Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 in 1 Birthday Celebration

It's not everyday you get to see 4 people blowing candles on a birthday cake at the same time.. haha.. And today, it's a brithday celebration for Ronie and Chee Kheng, Ying sin and Hui Chian! "rented" the bbq pit in my hall; that's our agenda for the evening.. "BBQ!" The stuffs that we have bought from yesterday, the chicken wings that were marinated the night before.. will end up in our stomachs.. haha.. It started around 7 plus.. with a bit of technical problem.. cause the pad lock on the bbq pit was rusted and could not be opened... even the key broke into 2.. ended up using brutal force to break the lock... haha..
But anyway, the bbq was fun.. There was quite alot of food.. They 'bought' bihun from Hall 16, got potatoes, sausages, fish balls, nuggets, luncheon meat and of course, chicken wings.. Think there were around 20-30 ppl there.. Didn't manage to call EVERYBODY, otherwise, it'll be overcrowded..

Everything turned out well, with some 'scandals' going round... like hon yoong and eng sue both dissapeared for hours making 'red bean soup' and chiew hsiung caught them red handedd by taking a pic with both of them sleeping on the bed... haha..

Lasted till around 1230.. Still have classes tmr.. though it seemed like it's the weekends already.. haha


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