Saturday, February 18, 2006

A trip to Geylang & M.O.S.

My first official day of holiday.. What did i do? Nothing... Wake up for lunch, played computer then whole day.. Never touch any books at all... Watched some CSI, chat,etc. Well, basically, it's just spending the whole day with myself in the room... Then, evening came.. They (yingsin, chsiung, kaijuan, CK, xinfern, mayyann, laifai, hanyoong and waiteng) decided to pay a visit to geylang(aka red light district).. Just for the fun of it.. Had our dinner there.. then we tried to do some experiment there; a few guys, walk alone in some lorong.. and see whether any prostitute will approach us anot.. first try: failed.. second try:partial success... (instead of some girl, some old man asked lai fai whether he wants any girl anot)... haha
After that, we proceeded to Clark Quay.. Went there, walk walk (as usual) and take pics.. We wanted to find a place to settle down and have a drink.. but too bad, there were too many of us (10ppl) and hence, couldn't find a proper sitting place..
Well, so, we thought of going back hall instead, order some pizza and play cards in someone's hall.. But suddenly, don't know whose idea was it to go to M.O.S instead.. It was around 11 that time..
Wasn't in the mood to club at tht time.. was quite reluctant lar.. plus, it's a whole lump sum of $25 for entrace fee..But what the heck, since everyone's up for it.. I can't be the party pooper.. Eventually, kind of had fun there though.. compared to last time when i was at zouk.. proibably is the company that's with u lar.. more 'compatible' and crazier.. haha... then at one section, we felt like we were clubbing in an european country.. cause the dance floor was filled with ang mohs.. and they were like making us join them in their dance and just danced together... was quite fun at tht time.. haha
But alas, most of us are too tired and left M.O.S at 4am.. Apparently, guess the night is still young... All of them don't want to take a cab back.. and wanted to wait for the train to start operating at 630am.. So, we just sat down along the riverbank and chatted...singing songs and listening to chsiung tell his stories.. haha.. Surprisingly, 630 came quite soon... And there goes another day... by the time reached back hall and settled myself down.. it's already near 8...Normally, it means that it's time to go church... But for this case, i guess it's dreamland for me...


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