Thursday, February 23, 2006


And here I thought, this one week holdays is a time for relaxation; a time for myself... doing my own stuff, sleep the whole day; basically, an escapism from the busy-ness of everyday's life.. Well, I kind of thought wrong.. Although it isn't activities and CCA stuffs, haha... I kind of burned myself out from social hanging out with friends, playing cs till late at night, going for trips..
Like for yesterday and today.. was having holidays in Malacca.. haha.. It was kind of a last minute decision though.. Was quite reluctant to go at first, but i thought, what the heck.. die mai die lor..

Well, turned out to be not so bad after all.. Yesterday, most of the day was spent on the journey to Malacca, by the time we reached there, it was already 6 smtg.. There we were, yingsin, me, han yoong, chee kheng, kuanjan, laifai.. Yingsin's friend and ronie came and picked us up for dinner.. Went to eat 'satay celup', which in fact is just another 'lok lok' but the sauce happened to be just satay sauce..
Went to pei ing's house after dinner.. We're staying over at her place,(her new house) and are supposed to celebrate her 21st birthday b4 midninght.. Anyway, we gambled there first, in a very big room specially just for us (to stay over).. Ate lots of stuff, played in between,.. my luck was quite bad... either lose, or lose double.. luckily play 10cents only.. haha..
Later, at 11 plus, we went to a playground nearby to celebrate pei ing's birthday... had 'cake fight', everyone got dirty and that was it.. The night didn't end just like that though... We moved from the bedroom to the living room.. Watched the exorcism of emily rose (actually, only me and kaijuan paid attention to the movie) while hy slept and the rest continued to gamble.. We ate alot of tid bits there.. haha.. guess her house got lots of food also.. Then by the time the movie ended, joined them in gambling.. Guess my luck's better in the morning... Won around RM10 from blackjack and in between.. The night ended at 6am..

Was awaken by ronie and the rest.. It was 830am at that time.. Some of them have already awaken and was prepared for the day's trip.. By 9am, everyone was downstairs having tai pau and coffee for breakfast... Then, we journeyed on for the day's plan; A Famosa's Waterworld.. Reached there around 10-11am.. Spent the whole day there. Played in the playground pool, the wave pool, slides, etc. But i guess we spent most of the time in the wave pool.. Ppl trying to get on top of floats, and then, there comes the ppl trying to overturn the floats.. By 4, all of us were already dead tired and decided to call it a day.. Washed up, and we went back to malacca central for lunch/dinner before heading back to singapore at 7pm.. We spent the remaining hours in tesco.. Some of us ate in kfc, some in secret recipe.. B4 we know it, we were already falling asleep in the bus.. All of us were exhausted and slept throughout the whole journey. Thought by the time I reached back hall, I would just bathe, do my laundry and call it a night... But there was CS again... haha.. just had to play... Slept only at 3..


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