Sunday, December 11, 2005

We ran out of places to go and decided to stay in hall, take a rest from all of those outings.. It's not only draining the energy out of us, but also all the cash in our wallet.! But still, it's darn boring staying in the room just like that.. haha.. So, after church in the morning and an hour's nap right after that, went to hall 1 and lepakked there for a while.. But somehow, we managed to turn it into another photo-taking day.. Haha, didn't know how it happened, but it did.. It all started when we went to SRC to watch kian hwat's sepak takraw match (which it was ending when we reached there). Anyway, we decided to take pui lee for a walk around campus, and we ended up in Nanyang Heights area, a place where i think i havent gone before also.. We entered this Nanyang Executive Centre (my first time inside as well) and took lots of pics there and also in the playground nearby. The only bad thing bout all these, are those blood-sucking mosquitoes who were feasting joyfully while we were occupied..

Had our dinner at 600pm with the company of ruiyang. Finished off our meal with a sumptuous dish of desserts (and it's only $3.10). There goes another day. But at least, i had time for myself for the night.

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