Friday, March 24, 2006

Zhang Sau Han (Angela Zhang) Concert @ NTU

Another week is coming to an end. Usually, my 'working' week ends on Thursday, as I do not have any classes on friday. However, for this week, it's an exception.. I've skipped lectures on wednesday (to collect angela zhang's concert tickets) and on Thursday (thanks to hon yoong's influence); Therefore, this week's Friday has 2 additional lectures that i have to attend as a make up.. But come to think of it, it might be a good thing after all. Cause my normal Fridays', I'll wake up at 12.30, have lunch.., and it's either i'll continue sleeping or i'll just watch a movie on my comp. haha.. (I'm such a slacker)

I wasn't very productive today though. I have this throbbing pain on my head.. and i'm blaming it on my pimple on my forehead.. haha.. but it could be due to lack of sleep.. lol.. So, didn't really get to study much or whatsoever that concerns studying.

Anyway, the main event for today is Angela Zhang's Concert. In case you don't know who she is, she's a taiwanese singer as well as an actress.. The concert's supposed to start at 7pm with a scheduled admission at 630pm.. And guess what? People started to line up at 430!! (right after my 2nd lecture in MLT).. The kiasuness of ppl.. haha.. I went back hall with hon yoong and CK though.. checked my ECA Record (I have 107.3 points.. whahaha) and took a short rest, hoping that my headache will subside.. Reached Canteen B at 6pm for dinner, but ying sin they all have already taken their dinner and were already lining up for the concert... =/ The three of us rushed through our meal, and ended up in a queue where we were given numbers; I'm number 408, Yingsin they all were 356.. And there were 2 queues, each on one side of the entrance into MLT.

The concert was quite satisfactory, she's really undoubtfully good.. Got a powerful voice, although she's quite petite. Apparently, she's only 155cm and weighs 38 kg. Her look's not too bad... haha.. Oh, then laifai they all got interviewed by Malaysia's 98.8FM. All of us took a pic with the VJ by the end of the day. Not too bad eh? Later after that, all of us went to hall 3 to have our 'feast'; food from Ipoh, brought back by eng sue. There's sak keh mah, heong peng, kacang tumbuk, dodoi, chicken biscuits, etc. Then, hon yoong supplied us with 100 plus.. I ate quite a lot of it, hopefully my body won't get too heaty from it.. hehe... And what's worse, Buddhist Society is having this Exam Supper in Canteen A where they're serving Sushis! Ying sin and I went there.. Haha.. The sushi's seriously not too bad at all.. It's all "home-cooked" and it's quite delicious.. (Probably due to the fact that i like seaweed) Bumped into my sis there, whose having her group discussion. After my 2nd supper, I was quite 'dead' already... Next thing on my mind was a hot shower, and a good night's sleep...


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