Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year 2006 Countdown~!

From the previous years of spending new year's eve going round ipoh with jitvern, sing k in his house, screaming like crazy ppl in the car, being stopped by police, etc.. This year, there's a more 'formal' celebration in singapore~!
SPent the whole day with yee weng and chiew hsiung, doing clothes shopping in bugis.. (but it's damn cheap though.. each piece ranges from $5-$7) haha.... but anyway, the real main thing is the countdown in Esplanade.. We left NTU bout 930 and by the time we reached esplanade.. Man, IT's A JUNGLE OUT THERE! filled with humans all over!! There's one major thing i hate bout singapore is the human traffic there... sighz.. Worse thing is, the police have blocked most of the entry to the concourt area.. And the 3 of us tried sneaking inside but i guess Singapore's security is not like Msia's.. haha.. but anyway, we foudn a 'loophole' in it and we entered the mall thru a restaurant that's not closed at that time..
Finally, after seems liks hours and hours of walking through humans, we finally found a nice spot to view the fireworks.. and surprisingly, we still have 30 min till midnight~! THere were these "coloured" balls floating on the river, only to realise that, it's not coloured after all.. It was white in colour and the colours are from the reflection of high-powered spotlights from the bridge. So, you can imagine them changing colours from time to time.
Then, at the stroke of twelve,. there goes the FIREWORKS~!! it's accompanied by a music and it kinda follows the rhythm of the music.. It was spectacular~! Whole 8 minutes of fireworks..

After the nice view of coloured sky, we headed off to find the rest of the MSA ppl.. Well, it's not easy to miss them and u can straight away spot that big group of reckless people playing with snowspray... And there it goes, uncountable foams being sprayed all over the vicinity, spraying newly found groups of friends that's supposed to meet up with us.. As they gathered near the underneath of the bridge, the number slowly growed to more than 40 ppl... Amazingg..

Lepakked there, and decided to walk to supper in Clark Quay.. Ended up at the entrace of 7-11 drinking Big Gulp and talking (again).. Only decided to get back at around 3am..


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