung, me, laifai, louis and chee kheng decided to eat there while the rest continued to bugis for steamboat. Our abrupt decision was not bad at all actually.. We ate at a chinese restaurant, ordered dishes.. and the food there was actually quite nice.. not bad at all.. the taste is almost like those u can find in Ipoh.. But the price is quite expensive though.. For a deer meat, taufu with prawns (this is simply delicious!) and vege costs 51bucks.. luckily it's divisible by 6.. haha.. And we had char siew polo bun while waiting for the dishes to come in the restaurant.. the bun was simply splendid and delectable.. After "dinner", we walked around Katong, and managed to taste on the famous Katong Laksa and Katong Rojak.. and the 2 places that we went to, all speaks cantonese.. haha..

After the laksa and rojak, we were really stuffed.. decided to call it a day.. But we took quite a long way home though... Took a bus tht drops us in Lavendar, and then train all the way back to Boon Lay... Was indeed a tiring day.. was out the entire day actually.. Guess the saying "early to bed, early to rise" applies for tonight..


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weizhen said...

hey , after steamboat at Bugis, we went to yong ren's room to watch ghost movie ler...
waahaha...until 3 something...
u miss tht part...wahaaha...