Friday, February 03, 2006

Last day in Ipoh for CNY 06'..

HOw time flies here.. It's one week already. but i think i did quite alot of things in this one week.. I guess, this chinese new year was quite fun after all.. Been going around, visiting, hanging out with friends.. although i'm a bit sick...
Well, today.. wanted to make the best out of it.. So, i think i kind of did.. in a way.. I slept till quite reasonable late (one thing done, wake up late at home).. woke up at 11 plus.. Then, spent some quality time with the family over lunch.. (second thing done).. PRinted the cny pictures on the computer, let everyone see the pics..etc..
Then, after lunch... went to JJ to meet up with von and shake.. This time, thing's abit confusing.. cause I was supposed to join brandon they all for lunch.. BUt i had lunch at home.. and by the time i'm free, they all go play dota deee... Anyway, when i reached jj, it was alreayd almost 3pm.. kar wai and amreet was there with them.. DId some short shopping there, bumped into chin zwen.. (she looked prettier and better already) Then, told them i wanted to see brandon.. haha.. Ended up, all of us went to see brandon in kar wai's car... Parked right next to Inferno, walked inside there... say hi to them... see them already... then we left..
Kar wai then had to leave, cause her friend from teluk intan came... So left the few of us in Jj.. we waited in McD for amreet to go back.. Actually, was supposed to go sing karaoke.. and i called euwen along.. Then, at 4pm like that, i told him that i'm going to come fetch him already... but by the time we waited for amreet to go back, and chong chyn to come.. it was already 5pm.. So, we changed plans and decided to just go to someone's house and played cards there..
Went to pick euwen up.. then decided to go shake's place to settle down.. Went there, talked abit.. then suggested that we go to my bercham house since they haven't been there yet before.. Then, took the deck of cards from shake's house... Went and gamble in the bercham house.. There we are.. all comfy over there... gambling... And that euwen... his lucked really changed lor since i played with him the other day.. No matter what ugly cards he get, he will win wan... and every game we play aslo. he will win.. Played in between, black jack, tai di, poker and chee sap.. the only game he didn't win is poker..
THen, by 1930, it was time for dinner... was supposed to go bkt tambun to eat.. but have to fetch euwen back to his house, cause he wanted to eat dinner with his bro.. So, the 4 of us ate claypot chicken rice at K-10 in east.. After dinner, went to Snooker Channel and joined euwen there.. haha.. At first, he was supposed to be his turn to drive at night geh, but his brother wants to use the car.. So, met up with him there.. THen, was supposed to go chong chyn's house to play mahjong wan.. But yvonne, she has to go back cause her eyes got problem, after kena lasering...
Anyway, have to fetch all of them back... then, by 10pm...euwen and I remained, and we visited cp lor.. Anand joined us later... Was there till around 11 smtg.. Thought want to go back early geh.. b4 midnight... Then, left there at around 1130 lor.. But realised, i wanted to go take some chocolates from sinn yi.. So, went to her house lor.. see see, went inside... only came back out after like one hour.. haha.. WEnt touring in her new house.. Then, we sat there and talked lor.. while she burned some twins MV for me.. haha... But go her house very good lar.. got chocolate, got twins, then got ang pau from mother also.. THen, when was about to go home, i said i was thirsty..then she gave me drinks.. saw some cakes in her kitchen... and she ta pau-ed back for me some.. haha.. in the end, i went home with an additional plastic bag to put in all the things... Well, so much for the last day in Ipoh.. It's back to plain old boring life in singapore, studying ... and busy schedule there..

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