Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1 litre of tears

Spent the past few days watching this Dorama, 1 litre of tears.. and the days before, playing age of empires 3... Things that I do when there's nothing to do... Anyway, this show is  another one of those that makes u cry.. It's not the sad kind of cry, more like touching kind of cry... It's based on a true story where a 15 y/o girl called Aya Ikeuchi has an incurable disease known as "spinocerebellar degeneration disease" and will eventually won't be able to walk, talk, write or even swallow properly.. Everyday, she writes her life in her diary called "1 litre of tears" until she is not able to hold a pen anymore and the story is based on this diary...
This story shows us how lucky we are when we are able to run under the sun, walk and talk freely without any limitations... and that "just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing".. I guess humans are strange. They only appreciate things that they have once it's being taken away from them. But the difference in this story is that, she accepts what is happening to her and makes the best use of what she still have. An amazing story with just a 11 episode series.. So, it's not too burdening trying to finish watching the whole story.. lol

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JV said...

I'm grateful for being alive... =)