Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chap Goh Mei...

It's another near-typical day in NTU.. It's a Sunday, and it's church time in the morning!! (well, i actually don't sound so excited).. have to wake up at 8am on a sunday morning..Have to catch a bus at 830 to reach SFA on time at 0900.. Sang for church choir from 9-10.. but this time, there was a smtg different, as that we had yu sang right after mass (since it's the last day of cny)... haa.. then we moved on to our practise at 1030 till 1200..
Reached hall at 12-ish.. and slept for one hour the moment i step foot in the room. (dunno why, but felt v tired at that time)... Studied, online, chatted during the afternoon... It feels kinda nice though, to have the room all by yourself.. haha.. Then after like 1-2hours later.. went to celebrate eng tee's belated bday in may yann's room.. haha.. just sat around there, 'chui sui' abit, try every single biscuits in the room... was quite fun though... haha.. By the time i went back to my room, it was already near dinner though... Called ppl concerning the IG scrabble, find ppl to play.. as i'm the captain for the IG(International Game) scrabble... oh well, wasn't such a hassle.. manage to form one team by the end of the day.. haha
Had dinner with may yann and su ping.. Though earlier leon called whether want to ta pau anything from boon lay market anot.. But kinda rejected the offer cause was quite hungry and was abit tight on budget.. Not long after i went back to my room.. There appeared Leon & Kim, (and boon jin earlier).. bringing food.. haha.. I followed them to hall 14 lounge to eat.. Relaxed a lil' there.. quite comfy... But after like 15-20min.. went to find my sister to collect my clothes, then it was off for the MSA-FOC-GL meeting (at 2045) near Nanyang Audi... Briefed us on our OG names, our task as GLs, bla bla bla... By the time the meeting ends, it was just in time for another meeting for my Hall Dance group at 2200.. The "meeting".. haa.. well.. what we did was.. to wrap sweets so that it can be sold the nxt day for V Day.. to raise funds.. Was at the function room, busy wrapping sweets (my job is to cut ribbons, *lol*) while listening to crazy talks from nicole... *eyes rolling* It only ended at 1230am.. sigh.. only got time to bathe... haha.. tmr got lab... need to sleep early....


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