Monday, January 30, 2006

Chor 2..

Well, was supposed to follow my mom back to KK to visit her side of the family.. but i guess i was just too lazy to wake up.. haha.. instead, what i did in the morning was to watch Transporter 2 and Sister Act 2.. All of these, just to kill time while waiting for my mom's return to prepare lunch... lol
In the afternoon, went to omega's house.. with jill, jason and yvonne.. spent our time there watching a show called "Sound of Thunder".. haha.. some movie bout time travelling, someone killed a butterfly and changed the past, bla bla bla...
Then, headed back for dinner at 7pm; at a restaurant behind my house. The food over there is not bad at all. Quite delicious actually.. and the germans did really enjoy themselves there.. haha..
Hanged around in the garden when we went back, and played some firecrackers.. Just when they started to gamble, I had to go to jason's house dee... There was only me, jill, and omega there though... Stayed there for a while, then we went to yum cha in east.. With the addition of euwen into the picture. Was in Question Mark Cafe and we bumped into susan leong and caroline cheong there... (not to mention weng kit in the middle of the road)
WE ate, played some card games and some silly mind games... and before we know it.. it's already one plus... and everyone has to be back home already... There goes another day...

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