Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's the exams again.!! well, nothing surprising actually.. uni's all about examinations, CAs, Quizzes, Presentations.. what else? ooh.. other than chui sui, supper, err.. celebrating ppl's bday... i guess 4 years will pass by very fast.. look at grace, today's her final paper, as in FINAL FINAL.. no more exams for her anymore.. no more studying and or anything that's related to education.. Oh well, for me, that's still another 3 years plus ahead.. But for now, it's all about mugging and mugging.. Right now, i'm in the library.. well, kinda got tired and bored of studying.. (who doesn't?) and i'm gonna have maths test tmr... haha.. I guess everyone's busy studying while i'm sitting right here, in front of the lcd screen of A4106.. doing well, nothing.. Still don't know why, but I'm still not feeling any stress at all for this sem's test.. (neither did i remember stressing for the previous sem) Don't know whether it's a good thing anot.. No self-motivation to study.. lol.. just rely on peer-influence around me to study... Getting labelled as a negative externality by my friends cause I usually do things that are "study-unrelated" like asking ppl when's time to eat, or when are we going back, etc. hmm.. Must change abit... *grins*



JV said...

Why change if everything's fine? Lack of pressure and stress ain't bad, you know... ;)

JV said...

I share your lack of pressure... It's like exams is not as important as everyone else puts it... It's just another hurdle in life... Not a matter of life and death... =p
However, the offer of holidays after the exam is motivation enough for me... =) Will it work for you?