Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Visit To NUS & IG CS

Stayed overnight at yee weng's place the night before . Well, was there supposedly to teach him some MS Access stuff lar.. But ended up playing CS till 3am in the morning, as they is the IG CS competition this morning. Well, I was 'called' to be in the reserve for CS and asked me to follow them to the cybercafe in Clementi at 8am in the morning. Well, there we were, sitting in front of 5 computers with the China 1 Team as our opponent. Me? I observed the whole match; how Malaysia got trashed by China 1 easily. Can't actually blame them. The China ppl are too good. They use pistols as if they were snipers. And of course, the rifles, wow.. They're like Godlike. One pistol clip of 24 ammos can actually do a quadruple kill.. Lol..

Oh well, went back ntu after that, had lunch, watch the IG basketball match for a while, then headed back to hall for a nap. Then, yee weng and I went to NUS for dinner. Met up with jit-verm and ian there. By the time we reached eusoff hall, it's around 715pm. Went to eat in PGP with some of their friends, melissa, shaun, bernice. Then, ferdi and yen kheng joined us in PGP. Had our dinner there, talked for quite a while… then we walked back to eusoff hall. Played cards in jit vern's room; bridge and asshole taidi.. the time I come back to hall, it's around 1130pm, and I have my lab report to rush. However, I went to watch jason and suhaimi play scrabble in the games room. Only started lab report at around 1am. Oh well, it's almost done now.. Abit of tweaking to do and the 'abstract' part. Guess tmr's gonna be another long day; IG Scrabble


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