Thursday, December 01, 2005

tired tired...

one major event down, 2 more to go~!! just got back from brainhunt... spent hours shouting and giving instructions since 1000 plus till 1700.. need precious sleeepp... but it's kind of my own fault lar.. went out to zouk yest night with sameul, leon and bj till like 230 (and i bumped into ferdi and susan leong) then supper at boon tong kee (or smtg like tht) to eat super yummy but expensive hainanses chicken rice.. only got back to hall at 0400... slept for around 3 hours "at night" and now, wishing for another one hour sleep.. later, going to have choir practise at 2000 till 2200.. and might be going for supper aft tht at 2300.. haha.. (yaya, my own fault)..
well, if i could wake up late the nxt day, then it'll be alright lar.. but then, think i'm going out at 1100.. haha... hopefully can 'survive' for these few days..
but anyway, brainhunt was fun..though early in the morning, there was a stroke of bad luck.. and as u would know... bad luck comes in threes.. my first badluck was when i was waiting at the bus stop.. Since i thought the bus will start at 800, i waited for the bus at 810.. waited till 815 (supposed to meet up in SRC at 815), and couldn't wait any longer... perhaps i thought it's the holidays and the bus will start abit later... after around 100 metres of walk.. there comes the bus... sighz.. can't believe the bus driver dind't see me..
2nd bad luck when i lost some of my props for my game.. missing a few plastic bags that contains all the necessary things.. searched high and low.. but finally, managed to find it in the garbage bag.. haha.... (long story)
third stroke of bad luck.. after i've FINALLY managed to set up everything and was preparing for the starting of the game.. suddenly.. *THUNDER*.. it started to rain.. as my game is an outdoor game, i've to shift everything back inside and have to re-prepare everything all over again~! and this time it's worse.. cause have to beat the time... fortunately, the logistics ppl are very efficient.. could help me alot and things went much fluently.. (started 25 min late)
after all those, everything went smoothly.. (apart from my poor throat)..hopefully, no more bad lucks anymore in the future but good lucks~! haha.. (maybe i should start wearing some lucky charm)


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