Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006!

Another year, another Christmas.. It's always been an occasion worth waiting for.. This year's Christmas was rather a special one. Like always, there are a few new faces for this year's Christmas, that is, Jessie, my brother's gf & Wellna, my sister's maid. But there was less Mr George Goh as he had to tend to his duty back in kl.

Everyone came back on the 23rd. Grace flew from Jakarta to yi che's house, then everyone came back filling up the house with a Christmas atmosphere. Annie and Ashley were with us in the house along with wellna. Wellna is a Kadazan and is only 16 years old! She didn't have the privilege to attend school and has 10/11 siblings… But I think she's quite lucky to be under the care of Alice.

We had 2 open-house for Christmas this year. Once, on the 23rd where all my mother's friend came for pot luck and the second one is on the 25th itself. In a way, it is a good idea to reduce the congestion of people on christmas day itself. This year, there were a few "opened and is-currently-use" presents; my father's dvd video camera and grace's panasonic lumix digicam. We took a video on x'mas day! Quite fun to play with actually.

Anyway, on to the Christmas party!! For food, koko and jessie made the pork potato balls, yi che fried the wanton and nuggets with the new induction cooker.! Sache made some fried beehoon and chicken/beef spaghetti. Then, there was the turkey, the kunyit rice with chicken curry. All the food was good and delicious!! Fortunately, there's Wellna to take care of all the washing.. =)

Not many of my friends came compared to last year. The earliest was jit-vern, who came at 2. Then, euwen came with jill and sinnyi at about 3, together with omega and chong chyn. Shake and von was supposed to come! But they had a lunch appointment with the MC ppl and von had to rush back to go back to kl on the night itself. Yee hui didn't manage to come though, Ian decided not to come to teman kean fatt and suk mun play bowling and the rest are either not around Ipoh or I never call them.. Haha..

Went to yumcha and met up with Ian, kean fatt and eugene (euwen's bro) at kopitiam at about 4-5pm. Had a short session there and went home for a rest. There's some slight changes to the opening of presents cause Christie has to go to Taiping to visit his sister. Hence, the opening of presents was delayed till they return from Taiping which was about 11pm.. Not too late though.. I had lots of nice presents for xmas!! Firstly, a casio watch from rosemary and alice, then, ginseng powder from my mom, wallet from my dad, a nice white shirt from grace. a USD50 polo shirt from James and a yellow Nike shoulder bag worth RM229 (in which, I tipped off RM50 cause yiche said it's too expensive).. Haha.. Then, my mom had her camera phone. Rosemary bought my parents a 2D 1N stay at the Cyberview Spa and Resort in Cyberjaya where they are entitled to a session of massage and spa! All in courtesy of Rosemary and Christie. Oh, then there were a duplicate present this year.. LOL.. Two "All about Mercedez" book for my dad. One bought by James and Jessie (J&J) while the other bought by Alice. In the end, Jessie took back to exchange an Oxford Thesaurus for my dad and a book on ways to longetivity for my mom 2-3 days later. After opening of presents, it's just about time for James, Jessie and Grace to return to KL. J&J had work on the 26th while Grace has a morning flight to Jakarta from KLIA cause has to work on the 26th as well.

While for the rest of us, we went to kl after lunch on the 26th. Went there to help yiche to unpack her house, and for my parents to use their "massage and spa" gift. I enjoyed myself too! Eating lots of nice and expensive food in kl… =) And I bought myself a new 120GB 2.5" External Hard Disk that costs RM315 + RM45 from Cycom.. No more worries bout hard disk space now!


Saturday, October 28, 2006

21st Birthday

A lot of ppl said that the 21st birthday is a special one, and that's when you'll receive the 'golden key' as the chinese would say.. it symbolizes freedom, maturity and the such.. haha

My 21st birthday was a simple and thoughtful day. Let's see, my first task when I'm awake was to wake elaine up. Haha.. But I was awaken by su ping's sms wish earlier first… oooh, and a lot of ppl wished me the night before.. Haha… thanks..

Then, my class supposed to start at 930, and I would normally wait at the bus stop at 9am.. So, I went.. And halfway to the bus stop, yingsin called me… and asked me to go back to my room! Haha.. And there they were, yingsin, may yann and chee kheng, outside my room.. Apparently, yingsin woke up at 7am, made sandwich with the sandwich maker, and mushroom soup which was rather diluted… then, I had to be the first to try the cornflake cookie that she baked for her bf… more like, burnt cookie… haha… Nevertheless, it's the thought that counts… then pei yin brought ferrero rocher chocolate for me… and yea, so we had our breakfast in can 13…

Was late for class for about 20 minutes… and after 2 hours of lecture, we had lunch at can A, with the addition of suping and ta peiing… After that, went to the 'sex is not a game' exhibition outside OCBC, and proceeded to look for seats to study! Library A was packed, library 2 was also packed… we ended up in the media resource library with the 'reserved computers' as our table… the computer's damn chun though… or at least, the headphones lar… seinheisser's headphones that has a volume control for each channel… and each comp headphone output has been spitted into 2. There were 4 of us, me, ys, my and kah weng... Anyway, wasn't too long there before we got 'kicked out' by the rightful users for the reserved computers… tried our luck back in library 2, and fortunately, there were quite a number of places by then…

Su ping and lai fai joined us there… then elaine dropped by a while to pass things to me... haha, and I did a stupid thing to go back to my hall, to take my phone charger cause my phone batt was almost dead… well, glad I did though… haha… cause after that, siah called, did a lot of msging… yeah… about that… Had dinner at can A, and returned to the library after tht which closes at 930pm…

Went jogging at ten… may yann and I left hall 13, picked up kahweng at hall 8 and yingsin from hall 4… then, went to src for the 'real' jog but yingsin ko-ed on the way to src… hahaha… so, instead of jog, we walked round the track, chit chatting and learning how to sing songs… haha… then they kinda like dilly dallied around, dunno what go find eng sue in her hall, then she not there, then go to my hall eat things my mum brought to sg for me when we were supposed to go for supper…


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Life as a 2nd year student...

Hmm, 2nd year somehow is still as busy as before... Well, I actually cut down alot on activities. The only commitment I had this year was only the Rotaract Main Comm and of course, MSA... Even for hall activities, guess i'll only still be a member for choir and maybe? dance group... Oh, Hall's Choir has been converted into an A Capella group... hahaha... Yesterday night, went to my sister's bday party in her place at Farrer Park. Guess that was my first time that I actually did hang out with her JC friends. They were indeed fun... lol... But i think what they didn't know was that my sister put alot of importance in them than they think she did... Generally, it was fun... There were lots of food, lots of liquor, lots of people. There were lots of Germans around there as well... We had the party at the gazebo underneath her apartment.
Back to reality... friends, studies, ccas, family, love... Guess that's my priority in singapore. Friends and studies are almost on par... But somehow, I feel like there's something missing in the friends department. Studies wise, it's kinda sucky... Quite laggy behind and everyone's really studying hard now... They study like there's a big exam every other week.. Family? The closest I have here is only my sis.. And she stays relatively far away, and will be going off to Jakarta to work soon... One thing bad bout me though, is that I don't really seek my family to confide in whenever I have problems, not like my sis... So, I hardly call back home if there's nothing important... But I know family is the most important ingredient in life... Oh well, maybe I know they are important and not wanting to feel depressed that they're actually not around, I hardly put them in my life in SG. Otherwise, it'll be disastrous for me... And for love... hahaha... There's really nothing much to say here... Probably things are already so busy now, I didn't plunge into the valley of love... But I think, love is one thing that I would really need in my life now... Just that, maybe it isn't the right time? I don't know....
Well, guess have live life on and trust everything in His hands. For now, suppose I just have to be contented with what I have now and be thankful for it...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Family Trip~!

School semester has just started and studies, activities and commitments are all rushing back into my life... Things has been getting pretty busy lately, although it has just only been 2 weeks of school. However, nothing is more important than one thing ; - "Family".. This is one of the weekends that everyone in the family (well, almost) can make it for the trip, including Annie and Ashley. The last time we had a trip something like this, it was the Sabah Trip, but koko wasn't there at that time.

Anyway, back to the genting trip. I flew back to kl on friday. Had to skip 3/4 of my lessons on tht day.. The flight lasted for 45min. Only about 1/5 of my entire travelling time. Friday was more of a shop n rest day. Grace was supposed to follow me back via plane, but she last minute had to go for an interview, and can only come back via bus at night.

We left for Genting at about 9 something in the morning after they had to wait for me to get up. haha.. We went in 2 cars; Christie's car and Papa's X-trail.

I followed Christie's car and we arrived there first cause James had to pick Jessie up. Anyway, we waited at the Awana Lobby for around 1 hour and yet, they still haven't arrived. Apparently, the X-trail over-heated.. LoL.. But anyway, after all of us had finally arrived, we checked into the room, and the room was….. Well, how to put it into words… "superb".. We booked 3 rooms, 2 attached rooms and one more 'specially' for koko and jessie. But because the x-trail broke down, koko and jessie had to take the car back to KL and come back up with the Kembara. Kind of pity them though, supposedly to come for holidays, but ended up baby sitting the car. Plus, they missed all the fun that we had in the room.. We cooked lunch together; we took turns to be the 'bartender', preparing food and drinks. Grace was good with her "milo"... Haha.. There were so much food… My mum prepared like food for the entire month… haha… there was ham yuk chung, muffins, cheese cake, putu mayam, rojak, etc. etc. Then the 2 kids were happily playing with themselves, even marielle was sleeping soundly… It was a perfect weekend.

Later in the evening, we went to the theme park… Only sat a few rides though, and yi che sponsored me to ride the 'superman ride'… haha… it wasn't as scary as it looks… But it sure is fun~! Then my sisters were all so afraid to sit on the rides… Rosemary almost chickened out sitting the rolling thunder mine thingy… hahaha… and grace screamed so much in the 'cyclone' ride… so farnee… But what's worse, yi che was even afraid riding the dragon ride, that just oversees the entire Genting… hahaha…

We went back for dinner and tried to finish up all the food. Koko and jessie were already back by then… And this time, the entire family were together; cooking and eating happily together. There were more food this time, I've no idea where it came from. Then koko showed his expertise in cooking (he's always good at cooking, creative so I would say) when he prepared delicious sandwiches out of plain ingredients. He even had garnishing from seaweeds that we were feeding off for fun… haha… At night, we went to the casino… Unfortunately for me, I'm still underaged… lol… Luckily koko had to go online to do his work, so I joined him with my lappie at starbucks where they had free wireless… At a cost of a starbucks coffee… =/ By the end of the night, came out that my sisters won money from the casino… And grace was like a noob in gambling… lol…

The next morning was just alright though… Went for the complimentary breakfast together with a variety of western, Chinese and Muslim food. We went back to sleep after breakfast and checked out in the afternoon… lol… It's always like that isn't it? Sleeping till late in the afternoon when there's holidays… hahaha… but all in all, it was fun… Too bad I had to return to Singapore on that night. Otherwise, could join them longer. Spending time with the entire family is always fun… =)


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brief Overview of MSA FOC 2006

Well, or maybe not so brief.. Let me see what I can remember from Day 1 up to Day 5....

Before that, let me start with a "prologue" to this post, i.e. Senior Camp. Senior Camp started on the 18th till the 20th. Our major events were the test run for Amazing Race, Ghost Walk and Sentosa. Well, it's during this senior camp that Graciol (my OG) and Emora (How Run's OG) combined to become Gremora.. lol.. We sure had fun, creating new cheers, new songs.. brother-sister group they called it.

Probably, the funniest thing that ever happened was during the Amazing Race test run where Wanton, Kok Heng and Kah Weng were our 'acting-freshies'.. Wanton was alright, kept silent all the way, but the problematic was Kok Heng and Kah Weng. Kah Weng acted like some spastic kid while Kok Heng kept on asking for pretty girls and milk to drink.. lol.. So, we created cheers for Kok Heng (KokHeng Hamsap Cheer), No Cheers for Wanton and the SPASTIC Cheer for Kah Weng. Oh, it was all fun... then there was this 155 cheer where only 155cm girls (plus minus 10cm) can use that cheer.. Well, i guess i should take credit for the Kokheng and the 155 cheer.. cause i 'unshamefully' created them...

Anyway, back to the actual FOC... First day was all about admin stuff... I was stationed at hall 8 to get the freshies to their rooms when they arrive. First few person that I helped out were the Ipoh ppl cause they were the first to arrive at hall 8. I paired up with Kai Xuan temporarily to get them checked in their rooms. Later, they regrouped us again to settle the admin stuff. The day was quite hectic for me though. Met up with my family right after admin stuff was done. Took them around a bit.. Then met up with Prof Hooi, Vice Dean of NBS, cause my sis had some meeting with him before that and wanted to meet up with my parents after that. So, I kinda tagged along. Unfortunately for me, I was late for the opening ceremony in hall 15 function hall. By the time I got there, the freshies were already all splitted into their respective OGs. Luckily, Swee Moi was there to cover for me. Pei Yin was still busy with her ISC stuff.. ANyway, that night was a disaster. It was a mess... The entire function hall was like a market. Actually, it's worse than a market. More like an inaudible market. You can't hear each other even if you shout.. Oh well, that's what happens when everyone is giving cheers and stuff and you're sitting there trying to get their names into your memory cells.. Had the ice-breaking games, the main comm sketch, and that's about it for the first day...

Second day started off with admin stuff as usual. It's a more relaxing day though. We had ample free time compared to the day before. However, I was kinda MIA half of the admin time. Attended my sister's convocation late in the morning till 3pm? The convo was great. EVeryone looked so happy, excited and enthusiasted.. I was my sister's photographer. There was a slight battery problem cause i used up most of the battery during senior camp and the spare battery my father brought was faulty. Had to go to SAC to purchase new sets of battery. Fortunately the camera uses AA sized battery... I had time to take a short nap after the convo before attending the professor talk at 5pm.. After that, it was banner drawing time. I was pretty impressed with my OG freshies.. They told me that they can't draw... But upon completion, the flag was superbly well done. It was drawn and coloured very nicely... At least, they had more teamwork compared to what happened to my OG last year. After the banner drawing thingy, we had indoor games where we played "Pass It On", "Human Pinball", "Bingo", and "Hot hot Sushi".. We won 3 games out of 4.. The only thing we lost was the Bingo game.. Pretty proud of them actually.. Generally, it was more organised on the 2nd day. The freshies are more bonded together this time.. Had a slight debrief after that from Kah Weng concerning the first night... THere goes 2nd day of FOC...

On the 3rd day, all of us woke up early to have the combined games with AMCISA.. Each of the MSA OG combined with the AMCISA OG... We had 4 stations altogether, namely "name game", "amoeba", "body language" and some cardboard game played at the basketball court... After that, we had 'banner painting' where we painted the word "MALAYSIA" with the palms of our hands.. Anyway, it's during this time when i officially lost my voice, leading cheers, teaching cheers, stuff like that...We sung the Negaraku to mark the ending of the combined games. We had our FOC Theme Song teaching and the SP game later during the day. SP Game was fun.. haha... All the players are blind folded and the guys every OG will be brought to their respective partners. THe girls will be stationed in their own respetive OG.. Then, we seniors, get to listen to their conversation, sabotage them, play with them, thigns like that,... haha.. It was quite fun though... Some conversations are plain boring, and some are very interesting... Once that's over, we played Photo Hunt around NTU... Then, we gathered and wait around LT2 for the Ghost Walk.. We splitted into 2 groups. The first 4 OG was supposed to have the mass dance in LT2 while the other 4 will be discussing the sketch at SAC... Then, programmers will slowly find a pair from the former group to go for the ghost walk. After the first 4 OG is done, then it's their turn to discuss sketch.. But there was a communication breakdown somewhere on that night. One entire OG (Triadamy) literally skipped the entire ghost walk... By the time the programmers realised that, the 'ghosts' already cleaned themselves up. So, what they did was to take the entire OG for a quick tour the route of the ghost walk.. Sad right?

On the 4th day, we only had 2 events. Amazing Race and the Steamboat Buffet at Marina Bay. For amazing race, it was tiring... We went to Chinese Garden, Holland Village, Botanical Garden, Orchard Road, walked from Clarke Quay to Esplanade (for another round of photo hunt) and then proceeded to Marina Bay for Steamboat.. The timing for each group was all wrong.. with delays here to avoid clashes between OGs... haha.. and what's surprising is that GRACIOL WON the amazing race... yay!! A brief description for each station: At chinese garden, each OG is separated into 4 sub groups where they will each find a piece of puzzle that will lead them to Cold Storage @ Holland V.. At Holland Village, we had our lunch and for the game, each OG is supposed to spend exactly $2.65 on 2 items either/or on drinks and food... and must finish it right on the spot before proceeding to Botanical Gardens.. When we reached botanical gardens, there were already other groups playing.. We had to wait for our turn. So, we took photographs with the swans at the swan lake while waiting... The rope skipping was hard... for my group at least... a group of ppl have to do rope skipping at the same time while singing 3 songs... That was the task... But anyway, the next station was Orchard Road @ Paragon. By far, it's the best station to be played... We had to do charade across the street... cool eh? And the classic 'doggie style swimming' that we played over during senior camp. Me and Kok Heng were like doing the 'doggie style' on the street and then the swimming stroke... but nobody uderstood us anyway... oh well... After that, Grace (programmer in charge for amazing race) asked us to spend a 30min free and easy time around orchard... We went to Takashimaya to hang around abit... Next, it was another photo hunt time at clarke quay... We had to spot 25 different pictures with the most accurate angle as possible... We managed to get 24 out of 25.... not bad eh? Oh well, after that, it's off to marina bay after winning the amazing race... lol... We practically booked the entire place there... We even did cheers and stupid acts there... It was quite a fun day though rather more tiring...

Last and final day.... We headed off to Sentosa in the morning... Basically, we had beach games and SP games there...For beach games we had er... "beach volleyball", "floating ball", "cheerleader", "the longest line", "entangle hand" and "sandwhich game".. But the highlight for the day is the SP games... The guys had to correctly identify their SPs, then they will play the SP games.. They had the newspaper folding game, search in the dark, some balloon bursting game and filling of cups with sea water at the shoreline.. IT was clean up/bath time after that before heading back to NTU for the sketch performance and the closing ceremony... SKetch performance was quite enjoyable.. and closing ceremony.. well, it wasn't too bad... Had the mass dance, introduction of MSA main comm, a brief publicity for the merdeka night, singing of the theme song, birthday celebration for July babies... Tht's pretty much bout it.. apart from the 'mini clubbing' and the "sharing session" after it all ended... Well, just when I thought it has all ended and can finally have a good rest... Just right before i reach my room, I received a phone call, saying that my freshies wants to go for supper... and it was around 3 plus at tht time... I was stunned.. How could i refuse? I have to go to hall 4 to jemput peiyin to go supper... And i spent my night in her room... cause had to go to hall 10 area to help the freshies to shift their rooms at 8am... And supper ended at around 6am... Ain't that sweet?


Sunday, June 25, 2006

3rd and Final Day of Touring around Northern Malaysia

It was a rather short day though… By the time I'm up and ready, it's already noon… The girls' side just woke up themselves but the guys already had breakfast and all… They had to fetch ronie back to the bus station and kuan jan to his dad's. Had lunch back at Kong Heng again cause yong ren wanted to eat the kai si hor fun again… Then, it was to Little Genting for a quick cup of coffee before everyone departed back to their respective hometown… Short day eh?

At night, I was out with yee weng to play DoTa with Lit Ting, Chen Chu, Jerry and Wei Wah... But the cybercafe was quite deserted... Desperately, we grabbed seats in Inferno and had a 3v3 game... Since it's a 3v3, we played -sh (same hero) mode... haha... was quite funny though. The first game, all of us were KoTL.. and the second game, all of us got Lich...

I think after today, it's back to a lazy life in Ipoh... Sleep and eat most of the time...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

2nd day of Ipoh Visit

The crazy eaters wanted to go for dim sum at 730am.. Well, 4 of them (wei zhen's side) managed to wake up early for dim sum at tht time.. Followed by the other 3 (kian hwat's side) later at 8 smtg.. And I, reached around 10 min after them.. By the time I reached Foh San, they were about to finish eating.. The entire dim sum costs them RM102.. Divided by 7 ppl of course (excluding myself).. After that, we went to Nam Heong Coffee Shop for white coffee and for my breakfast.. Soon after that, we decided to visit our schools, namely, St Michael and Sam Tet.. I took them for a tour in SMI, I guess they were impressed with the beauty of the architecture of my school… and that was the first time I went into the new toilet.. (finally).. Haha.. Took them almost around the entire school.. (except for the locked places).. Primary school's building this St. Paul Block or smtg like that at the back field.. Now I wonder where all our troop camps will be held next time.. There goes another field that used to be our playing ground..

After visiting SMI, we went for a short tour in Sam Tet.. Too bad lai fai wasn't around.. Otherwise, he could bring us to ACS as well.. Haha.. Only went to Sam tet's library and the outskirts of it.. Then all of them decided to go back to rest before proceeding to the waterfall..

Unfortunately for them, it's the raining season and it's been raining since last night till today.. It rained the whole afternoon.. But anyway, we had lunch at pasir pinji @ tai shue kiok (foot of a big tree).. The place there is famous for the fried things… But since I already ate at home, I didn't really eat much there… After that, we went to Koh Heng, and then to the shop opposite koh heng for fried ice cream and curry puff… Eng sue they all had to fetch pei ing to the bus station cause her bus was at 3pm..

After eating and all, we decided to go to a cave; Perak Cave at KK Road.. I can't remember the last time I was there.. In fact, initially, I thought it was my first time there.. But the place looked familiar anyhow.. We climbed the cave, up to the hill, and onwards to the highest point of the hill… The route was quite steep.. Very steep actually.. One small part of it can actually compete with the route back in Kledang Hill… hahah.. All of us climbed till we had sweat all over… and foo wei zhen, as usual… looked like he just took a bath.. Once we were back down to where we parked our cars, we feasted on coconut water… haha… what a nice time to drink coconut water… Eng Sue drove the few of us to kmpg tawas, where her grandma stayed and we bought the coconut water opposite her grandma's house for only RM1… It was not bad though… refreshing… I guess after that, it's half day… We went back to our home for a quick rest and a bath before going on to Menglembu for dinner…

Went to pick eng sue up at her brother's place at first garden at 8pm.. And this time, I'll be like the rest of the non-ipohians… That is, I'm very new to the place there now.. We went to 'wai sek kai' (greedy street) in Menglembu.. I think it's my first time there too… haha… we had this very nice honey chicken and the not very nice wan tan mee… After that, we went to the Menglembu pasar malam… It's quite small actually… We managed to cover the whole pasar malam in about 10-15min… Then I abit paiseh… cause don't really know the roads there… then eng sue had to guide me around… lol…

Our next stop will be back at the 'tong sui kai' behind Sam Tet school.. Had that sago thingy… It was then about time for the Germany vs Sweden match and all of them wanted to watch it… Unfortunately, we couldn't find any place to sit at the Man U Restaurant nearby… In the end, we decided to go to the MP Steamboat place at Greentown… The match was, well… quite nice to watch… haha… Germany's a very good team and it's more or less a one-sided match… After the game, we joined Eng Sue and her sam tet friends in greentown where they went there earlier to watch the game there… Was only there for a few minutes or so before all of them decided to end the day… However, I was quite hungry at tht time and since I had to fetch the girls back, I decided to eat Ramly Burger where they had to accompany me… lol… That's it. Fetched them back to first garden and by the time I'm back home, it's already 2 smtg… There goes another day…


Friday, June 23, 2006

Trip to Penang

After a two-day rest in Ipoh, it's time to venture out to penang for an eating-spree! We took a morning bus from Ipoh on Wednesday and reached butterworth in less than 2 hours where pei yin picked us up back to her house. We had chicken rice for lunch and to another place for cendol and ice kacang before picking up kuan jan and the rest from the bus station. But almost the entire time, we were at pei yin's house. And that was where I finished my OG identity. Haha… I bought the strings and beads the day before and brought it to penang to complete it. Hehe..

Anyway, we basically just ate and ate the entire day.. I think we had 7 meals altogether from lunch till we call it a day off… Half of us slept at yong ren's house, the girls' at ying sin's house while ronie and kj slept at hon yoong's house..

The next morning, we departed to Penang Island where we met up with the year 2 seniors… There were 16 of and and 11 of them.. Haha.. And we combined together… lol.. But eventually, the 7 of them (excluding me, ck and the girls) parted on their own way, wanting to go on their own cause they just wanted to eat and eat.. While the rest of us, with the seniors went by ourselves for a bit of walking, sight seeing and to eat of course.. We ate curry mee at one place, some fried stuff (fried banana, fried yam, fried lin kou), had the penang chee cheong fun where they used rojak together with peanut paste as their sauce, tau fu fah, soya bean before we went to prangi mall for a bit of a walk… I bought my remaining 4 voodoo dolls there that costed RM15.. Then, we had our dinner at Gurney Drive and headed off the Batu Ferringhi for a walk at the night market there..

So, that was it.. Another day… the walk was quite long actually.. Walked quite far away.. And the drivers had to take cab back to their car to pick us up from where we left off.. Lol.. Ooh, while waiting for them, ys and I went to this very nice hotel to see the surroundings for a bit.. It was spectacular inside… too bad couldn't spend a longer time inside there, cause the drivers already arrived not long after…

One day in BM, one day in Penang, and that was it.. Next stop: Ipoh! But still had our breakfast in BM, went to St Anne's Church for a quick visit before headed off to Ipoh in the afternoon… We reached Ipoh at about 6pm.. Hon Yoong drove to ipoh while the rest followed bus.. We had our dinner at Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken, then a light snack at Gomes Square where I brought Chin Ping there to meet up with them… After that, I separated with them for a while where I went to Side Walk Ice Cream Parlour with cp, jill, anand and yee hui before joining them back at Fook Sing.. They were at Old Town Kopitiam behind jusco for the toast bread and all.. Oh, It was there where phooi wan and gang came to join us… We took a quick walk in Imax and Inferno before heading off to "tong sui kai" behind sam tet to eat dunno what sagu… Unfortunately for us, the store was closed and it was raining at tht time.. So, the places to go are quite limited by then (not like Ipoh has a lot of places to go anyway).. We called it a day after that.. It was quite early at tht time though.. Not even midnight yet.. Haha.. But they planned to go to Foh San the next morning at 730.. Crazy ppl…


Sunday, June 18, 2006

KL/Genting Trip

After my intersem examination (in which I left early), I hurriedly to finish packing my room; emptying my side of the room.. Took me quite a while to finish packing everything.. Have to move from my floor to may yann's floor to put my things in her room.. But anyway, was kinda in a rush cause laifai wanted to reach early to KL.. So did I.. We left NTU at about 230-300 and took a cab to woodlands.. Our journey to Larkin wasn't very long. It was quite a smooth ride..

I reached KL at about late 8 something.. In the car was euwen, navigated by Kean Fatt while Jill and Chin Ping were already at the back seat.. We took a snack (or our dinner) somewhere nearby.. Jln Chow Kit or smtg like that… We stayed over at Kean Fatts' since Euwen's place couldn't fit that much of ppl…

The next morning, we had our breakfast, went to UTAR for a quick visit and then drove off to genting at reached there at about 12-1 smtg.. We stayed at First World Hotel.. 4 of us shared.. Kean fatt didn't stay with us though.. Apparently, he wanted to go back to Setapak to watch World Cup.. Oh well, anyway, we proceeded to the theme park… Spent a few hours there before it started raining.. We grabbed our so called lunch while it rained at Burger King.. After 'lunch', euwen wanted to rest, kean fatt left, while the girls wanted to play more.. Haha.. Well, I accompanied euwen back to the room and we slept throughout the whole evening… The girls?, well, they played in the indoor theme park and once it stopped raining, they continued to play at the outdoor theme park.. I only joined them at 7 smtg, after I woke up. I left euwen in the room, didn't want to disturb him cause I think he was too tired driving and entertained us and all.. Euwen only joined us for dinner, at almost 9 actually..

Oh, and I bumped into soo fan, andy and leler.. What a coincidence eh? They stayed for 2 nights, and kah weng was to join them the day after.. By the time we had our dinner and all, we walked abit before headed back to our room to rest.. It was quite late already at that time.. Almost midnight.. Euwen and I then walked outside, wanted to enjoy the cold weather, the icy breeze and all.. The girls were too tired, after playing the whole day..

Anyway, there goes euwen and I, strolling around genting… walking aimlessly and all… We were supposed to make it a quick walk cause we wanted to watch "Shutter".. But unfortunately, when we came back.. They were abit tired and wanted to sleep.. Haha.. Then euwen and I went to starbucks, with my lappie to online… We just MSNed there before heading back for a night's sleep at 3 am..

Next day, I had to deliberately wake myself and euwen up for our 'free' breakfast buffet at 830.. The breakfast was.. ermm.. Quite awful.. It wasn't really nice.. But oh well, what the heck.. It was breakfast anyway.. We didn’t finish our food though. Haaha… and I made a smiley on the plate made of noodles, sausages, eggs and ham.. =) We headed back to dreamland after our breakfast and only woke up when it was about time to check out… We drove back down to kl not long after for our lunch.. After resting for a while back at kean fatt's place (I went to euwen's), we headed off to One Utama for shopping after dropping kean fatt off at Puchong.. Our beloved driver, mr ong euwen.. Had to attempt 3 times before reaching our destination after countless U-turns.. Anyway, we split up into 2 grps.. Euwen and I, then jill and cp.. The girls had to shop for yee lyn's present while we, the guys… just walked aimlessly… We grabbed a bit of food, 'steal' food from the girl handing our free samples and euwen complained that he was too tired to walk and wanted to sit down..

We were late for her birthday celebration by the time we reached there.. It was well, unfamiliar for me.. But I just blended in anyway, kept myself occupied with the big screen in front of me showing World Cup.. Jill and Chin Ping left early, they had their own plans.. While left me and euwen there.. At least, euwen has his friends there; david kok and david teh..

David Teh, euwen and I went to play dota at some cc nearby while waiting for midnight for to cut the bday cake.. Hahaha… But we went back just in time for the 'cutting cake ceremony'.. LoL.. Anyhow, the entire night was just like that… All of us slept at kean fatt's place after dropping of david teh at Sri Hartamas..

On our final day in KL, we err.. Woke up quite late.. Went to Giant to shop a bit and to eat our lunch before heading to pudu for our bus ride home..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Strange things guys do in the bathroom

Something I found over the Internet. Think it's quite true though... haha..

1. The urinal buffer zone - Guys will often stand one urinal away from the next guy when going in a public bathroom. Is it because we are scared we may look over at another guy's johnson or do we not want to get the urine of others splashed all over our pants? Nobody knows.

2. The race - Sometimes I will flush the toilet right as I start to pee. I try to race the toilet to see if I can finish peeing before the water completely flushes.

3. The porcelain mute - While peeing, if you aim for the porcelain inside the toilet instead of the water, it makes a lot less noise. Does everyone do this or am I just weird?

4. The soap puck - When peeing in a urinal that has one of those pink soap bars at the bottom, it is fun to pee on the edge of it to make it move. I don't know why.

5. The little kids ass - Usually little kids don't know how to use the zipper or the little hole through underwear, so they'll pull their pants all the way down to their ankles when using a urinal. So often times, you'll walk into the bathroom and get an eye full of some little kid's ass.

6. Watering the plants - When peeing outside near a plant, I don't usually pee just around the plant or at the base of it. For some reason I feel a strange urge to cover the entire plant in urine... no idea why.

7. The melt - When peeing in a urinal that has ice in it, it is (for some reason) fun to see how much ice you can melt before you're finished. (Why is the ice there, I have no idea.)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Wrong time zone...

*sigh*.. not able to sleep... actually, feel kinda tired.. but not sleepy.. damn, my night has turn into day and day into night... Think it's all because of 'the night before', i slept at 6am.. lol... had bbq on sat night.. and stayed awake in hy's room till early in the morning with a whole big bunch of ppl... (imagine 12 ppl sleeping/sitting on 2 single beds) To make things worse, i woke up in the afternoon, ate lunch.. and slept back.. till dinner time... lol

I guess sundays are not really productive... and it's gonna be a start of a new week... exams nearing... (but doesn't feel like it at all).. Things to do are running out... hmm..must really find some productive stuffs to do.. like er... maybe ... reading some books? lol..wish i was back homet though... can celebrate bday with loopy and jin ann... But i think things are quite different back home.. And here in sg, things aren't really that swell.. Sometimes, I don't know where do i really belong to... *grins*

Sunday, May 28, 2006

East Coast Park: Revisited

Another term break, another visit to East Coast Park.. The last time i went was just about half a year ago.. Still quite remember the details of what I did at that time... It was quite memorable/fun.. Well, for this trip, it's another idea of fun... Firstly, it involves a much larger group of ppl; 17 of us if i'm not mistaken.. Secondly, it's technically more organised (prolly because there's more ppl).. It didn't start off that well, cause they had to wait for a late comer whose supposed to be there at 9am but was almost an hour late (actually just 45 min), namely me~! =) haha.. I was just 5 min later than the rest of the hall 3 ppl.. but the bus just somehow delayed for quite some time (almost another 15 min of waiting) before arriving at Hall 13's bus stop.. But at least, this time.. we more or less had an idea on how to travel to ECP.. Just had to rely on my memory and my 'reliable' sense of direction.. haha.. (hey! it's actually quite good. I didn't bring them on any wild goose chase)

Followed back the same old route that i've taken b4... Stopped at paya lebar, take a 135 SBS bus to Parkway Parade, took the Underpass behind NTUC and voila! We're there..! By the time we got there, it's only 11 plus am.. But weird though, the first thing that came to their mind was "beach!, water!", And so, within a few minutes, everyone was in the water.. sabotaging each other and stuff.. Oh, this time, they had a prop to entertain them in the ocean; a football.. Basically, we just loitered around,until we started a game of monkey... Stayed there till 1 plus before we decided to have our packed-DIY-tuna-sandwhich for lunch... We had 10 cans of tuna, 4 loaves of those "jumbo size" bread, ruffles, lays & various tid bits.. and as usual, those bunch of ppl took some pics along the way... Burying weizhen in the sand, posing next to the coconut tree..u know.. weird things that ppl would do.. haha..

Anyway, after they're all satisfied.. we moved on to our next activity... Originally, our plan was either bicycle or roller blading and then canoeing.. So, we went to a rental shop... They said we're too 'wet' to play them... and the buy 1 hour free 1 hour is not applicable on weekends and public holidays..So, it's just $6 per hour... and most of us don't know how to roller blade... haha... What's worse? weather was getting very nice (cloudy & windy).. and we were afraid that it'll rain soon.. Therefore, there was this moment of dilemma either to skate or canoe first.. After much 'discussion' with them... finally decided to go canoeing first.. And the walk to the rental place was like FOREVER! It's like from jetty to another jetty... And everyone was walking so slowllyy.. that it really seems like forever... To make matters worse, they took photographs on the way, kicked/passed the football the whole trip.. Fortunately for us, we had ample of time and can afford to waste that kind of time.. Since after all, our main purpose was to relax and enjoy ourselves.. But the thought of "Oh shit, it's gonna rain soon" kinda made me had the urge to reach there faster.

On the way, we passed through this 'wakeboarding lake' right before the canoe renting place.. Must make a mental note to try that out the next time I'm there.. Seems kinda fun.. And the surroundings seemed to be quite promising. Finally, reached our destination and we rented one double boat (cause there's only one left) and 12 single boats. It was real relaxing albeit rather tiring. It's odd that not many ppl kayak cause the weather was so cloudy and windy.. Well, very fortunately for us, it didn't rain at all.. Guess God was looking after us the entire time.. Breeze was great,the sun was just right..We kayak-ed around, bumping into each other's boat, racing each other, sleeping/taking a nap and attaching each others boat together to chat.. It was rather enjoyable despite mild sea sick due to the increase of the wave's frequency and amplitude.. After an hour or so, we rowed our way back to the beach and all of them called it a day (as far as beach events are concerned).. They were too tired for skating and cycling.. haha... Then again, everyone was quite hungry and it wasn't early anymore.. Almost near to 5pm.. We took a short tea-break and helped ourselves with what was left over from lunch; tuna, bread and crackers. Then, while the rest was cleaning up and bathed, me, pei yin, yingsin, hui chian, pei ing and louis ate coconut~! The coconut was HUGE, and it costs $2.. Most of them shared.. But pei yin and I had a whole coconut each for ourselves.. haha..

After that, it's time to plan for dinner. Initially, they wanted to try out the Hawaian BBQ Buffet that I had the previous time, but was afraid that the promotion was not available. So, they came up with a backup plan of going to Bugis for Steamboat. Anyway, we walked all the way back from where we came from, found the place, but just as feared, the promotion wasn't available on tht day. It's only available on Friday and Sunday nights and supposedly must make reservations.

Slightly dissapointed, we searched for the nearest bus stop (which was not very near) and took a bus that would reach City Hall MRT Station. On the way, we passed by Katong and there were lots of food stall around.. With a quick thought, ying sin, chiew hsiung, me, laifai, louis and chee kheng decided to eat there while the rest continued to bugis for steamboat. Our abrupt decision was not bad at all actually.. We ate at a chinese restaurant, ordered dishes.. and the food there was actually quite nice.. not bad at all.. the taste is almost like those u can find in Ipoh.. But the price is quite expensive though.. For a deer meat, taufu with prawns (this is simply delicious!) and vege costs 51bucks.. luckily it's divisible by 6.. haha.. And we had char siew polo bun while waiting for the dishes to come in the restaurant.. the bun was simply splendid and delectable.. After "dinner", we walked around Katong, and managed to taste on the famous Katong Laksa and Katong Rojak.. and the 2 places that we went to, all speaks cantonese.. haha..

After the laksa and rojak, we were really stuffed.. decided to call it a day.. But we took quite a long way home though... Took a bus tht drops us in Lavendar, and then train all the way back to Boon Lay... Was indeed a tiring day.. was out the entire day actually.. Guess the saying "early to bed, early to rise" applies for tonight..


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

1 litre of tears

Spent the past few days watching this Dorama, 1 litre of tears.. and the days before, playing age of empires 3... Things that I do when there's nothing to do... Anyway, this show is  another one of those that makes u cry.. It's not the sad kind of cry, more like touching kind of cry... It's based on a true story where a 15 y/o girl called Aya Ikeuchi has an incurable disease known as "spinocerebellar degeneration disease" and will eventually won't be able to walk, talk, write or even swallow properly.. Everyday, she writes her life in her diary called "1 litre of tears" until she is not able to hold a pen anymore and the story is based on this diary...
This story shows us how lucky we are when we are able to run under the sun, walk and talk freely without any limitations... and that "just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing".. I guess humans are strange. They only appreciate things that they have once it's being taken away from them. But the difference in this story is that, she accepts what is happening to her and makes the best use of what she still have. An amazing story with just a 11 episode series.. So, it's not too burdening trying to finish watching the whole story.. lol

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back to Ipoh

Didn't know the time back in Ipoh this time to be quite hectic.. For the 4 days that I'm back, only 2 days I was in ipoh, 1 day in cameron, and another day in KL..Went back on 11th night.. Purpose I went home was 1. to celebrate mother's day and 2. to witness the birth of rosemary's baby.. At first, the birth of the baby was just a false alarm... But i decided to go home anyway.. Friday was a more peaceful and predictable day.. Went to play dota with those ppl in the evening... and at night, went out yumcha with euwen, ian and pinkie at the Old Town Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden East.. Met up with sinnyi there as well.. The new kopitiam place was not bad at all.. The food/drinks are quite good and affordable too.. (very cheap if compared to singapore pricing.. lol) But anyway, my brother and her gf came back on friday, since Grace and I were back and wanted to celebrate mother's day together...

Therefore, since they were back... we decided to go to Cameron's for somesort of a family trip the next day... My mom couldn't go though cause she still have to teach tuition classes... We spent half the day there, visiting farms, had tea at Ye Olde Smoke House, bought strawberries and flowers and a road trip around Cameron's.. It was quite enjoyable though, bro's gf was very cheerful and playful, almost as though she was another sibling of ours.... But alas, we had to rush home for church.. and a mother's day dinner at ISC after that... It was Grace and I who treated them... About time it's our turn to treat our mom for mother's day..Oh, and it was at that day, that rosemary called us to inform us that she had to finally deliver the baby on that day itself at night... So, while we were watching the FA Cup Finals, Rosemary's baby, Marielle, was conceived... approx 10.xxpm... How delightful!

On Sunday, we made a trip to KL to give moral support for my sis and also to see the baby.. I had to rush for a haircut cause i intended to go back straight to singapore from KL.. But anyways, the entire Sunday was devoted for Rosemary.. visiting her at the hospital.. And my mom prepared lots of food for her. Stayed over at my brother's new place.. Slept on an air bed for the night.. haha.. It was then I had to decide whether I should stay in KL and return to singapore on monday night, or to return to Ipoh.. Cause the problem is, if i stayed in KL, everyone else would be working and i'll be spending my time doing nothing there as well... Therefore, decided to go back Ipoh, and at least, get to spend more time with family, friends and my bed... Was supposed to return on Monday night, but couldn't get the same tickets as weizhen and ngai seng cause they're going back via 2nd link and there wasn't any more tickets through that route. So, decided to return on Tuesday morning; can save cost on transportation money as well..

Monday. Left KL in the morning and reached ipoh by lunch hour... Had to visit doctor on that day for my skin's 'hon pan'.. Spent the afternoon/evening with my bed.. haha... Was a long time since i last do that... Went to CGMC to play sports during the late evening... And went out again with euwen, ian and jill at night... This time, to Old Town Kopitiam opposite my school.. haha.. That night was quite humilifying though.. At first, we planned to sing k at night wan.. with jill and maybe phooi wan.. But it didnt turn out that way cause phooi wan was busy... Then somehow, that euwen and jill, go tell her that i wanted to see her desperately like that.... Then in the end, we met them in kopitiam.. she was with her gang, where they just sent off weizhen and ngaiseng back to sg... lol.. oh well, but overall.. it was quite fun.. although it's just 4 days.. seems like quite long.. The moment i reached singapore on tuesday night, the hall 3 ppl have satay celup for dinner.. lol..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday was first day of work.. and Tuesday was the last day of work.. hahaha... nothing much happened though.. The only thing that was extraordinary was when it was lunch time, I decided to roam around since i had one hour to spare...I walked and walked, then settled down at "Lucky Lucky Restaurant" for lunch.. reminds me of ipoh.... those coffee houses.. ate fried rice and kopi O ice.. the coffee was good.. freshly brewed.. and the fried rice not too bad... really reminds me of home..After lunch, decided to roam more..Walked a bit more.. and then i saw "people's park centre".. wow, i walked all the way to chinatown from raffles...haha..

Work wasn't too bad though, cause was really occupied... as long as there's something for me to do, i'm happy dee.. ahhaha.. Managed to finish up everything and there goes my 2 days of work... By the time i want to go back, it was raining heavily outside,.. thankfully i brought my windbreaker along in my bag...

Attended MSA Meeting at 830pm.. didn't really rest at all.. Came back at 730, straight had dinner at Can 16, bumped into my sis... went back room, bathed, help sis install her webcam and went for meeting.. Meeting was surprisingly fast... Not even one and a half hours.. Went for supper after that in Ah Fang..only the juniors though... Haha.. what a short day... Hve to attend class tmr morning.. *sigh*

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Working Life....

Had to wake up early in the morning again...Supposed to meet up with 'evelyn' in Raffles MRT Station at 930am, but she was half an hour late... Was supposed to take me to the working place and brief me through my jobscope... We walked all the way near capital square, in Great Eastern Life Building.. and my job? Simple and boring... Listen and identify 'customer service' conversations, download them and burn them... haha.. that's it.. Seriously boring, cause i don't know anyone there, and i felt like some alien amongst them..

Lasted till evening, and was glad it was 6pm.. then, night outing agian!! haha.. Anyway, was supposed to meet yingsin first, cause she's already out for an interview earlier in clark quay while laifai and gang are coming later while engsue and yenlu was going to orchard.. So, i called yingsin and asked where she was at that time.. She told me she's in "Pearl Tower" in Chinatown.. So, i was in Raffles Place, went to Outram Park Interchange Station before going to Chinatown.. There, i saw a "Pearl Centre' signboard there.. and i thought, maybe pearl centre is in outram while pearl tower is in chinatown since outram and chinatown are just next to each other.. So, went to chinatown, asked the guard for directions.. And to my surprise, he told me there's no such thing as pearl tower.. only pearl centre... Called back yingsin, then she said she's in pearl tower in outram... and i told her it's PEARL CENTRE! ..... nvm, i went back to outram park... searched for pearl centre and finally managed to find it.. Then, called her again and asked where she is, and she told me she was in Watson's.. So, i went to watson's and couldn't find anyone.. Called her again.. said she was there... then, decided to meet up at the entrance... Few minutes later, she called me.. and tell me she's actually in "People's Park Centre" in CHINATOWN and not "Pearl Tower"... Had to travel all the way back to Chinatown again to find her... sienz....

But in the end, she made it up to me by treating me 'tea' somewhere nearby... Coffee and Toast with very antique-looking-hongkong-marble-table.... Both coffee and toast was nice... Not long after that, laifai, hy, and CK came... and along came her sister... First time seeing her.. and she's as loud, no, let me rephrase that "much more louder than yingsin"... She talks faster, and more fluent than yingsin.. really respect her... ahhaha... But it's nice to have such people around.. makes the surrounding livelier.. kinda reminds me of chee lim though.. think chee lim woud lose to her also... But she's nice enough to treat us dinner at Chinatown Foodcourt lar... But she dissapeared with yingsin after dinner; going to east coast.. Left the 4 of us guys... Went down to the streets and ate tong yuen and satay.. haha..the tong yuen is very nice... very recommendable..

Didn't want the night to end so early,lai fai and I met up with eng sue and yenlu after that in Raffles City while CK and HY went back hall... and guess wat, went there, ate again... ate Haagan Daz ice cream... ahahha... bad timing though, cause the shopping mall was about to close, only managed to be there for around 15-20min.. After that, we went to Eski Bar in Holland Village..and we ate again.... Ordered a jug of liquor, and sausages with bacon as topping.. Sausages was a complementary dish from eng sue cause she was hungry at that time... haha.. We took alot of pictures there.. Inside the freezer room, outside at the table... (but not as much as how we took pictures the last time when mei yuet brought her friend down) But we chatted more.. Was quite fun all in all... But when we were about to leave, eng sue wanted to eat agian... So, stopped by at some mamak place in Holland Village.. Made me ate prata also.. =/

By the time when we're done, it's around 1 smtg already... On the way back, the hall 3 ppl called, and invited us to play bridge with them in hy's room.. ahhaha... Guess for 1-2am, the night is still young eh..? So, they went to hall 3, but i didn't really oblige with them cause i was tired and had to work the next day as well.. BUT, i went to visit them for a while after visiting my sis... By the time i settled down to sleep.. it's 3am already.. how time flies.. haha.. And yenlu will be going home the next day...


Monday, May 08, 2006

Steamboat cum Midnight Movie

After lingering in the room for the whole day, and played comp game the whole afternoon *grins*, eng sue called to go steamboat in bugis...
So, there we were, the 4 of us; eng sue, yenlu, pei ing and I.. Think ying sin went dinner with her sis and stayed over at her sis's place.. That place is supposedly famous for their spicy sauce steamboat..Ate happily there... though it's just 3 girls and a guy... and we only had 3 rounds.. and all of us were stuffed... lol... but each round really had lots of things.. lol... (3rd round was just desserts though). It costs $19.50.. not too bad though... the food i mean...
Then, just when we thought we'll call it a day.. Suddenly we decided to watch 'Shutter", the thailand ghost movie..The 3 of us (me, eng sue and yenlu) watched it in my room since bj stayed over at her sis's place... Wanted to call weizhen, but he ask us to go to their hall tv lounge to watch... then we didn't want to.. soemhow, dind't call the rest of the hall 3 ppl.. So, there we were.. with the speakers on full blast and the room near to total darkness, the 2 girls sitting on the bed and i sat on the chair.. (how unfair.. they get to be in such a comfortable position..)
Anyway, when the show screened for less than 5 min.. eng sue decided not to watch and slept on the bed... (scardy catt... but she watched it b4 lar)... then yenlu.. haha.. she watched the whole show with the pillow half covering her face... And with that, we survived that almost 2 hours of show.. Talked a bit after the show to 'remove' ghostly thoughts and called it a day... (and i had to wake up early to work the next morning).. Ironically, the hall 3 ppl watched shutter also.. at 3smtg.. haha.. think weizhen suggested it.. Can imagine all of them screaming.. haha..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sleepless night..

When I said "holidays are much more tiring and cash outflow is like water down the drain" in my msn nick... i really do mean it... The night before was already bad.. (Friday night I mean).. THen on Saturday... woww.. that's worse... Morning towards evening was still okay.. I guess holiday plans are more likely to be applied at night... The plan for the evening was supposed to be Chocolate Buffet in Fullerton Hotel.. At first, there were supposed to be only 3 of us who wanted to go (me, eng sue and yen lu) but somehow, it managed to end up with 14 ppl altogether that night. So, all of us dressed up nicely for the buffet since it's held in quite a high class hotel. Bumped into Carmen at the bus stop and ended up going to the hotel with soo fan & jerry and andy & leler.. We went in, looking for the place... After we've found the Courtyard (where the buffet is supposed to be held), the lady in charge asked us "Did you all make any reservations?" and I was like "No." and she asked "and you are Mister..?" (while looking down at the reservation list). I said "I didn't make any reservations." And she responeded with "I'm sorry, you have to make reservations for this buffet".. @#!%~$?? They should have at least state it in the website..
There we were, 6 of us.. tired and hungry looking for food around Esplanade area.. Had to call the rest of the 8 ppl to cancel the buffet and have to plan to meet up with them. After what seems like hours, we decided to go to Clark Quay for dinner instead.. Walked all the way there from Fullerton through Boat Quay.. Met up with them in CQ, and ended up eating in a place called "Hot Stones".. I think that was one of the most regrettable decisions in our lives.. (From the fact that we're merely just students).. I ate Mixed Grill which costs almost $30, and a Long Island Tea that costs $14.. after tax and everything.. it totalled up to $51.15... Think that's one of the most expensive meal i ever had (if not the most)... But i guess it's just once in a 'year' thing... haha.. At least, i tried eating my dinner steak, frying myself from a hot stone and eat it right up from there... And the alcohol was good...
Oh well, after that, the rest of the 13 ppl went back to hall, and I decided to meet up with eng sue they all... (9 of them).. The 13 didn't want to follow cause they didn't want to spend more money that night cause eng sue they all will be drinking in CQ as well.. But anyway, guess I shouldn't be too troubled over the cost of the meal. There's ppl whose worse than me.. Eng sue left her clothes that she newly bought in Fullerton HOtel and lost it (which costs more than $50) and she also lost her telephone card ($18 i think).. Should pity her.. Anyway, back to the main story... We settled down at a place called Merrakesh (some Moroccan bar & lounge) place.. And of course, i dind't order anything... Only shared for the shisha.. Guess during that period, it was quite fun.. Chatting with them and all...
We went back hall at 1 plus but the night didn't just end there.. Almost all of us (part of the eng sue group and another part of kuan jan they all) gathered in Chit Eng's air-conditioned room.. Spent the night there chit-chatting, while watching movies, cooked maggi mee, and played cards.. Towards later of the night, only a few of us left; chit eng, ah bee, kj, ys, laifai,pei ing, eng sue, yenlu, louis and myself. Then came the 'sharing' talk.. haha... The girls became the main target as usual.. After a few hours of talk and me falling asleep, we called it a day at 7 plus in the morning.. Is holidays fun or wat? *sigh*

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The last day of examinations...

Well well, what do u know... Holidays are here again!! *woot* Had a paper on friday morning at 930am.. until 12pm.. FREEDOM~!!
What's planned ahead?? For a start, had lunch at can 14, where I saw eng sue's friend, yen lu, for the first time since she came yesterday... After that, thought of having a good afternoon's nap but ended up playing some Xmen Legend 2 (some RPG game) until dinner.. ahah.. Totally lost track of time...Almost forgot bout the outing at night..
Night outing was quite erm.. fun i guess..Met up with ppl at JP, had dinner in Clementi where there was me, lai fai, louis, ngai seng, ying sin, xin fern and pei ing.. But the main plan for the night is clubbing @ Zouk.. Went there for the first time with MRT and bus... haha.. Met up with eng sue and her friend at Tiong Bahru MRT Station... Well, got lost abit after alighting from the 123 SBS Bus in front of the copthorne hotel... But after getting some directions, managed to reach there 'safely' at about 1045..
Zouk was almost deserted when we first went in.. It was so dead.. We ended up talking at the drinking table.. But as soon as it was about after midnight, the crowd start coming in... By around 1am, you can hardly move around in there...
Later, more NTU ppl came; namely wei zhen, hy, ei lene, zhi shan, rui yang, weng kit, andy, leler, xian ching,ming wei, soo fan and jerry... It was like some NTU field trip... Overall, it was quite enjoyable.. stayed till 4 plus... Don't know how I'm going to survive tmr... Have to wake up early to attend a meeting at 9am... *sigh*

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last final hours..

After a veeerrryy draggy exam period, it's finally coming to an end.. Well, actually, most of my friends have finished their papers already. Some are already back home, enjoying their hols.. But for me, there's still another one and a half hours left of studying before my 1st year of uni ends.. AFter that, it's FREEDOM!!
But come to think of it, i really don't know what to do after exams are over.. Usually, when I wake up, i'll know that "It's time to go to the library, and then breakfast" or "Shit! I overslept! Maybe I'll just join them for lunch and study after that". But i guess during normal holiday season, my lfiestyle will end up to be very unhealthy..sleeping late in the middle of the night.. (or some nightless sleep) and wake up near afternoon or maybe after lunch.. haha..
Wonder what would happen for this coming holidays..I sure am looking forward to it... =)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It's the exams again.!! well, nothing surprising actually.. uni's all about examinations, CAs, Quizzes, Presentations.. what else? ooh.. other than chui sui, supper, err.. celebrating ppl's bday... i guess 4 years will pass by very fast.. look at grace, today's her final paper, as in FINAL FINAL.. no more exams for her anymore.. no more studying and or anything that's related to education.. Oh well, for me, that's still another 3 years plus ahead.. But for now, it's all about mugging and mugging.. Right now, i'm in the library.. well, kinda got tired and bored of studying.. (who doesn't?) and i'm gonna have maths test tmr... haha.. I guess everyone's busy studying while i'm sitting right here, in front of the lcd screen of A4106.. doing well, nothing.. Still don't know why, but I'm still not feeling any stress at all for this sem's test.. (neither did i remember stressing for the previous sem) Don't know whether it's a good thing anot.. No self-motivation to study.. lol.. just rely on peer-influence around me to study... Getting labelled as a negative externality by my friends cause I usually do things that are "study-unrelated" like asking ppl when's time to eat, or when are we going back, etc. hmm.. Must change abit... *grins*


Friday, March 24, 2006

Zhang Sau Han (Angela Zhang) Concert @ NTU

Another week is coming to an end. Usually, my 'working' week ends on Thursday, as I do not have any classes on friday. However, for this week, it's an exception.. I've skipped lectures on wednesday (to collect angela zhang's concert tickets) and on Thursday (thanks to hon yoong's influence); Therefore, this week's Friday has 2 additional lectures that i have to attend as a make up.. But come to think of it, it might be a good thing after all. Cause my normal Fridays', I'll wake up at 12.30, have lunch.., and it's either i'll continue sleeping or i'll just watch a movie on my comp. haha.. (I'm such a slacker)

I wasn't very productive today though. I have this throbbing pain on my head.. and i'm blaming it on my pimple on my forehead.. haha.. but it could be due to lack of sleep.. lol.. So, didn't really get to study much or whatsoever that concerns studying.

Anyway, the main event for today is Angela Zhang's Concert. In case you don't know who she is, she's a taiwanese singer as well as an actress.. The concert's supposed to start at 7pm with a scheduled admission at 630pm.. And guess what? People started to line up at 430!! (right after my 2nd lecture in MLT).. The kiasuness of ppl.. haha.. I went back hall with hon yoong and CK though.. checked my ECA Record (I have 107.3 points.. whahaha) and took a short rest, hoping that my headache will subside.. Reached Canteen B at 6pm for dinner, but ying sin they all have already taken their dinner and were already lining up for the concert... =/ The three of us rushed through our meal, and ended up in a queue where we were given numbers; I'm number 408, Yingsin they all were 356.. And there were 2 queues, each on one side of the entrance into MLT.

The concert was quite satisfactory, she's really undoubtfully good.. Got a powerful voice, although she's quite petite. Apparently, she's only 155cm and weighs 38 kg. Her look's not too bad... haha.. Oh, then laifai they all got interviewed by Malaysia's 98.8FM. All of us took a pic with the VJ by the end of the day. Not too bad eh? Later after that, all of us went to hall 3 to have our 'feast'; food from Ipoh, brought back by eng sue. There's sak keh mah, heong peng, kacang tumbuk, dodoi, chicken biscuits, etc. Then, hon yoong supplied us with 100 plus.. I ate quite a lot of it, hopefully my body won't get too heaty from it.. hehe... And what's worse, Buddhist Society is having this Exam Supper in Canteen A where they're serving Sushis! Ying sin and I went there.. Haha.. The sushi's seriously not too bad at all.. It's all "home-cooked" and it's quite delicious.. (Probably due to the fact that i like seaweed) Bumped into my sis there, whose having her group discussion. After my 2nd supper, I was quite 'dead' already... Next thing on my mind was a hot shower, and a good night's sleep...


Friday, March 17, 2006

Internal scars..

Was just talking to a friend just now... and so happened that the topic of a scarred/cracked heart came up... A heart that was once broken.. and however it is being 'repaired', there'll still be a trace (either big or small) of a broken-hearted it once was...
Well, and i was pondering.. what good implications are there for a scarred heart? Most of us know that when a heart was once broken, that person may not be able to learn to open up their heart again.. giving up on love.. or on milder cases, they might just hide it away, assuming that it was never there.. (but mind you, it can't be ignored)..
So, what good is there? Perhaps, if it's managed properly.. a person might grow stronger.. learns from the past; Never repeat the same mistaken again.. and not to just fall in love easily.. But i guess it's not as simple as it sounds.. There could be some 'hybrids'.. appearing to have a heart of stone (strong outside)... but deep down inside, it's just another fragile heart, waiting to love and be loved in return..
Haha.. ironically, maybe i could learn something myself from here... Which path a person would choose? It depends...


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 in 1 Birthday Celebration

It's not everyday you get to see 4 people blowing candles on a birthday cake at the same time.. haha.. And today, it's a brithday celebration for Ronie and Chee Kheng, Ying sin and Hui Chian! "rented" the bbq pit in my hall; that's our agenda for the evening.. "BBQ!" The stuffs that we have bought from yesterday, the chicken wings that were marinated the night before.. will end up in our stomachs.. haha.. It started around 7 plus.. with a bit of technical problem.. cause the pad lock on the bbq pit was rusted and could not be opened... even the key broke into 2.. ended up using brutal force to break the lock... haha..
But anyway, the bbq was fun.. There was quite alot of food.. They 'bought' bihun from Hall 16, got potatoes, sausages, fish balls, nuggets, luncheon meat and of course, chicken wings.. Think there were around 20-30 ppl there.. Didn't manage to call EVERYBODY, otherwise, it'll be overcrowded..

Everything turned out well, with some 'scandals' going round... like hon yoong and eng sue both dissapeared for hours making 'red bean soup' and chiew hsiung caught them red handedd by taking a pic with both of them sleeping on the bed... haha..

Lasted till around 1230.. Still have classes tmr.. though it seemed like it's the weekends already.. haha


Monday, March 13, 2006

Today is a Gift!

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day.

What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course!

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow". You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today.

To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.

To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a pre-mature baby.

To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of ONE DAY, ask a daily wage laborer with kids to feed.

To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train.

To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.

To realize the value of ONE MILLI-SECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time.

And remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow a mystery.

Today is a gift ... That's why it's called the present!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Here comes the weekend again... It has already been one week since the 7-day break.. With a busy night-life the week b4, this time.. there wasn't much.. Though, there's still like one or two.. Like the night b4, where we went night jogging... Started from Hall13/3, to hall 4 and to SRC where we exercised and chatted there. And tonight, they planned to go Burger King in IMM for dinner as they had some discount coupons... DInner was great, travelled all the way there just for dinner.. (luckily there was free shuttle from Boon Lay to IMM). Then, came back to JP where most of them wanted to watch Final Destination 3. Me, May Yann, Wei teng and Chi Ing didn't go though, as we thought that $9 is abit too much to watch a movie.. haha. so we (excluding Chi Ing) decided to play mahjong in May Yann's room. So, we borrowed a deck of cards, (Yes, believe it or not, it's a deck of mahjong cards) and we managed to play from 10++ till 2++am.. haha.. imagine.. Guess i don't really have luck in gambling. I lost to may yann $10.20 and to wei teng $2.60.. May yann's luck was seriously unbelievably good. Haha.. like some kind of mahjong queen... THen, i also like kind of give up playing.. haha.. after having such a 'low stock market'... Oh well, it's just a game anyway.. haha... After the game, May yann cooked mee for supper.. (not a bad host eh?).. Waited for tht wai teng to finished his super long bathe... but managed to call it a night at 4am..
And tmr, there's a GL/AGL meeting at 1pm, and MSA meeting at 7pm.. never study at all today.. haha...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Visit To NUS & IG CS

Stayed overnight at yee weng's place the night before . Well, was there supposedly to teach him some MS Access stuff lar.. But ended up playing CS till 3am in the morning, as they is the IG CS competition this morning. Well, I was 'called' to be in the reserve for CS and asked me to follow them to the cybercafe in Clementi at 8am in the morning. Well, there we were, sitting in front of 5 computers with the China 1 Team as our opponent. Me? I observed the whole match; how Malaysia got trashed by China 1 easily. Can't actually blame them. The China ppl are too good. They use pistols as if they were snipers. And of course, the rifles, wow.. They're like Godlike. One pistol clip of 24 ammos can actually do a quadruple kill.. Lol..

Oh well, went back ntu after that, had lunch, watch the IG basketball match for a while, then headed back to hall for a nap. Then, yee weng and I went to NUS for dinner. Met up with jit-verm and ian there. By the time we reached eusoff hall, it's around 715pm. Went to eat in PGP with some of their friends, melissa, shaun, bernice. Then, ferdi and yen kheng joined us in PGP. Had our dinner there, talked for quite a while… then we walked back to eusoff hall. Played cards in jit vern's room; bridge and asshole taidi.. Haha..by the time I come back to hall, it's around 1130pm, and I have my lab report to rush. However, I went to watch jason and suhaimi play scrabble in the games room. Only started lab report at around 1am. Oh well, it's almost done now.. Abit of tweaking to do and the 'abstract' part. Guess tmr's gonna be another long day; IG Scrabble


Thursday, February 23, 2006


And here I thought, this one week holdays is a time for relaxation; a time for myself... doing my own stuff, sleep the whole day; basically, an escapism from the busy-ness of everyday's life.. Well, I kind of thought wrong.. Although it isn't activities and CCA stuffs, haha... I kind of burned myself out from social activities...like hanging out with friends, playing cs till late at night, going for trips..
Like for yesterday and today.. was having holidays in Malacca.. haha.. It was kind of a last minute decision though.. Was quite reluctant to go at first, but i thought, what the heck.. die mai die lor..

Well, turned out to be not so bad after all.. Yesterday, most of the day was spent on the journey to Malacca, by the time we reached there, it was already 6 smtg.. There we were, yingsin, me, han yoong, chee kheng, kuanjan, laifai.. Yingsin's friend and ronie came and picked us up for dinner.. Went to eat 'satay celup', which in fact is just another 'lok lok' but the sauce happened to be just satay sauce..
Went to pei ing's house after dinner.. We're staying over at her place,(her new house) and are supposed to celebrate her 21st birthday b4 midninght.. Anyway, we gambled there first, in a very big room specially just for us (to stay over).. Ate lots of stuff, played in between,.. my luck was quite bad... either lose, or lose double.. luckily play 10cents only.. haha..
Later, at 11 plus, we went to a playground nearby to celebrate pei ing's birthday... had 'cake fight', everyone got dirty and that was it.. The night didn't end just like that though... We moved from the bedroom to the living room.. Watched the exorcism of emily rose (actually, only me and kaijuan paid attention to the movie) while hy slept and the rest continued to gamble.. We ate alot of tid bits there.. haha.. guess her house got lots of food also.. Then by the time the movie ended, joined them in gambling.. Guess my luck's better in the morning... Won around RM10 from blackjack and in between.. The night ended at 6am..

Was awaken by ronie and the rest.. It was 830am at that time.. Some of them have already awaken and was prepared for the day's trip.. By 9am, everyone was downstairs having tai pau and coffee for breakfast... Then, we journeyed on for the day's plan; A Famosa's Waterworld.. Reached there around 10-11am.. Spent the whole day there. Played in the playground pool, the wave pool, slides, etc. But i guess we spent most of the time in the wave pool.. Ppl trying to get on top of floats, and then, there comes the ppl trying to overturn the floats.. By 4, all of us were already dead tired and decided to call it a day.. Washed up, and we went back to malacca central for lunch/dinner before heading back to singapore at 7pm.. We spent the remaining hours in tesco.. Some of us ate in kfc, some in secret recipe.. B4 we know it, we were already falling asleep in the bus.. All of us were exhausted and slept throughout the whole journey. Thought by the time I reached back hall, I would just bathe, do my laundry and call it a night... But there was CS again... haha.. just had to play... Slept only at 3..


Saturday, February 18, 2006

A trip to Geylang & M.O.S.

My first official day of holiday.. What did i do? Nothing... Wake up for lunch, played computer then whole day.. Never touch any books at all... Watched some CSI, chat,etc. Well, basically, it's just spending the whole day with myself in the room... Then, evening came.. They (yingsin, chsiung, kaijuan, CK, xinfern, mayyann, laifai, hanyoong and waiteng) decided to pay a visit to geylang(aka red light district).. Just for the fun of it.. Had our dinner there.. then we tried to do some experiment there; a few guys, walk alone in some lorong.. and see whether any prostitute will approach us anot.. first try: failed.. second try:partial success... (instead of some girl, some old man asked lai fai whether he wants any girl anot)... haha
After that, we proceeded to Clark Quay.. Went there, walk walk (as usual) and take pics.. We wanted to find a place to settle down and have a drink.. but too bad, there were too many of us (10ppl) and hence, couldn't find a proper sitting place..
Well, so, we thought of going back hall instead, order some pizza and play cards in someone's hall.. But suddenly, don't know whose idea was it to go to M.O.S instead.. It was around 11 that time..
Wasn't in the mood to club at tht time.. was quite reluctant lar.. plus, it's a whole lump sum of $25 for entrace fee..But what the heck, since everyone's up for it.. I can't be the party pooper.. Eventually, kind of had fun there though.. compared to last time when i was at zouk.. proibably is the company that's with u lar.. more 'compatible' and crazier.. haha... then at one section, we felt like we were clubbing in an european country.. cause the dance floor was filled with ang mohs.. and they were like making us join them in their dance and just danced together... was quite fun at tht time.. haha
But alas, most of us are too tired and left M.O.S at 4am.. Apparently, guess the night is still young... All of them don't want to take a cab back.. and wanted to wait for the train to start operating at 630am.. So, we just sat down along the riverbank and chatted...singing songs and listening to chsiung tell his stories.. haha.. Surprisingly, 630 came quite soon... And there goes another day... by the time reached back hall and settled myself down.. it's already near 8...Normally, it means that it's time to go church... But for this case, i guess it's dreamland for me...


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hall 13 Talentime - !Amigos

Last day of schooling before intersem break... And the only thing in between me and the holidays, is my life science CA and the talentime.. Life science CA was quite crappy.. dind't really have much time to study... and dind't do as well as the rest... sighz...
But the main item for today is my hall's talentime! Right after CA, came back to hall, and there's a slide presentation waiting for me to prepare... Took around 1 hour plus for that (most time consuming thing is the downloading of the pics), then, had to set up the whole PA system in hall 15 function hall.. Everything went well, with a bit of equipment problems at first.. Then during the starting of the talentime, everything was quite messy, technical problems and stuff.. (due to last-minuteness).. but towards the middle and ending... everything went almost perfect.. haha... Ooh, and who won the talentime? Think it's basically Nicole.. she got the 'most popular', 'best showmanship' and 'winner of the Talentime".. Actually, no doubt.. cause she was exceptionally good.. haha..
Packing up was very fast.. Much faster than preparation ... most of us dind't have dinner cause of the preparation.. (I ate during the performance).. haha.. THen the worst thing happened.. My whole block got no electricity.. sighz.. luckily for me, there was a debriefing for us.. where he have pizza for "dinner/supper"... And i kind of missed su ping's bday today cause was super busy... and missed ngai seng's midnight celebration.. haha.. but went there anyway, after the debriefing.. since my room had no electricity.. lol.. By the time i came back, everything was back to normal..
But the most important thing now is... It's the holidays~! Feel free and burdenless.. haha... (or at least, so i thought)...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day~!

Well, it's not like it's a very meaningful day for me, since i'm kind of single... but anyway, i think i kinda had fun though.. haha.. Had the normal routined schedule filled with classes from 830am till 730pm.. But in between, had a break from 330 till 600.. and NTU has this event called the "Nanyang Arts Festival".. It's where they give u free food (popcorn and cotton candies), setting up arcade games(like daytona, ice hockey, para para dance, etc) in north spine for free! Giving lots of free give-aways, stores selling stuffs,.. (most of them related to V Day), free rides, not to mention some cheap stuffs too.. Bought a file from "Lost & Found Section" for $1.. tempted to buy a small Nalgene bottle for $0.50.. but was adviced not to cause don't know what history it had b4.. But anyway, spent around 1 hour plus in the festival (more like carnival,).
Then, became a good boy and studied a while in the library before going for my lecture at 6.. Oh, and my company? there are ying sin, eng sue, lai fai, chee kheng, kuanjan, han yoong, and chsiung.. Accounting lecture was DAMN boring... the new lecturer is teaching VEeerryy Slowllyy.. haha.. i gave up on listening to him... read the lecture notes on my own.. and left at 700 after i'm done with it..
We regrouped together for dinner... and those ppl are crazy enough to actually go out of NTU for a walk! Haha.. we walked from city hall, to esplanade, to boat quay, clark quay... then took a train back to school.. (and i'm supposed to have a CA on thursday).. And what's worse? By the time i came back and settled down, there's "training" for CS... sigh... played all the way till 2am from midnight... Think i've to be a good boy tmr and study in btw classes... =/


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chap Goh Mei...

It's another near-typical day in NTU.. It's a Sunday, and it's church time in the morning!! (well, i actually don't sound so excited).. have to wake up at 8am on a sunday morning..Have to catch a bus at 830 to reach SFA on time at 0900.. Sang for church choir from 9-10.. but this time, there was a smtg different, as that we had yu sang right after mass (since it's the last day of cny)... haa.. then we moved on to our practise at 1030 till 1200..
Reached hall at 12-ish.. and slept for one hour the moment i step foot in the room. (dunno why, but felt v tired at that time)... Studied, online, chatted during the afternoon... It feels kinda nice though, to have the room all by yourself.. haha.. Then after like 1-2hours later.. went to celebrate eng tee's belated bday in may yann's room.. haha.. just sat around there, 'chui sui' abit, try every single biscuits in the room... was quite fun though... haha.. By the time i went back to my room, it was already near dinner though... Called ppl concerning the IG scrabble, find ppl to play.. as i'm the captain for the IG(International Game) scrabble... oh well, wasn't such a hassle.. manage to form one team by the end of the day.. haha
Had dinner with may yann and su ping.. Though earlier leon called whether want to ta pau anything from boon lay market anot.. But kinda rejected the offer cause was quite hungry and was abit tight on budget.. Not long after i went back to my room.. There appeared Leon & Kim, (and boon jin earlier).. bringing food.. haha.. I followed them to hall 14 lounge to eat.. Relaxed a lil' there.. quite comfy... But after like 15-20min.. went to find my sister to collect my clothes, then it was off for the MSA-FOC-GL meeting (at 2045) near Nanyang Audi... Briefed us on our OG names, our task as GLs, bla bla bla... By the time the meeting ends, it was just in time for another meeting for my Hall Dance group at 2200.. The "meeting".. haa.. well.. what we did was.. to wrap sweets so that it can be sold the nxt day for V Day.. to raise funds.. Was at the function room, busy wrapping sweets (my job is to cut ribbons, *lol*) while listening to crazy talks from nicole... *eyes rolling* It only ended at 1230am.. sigh.. only got time to bathe... haha.. tmr got lab... need to sleep early....


Friday, February 03, 2006

Last day in Ipoh for CNY 06'..

HOw time flies here.. It's one week already. but i think i did quite alot of things in this one week.. I guess, this chinese new year was quite fun after all.. Been going around, visiting, hanging out with friends.. although i'm a bit sick...
Well, today.. wanted to make the best out of it.. So, i think i kind of did.. in a way.. I slept till quite reasonable late (one thing done, wake up late at home).. woke up at 11 plus.. Then, spent some quality time with the family over lunch.. (second thing done).. PRinted the cny pictures on the computer, let everyone see the pics..etc..
Then, after lunch... went to JJ to meet up with von and shake.. This time, thing's abit confusing.. cause I was supposed to join brandon they all for lunch.. BUt i had lunch at home.. and by the time i'm free, they all go play dota deee... Anyway, when i reached jj, it was alreayd almost 3pm.. kar wai and amreet was there with them.. DId some short shopping there, bumped into chin zwen.. (she looked prettier and better already) Then, told them i wanted to see brandon.. haha.. Ended up, all of us went to see brandon in kar wai's car... Parked right next to Inferno, walked inside there... say hi to them... see them already... then we left..
Kar wai then had to leave, cause her friend from teluk intan came... So left the few of us in Jj.. we waited in McD for amreet to go back.. Actually, was supposed to go sing karaoke.. and i called euwen along.. Then, at 4pm like that, i told him that i'm going to come fetch him already... but by the time we waited for amreet to go back, and chong chyn to come.. it was already 5pm.. So, we changed plans and decided to just go to someone's house and played cards there..
Went to pick euwen up.. then decided to go shake's place to settle down.. Went there, talked abit.. then suggested that we go to my bercham house since they haven't been there yet before.. Then, took the deck of cards from shake's house... Went and gamble in the bercham house.. There we are.. all comfy over there... gambling... And that euwen... his lucked really changed lor since i played with him the other day.. No matter what ugly cards he get, he will win wan... and every game we play aslo. he will win.. Played in between, black jack, tai di, poker and chee sap.. the only game he didn't win is poker..
THen, by 1930, it was time for dinner... was supposed to go bkt tambun to eat.. but have to fetch euwen back to his house, cause he wanted to eat dinner with his bro.. So, the 4 of us ate claypot chicken rice at K-10 in east.. After dinner, went to Snooker Channel and joined euwen there.. haha.. At first, he was supposed to be his turn to drive at night geh, but his brother wants to use the car.. So, met up with him there.. THen, was supposed to go chong chyn's house to play mahjong wan.. But yvonne, she has to go back cause her eyes got problem, after kena lasering...
Anyway, have to fetch all of them back... then, by 10pm...euwen and I remained, and we visited cp lor.. Anand joined us later... Was there till around 11 smtg.. Thought want to go back early geh.. b4 midnight... Then, left there at around 1130 lor.. But realised, i wanted to go take some chocolates from sinn yi.. So, went to her house lor.. see see, went inside... only came back out after like one hour.. haha.. WEnt touring in her new house.. Then, we sat there and talked lor.. while she burned some twins MV for me.. haha... But go her house very good lar.. got chocolate, got twins, then got ang pau from mother also.. THen, when was about to go home, i said i was thirsty..then she gave me drinks.. saw some cakes in her kitchen... and she ta pau-ed back for me some.. haha.. in the end, i went home with an additional plastic bag to put in all the things... Well, so much for the last day in Ipoh.. It's back to plain old boring life in singapore, studying ... and busy schedule there..