Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back to Ipoh

Didn't know the time back in Ipoh this time to be quite hectic.. For the 4 days that I'm back, only 2 days I was in ipoh, 1 day in cameron, and another day in KL..Went back on 11th night.. Purpose I went home was 1. to celebrate mother's day and 2. to witness the birth of rosemary's baby.. At first, the birth of the baby was just a false alarm... But i decided to go home anyway.. Friday was a more peaceful and predictable day.. Went to play dota with those ppl in the evening... and at night, went out yumcha with euwen, ian and pinkie at the Old Town Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden East.. Met up with sinnyi there as well.. The new kopitiam place was not bad at all.. The food/drinks are quite good and affordable too.. (very cheap if compared to singapore pricing.. lol) But anyway, my brother and her gf came back on friday, since Grace and I were back and wanted to celebrate mother's day together...

Therefore, since they were back... we decided to go to Cameron's for somesort of a family trip the next day... My mom couldn't go though cause she still have to teach tuition classes... We spent half the day there, visiting farms, had tea at Ye Olde Smoke House, bought strawberries and flowers and a road trip around Cameron's.. It was quite enjoyable though, bro's gf was very cheerful and playful, almost as though she was another sibling of ours.... But alas, we had to rush home for church.. and a mother's day dinner at ISC after that... It was Grace and I who treated them... About time it's our turn to treat our mom for mother's day..Oh, and it was at that day, that rosemary called us to inform us that she had to finally deliver the baby on that day itself at night... So, while we were watching the FA Cup Finals, Rosemary's baby, Marielle, was conceived... approx 10.xxpm... How delightful!

On Sunday, we made a trip to KL to give moral support for my sis and also to see the baby.. I had to rush for a haircut cause i intended to go back straight to singapore from KL.. But anyways, the entire Sunday was devoted for Rosemary.. visiting her at the hospital.. And my mom prepared lots of food for her. Stayed over at my brother's new place.. Slept on an air bed for the night.. haha.. It was then I had to decide whether I should stay in KL and return to singapore on monday night, or to return to Ipoh.. Cause the problem is, if i stayed in KL, everyone else would be working and i'll be spending my time doing nothing there as well... Therefore, decided to go back Ipoh, and at least, get to spend more time with family, friends and my bed... Was supposed to return on Monday night, but couldn't get the same tickets as weizhen and ngai seng cause they're going back via 2nd link and there wasn't any more tickets through that route. So, decided to return on Tuesday morning; can save cost on transportation money as well..

Monday. Left KL in the morning and reached ipoh by lunch hour... Had to visit doctor on that day for my skin's 'hon pan'.. Spent the afternoon/evening with my bed.. haha... Was a long time since i last do that... Went to CGMC to play sports during the late evening... And went out again with euwen, ian and jill at night... This time, to Old Town Kopitiam opposite my school.. haha.. That night was quite humilifying though.. At first, we planned to sing k at night wan.. with jill and maybe phooi wan.. But it didnt turn out that way cause phooi wan was busy... Then somehow, that euwen and jill, go tell her that i wanted to see her desperately like that.... Then in the end, we met them in kopitiam.. she was with her gang, where they just sent off weizhen and ngaiseng back to sg... lol.. oh well, but overall.. it was quite fun.. although it's just 4 days.. seems like quite long.. The moment i reached singapore on tuesday night, the hall 3 ppl have satay celup for dinner.. lol..

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JV said...

Hey, I was in Kopitiam opposite the school on Monday night lar... Wrong timing ar? hehe... So that's where you guys were headed... I could've met you guys, you know... ;)