Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hall 13 Talentime - !Amigos

Last day of schooling before intersem break... And the only thing in between me and the holidays, is my life science CA and the talentime.. Life science CA was quite crappy.. dind't really have much time to study... and dind't do as well as the rest... sighz...
But the main item for today is my hall's talentime! Right after CA, came back to hall, and there's a slide presentation waiting for me to prepare... Took around 1 hour plus for that (most time consuming thing is the downloading of the pics), then, had to set up the whole PA system in hall 15 function hall.. Everything went well, with a bit of equipment problems at first.. Then during the starting of the talentime, everything was quite messy, technical problems and stuff.. (due to last-minuteness).. but towards the middle and ending... everything went almost perfect.. haha... Ooh, and who won the talentime? Think it's basically Nicole.. she got the 'most popular', 'best showmanship' and 'winner of the Talentime".. Actually, no doubt.. cause she was exceptionally good.. haha..
Packing up was very fast.. Much faster than preparation ... most of us dind't have dinner cause of the preparation.. (I ate during the performance).. haha.. THen the worst thing happened.. My whole block got no electricity.. sighz.. luckily for me, there was a debriefing for us.. where he have pizza for "dinner/supper"... And i kind of missed su ping's bday today cause was super busy... and missed ngai seng's midnight celebration.. haha.. but went there anyway, after the debriefing.. since my room had no electricity.. lol.. By the time i came back, everything was back to normal..
But the most important thing now is... It's the holidays~! Feel free and burdenless.. haha... (or at least, so i thought)...


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