Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Visit to NUS

Guess there's still this momentum of going out. Felt there's nothing better to do in uni, and decided to go NUS to visit my old friends; ian and jit vern.. At first, i was quite reluctant to wake up.. only woke up at 1045 and left NTU at 1100.. haha.. didn't take long to reach NUS though... by 1150 like that, i'm already in ian's room.. And as usual, we kind of entertained ourselves... ian played the guitar, then we sing christmas songs.. haha.. then go watch misc. videos... Then out of a sudden, sek hee called me..! Said he was in ISETAN @ Orchard there.. ask us to go find him.. But that Ian complained he spent alot of money (and so did I actually), then we made him come to NUS.. lol

We waited for him quite long though.. Finally, after almost 2 hours, he called us... See see, he's already in NUS, but his phone got no coverage, so, he has to find a public phone (in which he walked all the way to central library) whereas Ian's hall is at the place where the bus dropped him. Haha... ANyway, we had lunch in biz fac canteen, with the company of Ian's "good friend", Aimee, an exchange student from Vietnam, quite pretty..
Did some catching up and after lunch, sent sek hee back to the bus stop.. Went back to Ian's room where i slept for 90 min while he played dota.. haha.. Lepakked in his room till like 5pm then i started to wonder where jit-vern is. He was out with Cheryl since morning. Later at almost 6, he came over with cheryl, and we took a walk in Engin Fac. At 7, went to Clementi for dinner where we bumped into 2 of jit-vern's exchange student friends, Paula and Rachel. At that time, i was so late for choir practise. But managed to reached back in NTU at 830pm, and i'm still early for practise. Hahaha...
Sis came back from Thailand and did some catching up with her as well after practise. And now, here I am, summarizing today's event. haha.. There goes another day...


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