Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day~!

Well, it's not like it's a very meaningful day for me, since i'm kind of single... but anyway, i think i kinda had fun though.. haha.. Had the normal routined schedule filled with classes from 830am till 730pm.. But in between, had a break from 330 till 600.. and NTU has this event called the "Nanyang Arts Festival".. It's where they give u free food (popcorn and cotton candies), setting up arcade games(like daytona, ice hockey, para para dance, etc) in north spine for free! Giving lots of free give-aways, stores selling stuffs,.. (most of them related to V Day), free rides, not to mention some cheap stuffs too.. Bought a file from "Lost & Found Section" for $1.. tempted to buy a small Nalgene bottle for $0.50.. but was adviced not to cause don't know what history it had b4.. But anyway, spent around 1 hour plus in the festival (more like carnival,).
Then, became a good boy and studied a while in the library before going for my lecture at 6.. Oh, and my company? there are ying sin, eng sue, lai fai, chee kheng, kuanjan, han yoong, and chsiung.. Accounting lecture was DAMN boring... the new lecturer is teaching VEeerryy Slowllyy.. haha.. i gave up on listening to him... read the lecture notes on my own.. and left at 700 after i'm done with it..
We regrouped together for dinner... and those ppl are crazy enough to actually go out of NTU for a walk! Haha.. we walked from city hall, to esplanade, to boat quay, clark quay... then took a train back to school.. (and i'm supposed to have a CA on thursday).. And what's worse? By the time i came back and settled down, there's "training" for CS... sigh... played all the way till 2am from midnight... Think i've to be a good boy tmr and study in btw classes... =/


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