Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Visit To NUS & IG CS

Stayed overnight at yee weng's place the night before . Well, was there supposedly to teach him some MS Access stuff lar.. But ended up playing CS till 3am in the morning, as they is the IG CS competition this morning. Well, I was 'called' to be in the reserve for CS and asked me to follow them to the cybercafe in Clementi at 8am in the morning. Well, there we were, sitting in front of 5 computers with the China 1 Team as our opponent. Me? I observed the whole match; how Malaysia got trashed by China 1 easily. Can't actually blame them. The China ppl are too good. They use pistols as if they were snipers. And of course, the rifles, wow.. They're like Godlike. One pistol clip of 24 ammos can actually do a quadruple kill.. Lol..

Oh well, went back ntu after that, had lunch, watch the IG basketball match for a while, then headed back to hall for a nap. Then, yee weng and I went to NUS for dinner. Met up with jit-verm and ian there. By the time we reached eusoff hall, it's around 715pm. Went to eat in PGP with some of their friends, melissa, shaun, bernice. Then, ferdi and yen kheng joined us in PGP. Had our dinner there, talked for quite a while… then we walked back to eusoff hall. Played cards in jit vern's room; bridge and asshole taidi.. the time I come back to hall, it's around 1130pm, and I have my lab report to rush. However, I went to watch jason and suhaimi play scrabble in the games room. Only started lab report at around 1am. Oh well, it's almost done now.. Abit of tweaking to do and the 'abstract' part. Guess tmr's gonna be another long day; IG Scrabble


Thursday, February 23, 2006


And here I thought, this one week holdays is a time for relaxation; a time for myself... doing my own stuff, sleep the whole day; basically, an escapism from the busy-ness of everyday's life.. Well, I kind of thought wrong.. Although it isn't activities and CCA stuffs, haha... I kind of burned myself out from social hanging out with friends, playing cs till late at night, going for trips..
Like for yesterday and today.. was having holidays in Malacca.. haha.. It was kind of a last minute decision though.. Was quite reluctant to go at first, but i thought, what the heck.. die mai die lor..

Well, turned out to be not so bad after all.. Yesterday, most of the day was spent on the journey to Malacca, by the time we reached there, it was already 6 smtg.. There we were, yingsin, me, han yoong, chee kheng, kuanjan, laifai.. Yingsin's friend and ronie came and picked us up for dinner.. Went to eat 'satay celup', which in fact is just another 'lok lok' but the sauce happened to be just satay sauce..
Went to pei ing's house after dinner.. We're staying over at her place,(her new house) and are supposed to celebrate her 21st birthday b4 midninght.. Anyway, we gambled there first, in a very big room specially just for us (to stay over).. Ate lots of stuff, played in between,.. my luck was quite bad... either lose, or lose double.. luckily play 10cents only.. haha..
Later, at 11 plus, we went to a playground nearby to celebrate pei ing's birthday... had 'cake fight', everyone got dirty and that was it.. The night didn't end just like that though... We moved from the bedroom to the living room.. Watched the exorcism of emily rose (actually, only me and kaijuan paid attention to the movie) while hy slept and the rest continued to gamble.. We ate alot of tid bits there.. haha.. guess her house got lots of food also.. Then by the time the movie ended, joined them in gambling.. Guess my luck's better in the morning... Won around RM10 from blackjack and in between.. The night ended at 6am..

Was awaken by ronie and the rest.. It was 830am at that time.. Some of them have already awaken and was prepared for the day's trip.. By 9am, everyone was downstairs having tai pau and coffee for breakfast... Then, we journeyed on for the day's plan; A Famosa's Waterworld.. Reached there around 10-11am.. Spent the whole day there. Played in the playground pool, the wave pool, slides, etc. But i guess we spent most of the time in the wave pool.. Ppl trying to get on top of floats, and then, there comes the ppl trying to overturn the floats.. By 4, all of us were already dead tired and decided to call it a day.. Washed up, and we went back to malacca central for lunch/dinner before heading back to singapore at 7pm.. We spent the remaining hours in tesco.. Some of us ate in kfc, some in secret recipe.. B4 we know it, we were already falling asleep in the bus.. All of us were exhausted and slept throughout the whole journey. Thought by the time I reached back hall, I would just bathe, do my laundry and call it a night... But there was CS again... haha.. just had to play... Slept only at 3..


Saturday, February 18, 2006

A trip to Geylang & M.O.S.

My first official day of holiday.. What did i do? Nothing... Wake up for lunch, played computer then whole day.. Never touch any books at all... Watched some CSI, chat,etc. Well, basically, it's just spending the whole day with myself in the room... Then, evening came.. They (yingsin, chsiung, kaijuan, CK, xinfern, mayyann, laifai, hanyoong and waiteng) decided to pay a visit to geylang(aka red light district).. Just for the fun of it.. Had our dinner there.. then we tried to do some experiment there; a few guys, walk alone in some lorong.. and see whether any prostitute will approach us anot.. first try: failed.. second try:partial success... (instead of some girl, some old man asked lai fai whether he wants any girl anot)... haha
After that, we proceeded to Clark Quay.. Went there, walk walk (as usual) and take pics.. We wanted to find a place to settle down and have a drink.. but too bad, there were too many of us (10ppl) and hence, couldn't find a proper sitting place..
Well, so, we thought of going back hall instead, order some pizza and play cards in someone's hall.. But suddenly, don't know whose idea was it to go to M.O.S instead.. It was around 11 that time..
Wasn't in the mood to club at tht time.. was quite reluctant lar.. plus, it's a whole lump sum of $25 for entrace fee..But what the heck, since everyone's up for it.. I can't be the party pooper.. Eventually, kind of had fun there though.. compared to last time when i was at zouk.. proibably is the company that's with u lar.. more 'compatible' and crazier.. haha... then at one section, we felt like we were clubbing in an european country.. cause the dance floor was filled with ang mohs.. and they were like making us join them in their dance and just danced together... was quite fun at tht time.. haha
But alas, most of us are too tired and left M.O.S at 4am.. Apparently, guess the night is still young... All of them don't want to take a cab back.. and wanted to wait for the train to start operating at 630am.. So, we just sat down along the riverbank and chatted...singing songs and listening to chsiung tell his stories.. haha.. Surprisingly, 630 came quite soon... And there goes another day... by the time reached back hall and settled myself down.. it's already near 8...Normally, it means that it's time to go church... But for this case, i guess it's dreamland for me...


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hall 13 Talentime - !Amigos

Last day of schooling before intersem break... And the only thing in between me and the holidays, is my life science CA and the talentime.. Life science CA was quite crappy.. dind't really have much time to study... and dind't do as well as the rest... sighz...
But the main item for today is my hall's talentime! Right after CA, came back to hall, and there's a slide presentation waiting for me to prepare... Took around 1 hour plus for that (most time consuming thing is the downloading of the pics), then, had to set up the whole PA system in hall 15 function hall.. Everything went well, with a bit of equipment problems at first.. Then during the starting of the talentime, everything was quite messy, technical problems and stuff.. (due to last-minuteness).. but towards the middle and ending... everything went almost perfect.. haha... Ooh, and who won the talentime? Think it's basically Nicole.. she got the 'most popular', 'best showmanship' and 'winner of the Talentime".. Actually, no doubt.. cause she was exceptionally good.. haha..
Packing up was very fast.. Much faster than preparation ... most of us dind't have dinner cause of the preparation.. (I ate during the performance).. haha.. THen the worst thing happened.. My whole block got no electricity.. sighz.. luckily for me, there was a debriefing for us.. where he have pizza for "dinner/supper"... And i kind of missed su ping's bday today cause was super busy... and missed ngai seng's midnight celebration.. haha.. but went there anyway, after the debriefing.. since my room had no electricity.. lol.. By the time i came back, everything was back to normal..
But the most important thing now is... It's the holidays~! Feel free and burdenless.. haha... (or at least, so i thought)...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day~!

Well, it's not like it's a very meaningful day for me, since i'm kind of single... but anyway, i think i kinda had fun though.. haha.. Had the normal routined schedule filled with classes from 830am till 730pm.. But in between, had a break from 330 till 600.. and NTU has this event called the "Nanyang Arts Festival".. It's where they give u free food (popcorn and cotton candies), setting up arcade games(like daytona, ice hockey, para para dance, etc) in north spine for free! Giving lots of free give-aways, stores selling stuffs,.. (most of them related to V Day), free rides, not to mention some cheap stuffs too.. Bought a file from "Lost & Found Section" for $1.. tempted to buy a small Nalgene bottle for $0.50.. but was adviced not to cause don't know what history it had b4.. But anyway, spent around 1 hour plus in the festival (more like carnival,).
Then, became a good boy and studied a while in the library before going for my lecture at 6.. Oh, and my company? there are ying sin, eng sue, lai fai, chee kheng, kuanjan, han yoong, and chsiung.. Accounting lecture was DAMN boring... the new lecturer is teaching VEeerryy Slowllyy.. haha.. i gave up on listening to him... read the lecture notes on my own.. and left at 700 after i'm done with it..
We regrouped together for dinner... and those ppl are crazy enough to actually go out of NTU for a walk! Haha.. we walked from city hall, to esplanade, to boat quay, clark quay... then took a train back to school.. (and i'm supposed to have a CA on thursday).. And what's worse? By the time i came back and settled down, there's "training" for CS... sigh... played all the way till 2am from midnight... Think i've to be a good boy tmr and study in btw classes... =/


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chap Goh Mei...

It's another near-typical day in NTU.. It's a Sunday, and it's church time in the morning!! (well, i actually don't sound so excited).. have to wake up at 8am on a sunday morning..Have to catch a bus at 830 to reach SFA on time at 0900.. Sang for church choir from 9-10.. but this time, there was a smtg different, as that we had yu sang right after mass (since it's the last day of cny)... haa.. then we moved on to our practise at 1030 till 1200..
Reached hall at 12-ish.. and slept for one hour the moment i step foot in the room. (dunno why, but felt v tired at that time)... Studied, online, chatted during the afternoon... It feels kinda nice though, to have the room all by yourself.. haha.. Then after like 1-2hours later.. went to celebrate eng tee's belated bday in may yann's room.. haha.. just sat around there, 'chui sui' abit, try every single biscuits in the room... was quite fun though... haha.. By the time i went back to my room, it was already near dinner though... Called ppl concerning the IG scrabble, find ppl to play.. as i'm the captain for the IG(International Game) scrabble... oh well, wasn't such a hassle.. manage to form one team by the end of the day.. haha
Had dinner with may yann and su ping.. Though earlier leon called whether want to ta pau anything from boon lay market anot.. But kinda rejected the offer cause was quite hungry and was abit tight on budget.. Not long after i went back to my room.. There appeared Leon & Kim, (and boon jin earlier).. bringing food.. haha.. I followed them to hall 14 lounge to eat.. Relaxed a lil' there.. quite comfy... But after like 15-20min.. went to find my sister to collect my clothes, then it was off for the MSA-FOC-GL meeting (at 2045) near Nanyang Audi... Briefed us on our OG names, our task as GLs, bla bla bla... By the time the meeting ends, it was just in time for another meeting for my Hall Dance group at 2200.. The "meeting".. haa.. well.. what we did was.. to wrap sweets so that it can be sold the nxt day for V Day.. to raise funds.. Was at the function room, busy wrapping sweets (my job is to cut ribbons, *lol*) while listening to crazy talks from nicole... *eyes rolling* It only ended at 1230am.. sigh.. only got time to bathe... haha.. tmr got lab... need to sleep early....


Friday, February 03, 2006

Last day in Ipoh for CNY 06'..

HOw time flies here.. It's one week already. but i think i did quite alot of things in this one week.. I guess, this chinese new year was quite fun after all.. Been going around, visiting, hanging out with friends.. although i'm a bit sick...
Well, today.. wanted to make the best out of it.. So, i think i kind of did.. in a way.. I slept till quite reasonable late (one thing done, wake up late at home).. woke up at 11 plus.. Then, spent some quality time with the family over lunch.. (second thing done).. PRinted the cny pictures on the computer, let everyone see the pics..etc..
Then, after lunch... went to JJ to meet up with von and shake.. This time, thing's abit confusing.. cause I was supposed to join brandon they all for lunch.. BUt i had lunch at home.. and by the time i'm free, they all go play dota deee... Anyway, when i reached jj, it was alreayd almost 3pm.. kar wai and amreet was there with them.. DId some short shopping there, bumped into chin zwen.. (she looked prettier and better already) Then, told them i wanted to see brandon.. haha.. Ended up, all of us went to see brandon in kar wai's car... Parked right next to Inferno, walked inside there... say hi to them... see them already... then we left..
Kar wai then had to leave, cause her friend from teluk intan came... So left the few of us in Jj.. we waited in McD for amreet to go back.. Actually, was supposed to go sing karaoke.. and i called euwen along.. Then, at 4pm like that, i told him that i'm going to come fetch him already... but by the time we waited for amreet to go back, and chong chyn to come.. it was already 5pm.. So, we changed plans and decided to just go to someone's house and played cards there..
Went to pick euwen up.. then decided to go shake's place to settle down.. Went there, talked abit.. then suggested that we go to my bercham house since they haven't been there yet before.. Then, took the deck of cards from shake's house... Went and gamble in the bercham house.. There we are.. all comfy over there... gambling... And that euwen... his lucked really changed lor since i played with him the other day.. No matter what ugly cards he get, he will win wan... and every game we play aslo. he will win.. Played in between, black jack, tai di, poker and chee sap.. the only game he didn't win is poker..
THen, by 1930, it was time for dinner... was supposed to go bkt tambun to eat.. but have to fetch euwen back to his house, cause he wanted to eat dinner with his bro.. So, the 4 of us ate claypot chicken rice at K-10 in east.. After dinner, went to Snooker Channel and joined euwen there.. haha.. At first, he was supposed to be his turn to drive at night geh, but his brother wants to use the car.. So, met up with him there.. THen, was supposed to go chong chyn's house to play mahjong wan.. But yvonne, she has to go back cause her eyes got problem, after kena lasering...
Anyway, have to fetch all of them back... then, by 10pm...euwen and I remained, and we visited cp lor.. Anand joined us later... Was there till around 11 smtg.. Thought want to go back early geh.. b4 midnight... Then, left there at around 1130 lor.. But realised, i wanted to go take some chocolates from sinn yi.. So, went to her house lor.. see see, went inside... only came back out after like one hour.. haha.. WEnt touring in her new house.. Then, we sat there and talked lor.. while she burned some twins MV for me.. haha... But go her house very good lar.. got chocolate, got twins, then got ang pau from mother also.. THen, when was about to go home, i said i was thirsty..then she gave me drinks.. saw some cakes in her kitchen... and she ta pau-ed back for me some.. haha.. in the end, i went home with an additional plastic bag to put in all the things... Well, so much for the last day in Ipoh.. It's back to plain old boring life in singapore, studying ... and busy schedule there..

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Major Visiting!?

Well, today's supposed to be the major visiting with my school mates... organised by anand.. The whole world i supposed to be here... and Anand told me that they'll start off with my house first at 10am... so, I woke up at 10 when they msg me and tell me that they're coming now... The door bell rang.. and i go out... expected to see one big bunch of ppl in my pyjamas... then i start counting... 1..2... 3........ And i thought i'm still half-asleep... then i count again.... 1..2..3....... Well, there was only anand, ee lin and jason ling... Apparently, everyone last minute cancelled, and said they are busy ler, or they got breakfast with the family ler... etc..
So, they didn't stay long in my house... around half an hour later, we're off already to jo's house... yee weng joined us there... Played some mind games in her house.. (like those in the NTU MENSA toys).. after that, we went to jason ling's house.. Wei tek and jill joined us there... Played "grabble", and they don't accept those words that i learned from 'boggle'.. apparently, must know the meaning only can accept the word... and i tell them got this word called "toea" and "avo".. but they don't believe me..
Anyway, it was jill's house next... There were more ppl by then though.. kean fatt and see pang joined us.. Well, that was the maximum number of ppl.. Went off to ee lin's house after that and stayed there the longest... Played black jack with wei tek as the banker... most of us lost... and that's the time, where we wished ferdy is still around... haha...
It was almost going to be 5 already... only they decided to go for lunch... WEnt to south to eat, and wei tek treated us cause he won all of our money.. haha... BUt by then, anand and ee lin separated with us already.. they ate their own lunch... Next, it was yee weng's house.. This time, there was no anand and ee lin.. couldn't contact them cause digi was fucked up.. Oh well, that was the end of the 'major visiting'... But in the original plan, we were supposed to go to ei leng's house, su lyn's, moung kai's, wei tek's and chin ping's.. I wonder wat happened...
Went back home for dinner.. then brandon contacted me, asked whether want to yum cha anot wth jill and cp.. At that time, decided to see ei leng in her house wan... and pinkie was supposed to follow me... Ended up, brandon was too lazy to get out from her house, jill went to some birthday party, and pinkie went out with her cousin or smtg.. and ei leng? well.. she said she's having girl talk with christine and afraid i would be boring there... Oh well, in the end... i ended up in Imax playing dota with euwen,yee weng, jason ling and his church friends... haha...
Played around 2 hours, and went supper in stadium with them... One more day remaining for me in ipoh...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Supposed to be sick... and supposed to be resting... but the past few nights.. been sleeping quite late.. haha.. so, kind of make up my sleep by waking up later and later in the morning.. lol... But by the time i wake up, there were already a lot of ppl in my house. There's this girl, "jessie" who is my brother's friend... and the kuai los are already in the house, preparing lunch for us.. Speaking of lunch, they spent RM250 on ingredients alone.. and they made lasagna, some soup that's rich in Cheese, and german pancake called "kaiserchwanne" (or something like that). The batter is rich in egg white and there's raisins in it..not to mention alot of sugar... And the soup... it's VERY salty as it's seriously rich in cheese.. and very filling... Can't really move after lunch, but I had to go visiting again.. haha..

This time, it's to yvonne's house first... As usual, picked up Jill, and then delicia and amy from delicia's house... shake was already there in von's house... was supposed to be there at 3, but i only arrived there at 345... haha.. THen, surprisingly.. later omega brought with her one whole bunch of ppl to von's house... THere was cheryl cheah, cindy, fei wong, keen leong, chee leong, haanusia, doreen and of course, jason.. Just hang-ed around there, played some cards.. And then, it's off to the next plan... While everyone went home, except for the original ppl there (me, shake, jill, von, amy and delicia), we went for dinner at ? cafe.. But for me, i had to be a chauffer for today lor...(big car went to malacca, sis's kelisa went to penang) Fetched my sister and her friends to jj while i was in von's house.. then fetched them back while they were having dinner... But anyway, i picked them up from ? cafe to my house after they're done for dinner.. My sister wanted them to meet her friends.. haha.. (or maybe the germans want to see ipoh girls? *shrugs*) But the only person who actually managed to interact with them is jill.. haha. she tried the 'cheese soup'.. and she kind of 'joined' us in the dining table.. while the rest was in the living room playing cards.. ooh, and julius gave her a 'farewell greeting', the kuai lo way.. when they were about to go off to the bus station.. haha...

After that, we headed off to shake's new house... it's quite nice there.. cosy and comfy.. played cards there as usual, some drinking game... then, we took a tour in the house.. and ended up sitting outside talking bout schooling life in sec school... we left early though, cause delicia and jill need to get back early.. but it was another enjoyable day.. wonder how tomorrow will be like...