Sunday, January 29, 2006

Give Way to the Year of the Dog~!

Another year, another new day.. At least, my sickness from a couple of days ago is getting better... I just have cough and alot of phlegm left.. Oh well, this year.. CNY is slightly different... with the presence of 4 Germans and 1 Dannish, they came to witness personally how we celebrate chinese new year in Malaysia. But as for me, wasn't really enjoying myself on the first day. Did the usual things (which i'm actually quite grateful it existed); should keep our family tradition going...
Anyway, after the trip to Tapah.. pain in my head was getting worse... spent the whole evening sleeping.. all the way till dinner.. while my sister and her exchange student friends, and my brother went to Pangkor for the night... Spent my night making my own dinner and watch TV.. It's been a while since I was home alone in this house.. haha.. Oh well, hope tomorrow will be a more eventful day..


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